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American historical music
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About AMRC



The American Music Recordings Collection (AMRC) is a series designed to provide recordings of historical American classical, folk and popular music for research, teaching or listening enjoyment.

This collection of music has been compiled and edited under the direction of Album Producer, Roger Lee Hall, who is a musicologist and award-winning composer. Also, he is Director of the American Music Recordings Archive (AMRA).

No attempt is made to include every kind of American music.

AMRC consists mainly of vocal music from 17th psalmody in New England to 20th century classical and film music.

Many of the CDs have Premiere Recordings of music by American composers (indicated with + on the list below).

Some recordings were made during live performances at different locations so the sound levels will vary.

Because of the special preparations involved for these CDs, these conditions apply:

1. In the unlikely case of defects on a disc, it will be replaced at no extra charge after the disc has been returned.

2. No refund will be given except if a disc is defective and must be replaced.

It is recommended that you write before you order if you have any questions about these recordings or wish to inquire about a possible recording not on this list.

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American Music Recordings Collection (AMRC)


American Paintings
American Music

The 19th century painting "Kindred Spirits" (1849) by Asher Brown Durand [shown at left] illustrates the blossoming of the Hudson River School of painters. That school has been written about and is well known.

However, it seems few writers or historians are aware of the beauties of American classical music which blossomed during the 19th century, with composers such as: Dudley Buck, George Whitefield Chadwick, Charles Ives, Scott Joplin and others.

To help correct that oversight, there are AMRC CDs now available from the 19th century and they are listed below





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List of AMRC CDs

Revised List - April 2017

with many Premiere Recordings!

To assist those compiling research or for classroom teaching,
here are a few sample CDs from the complete catalogue below:

18th century
AMRC 0001 - "Majesty" - Best of William Billings
AMRC 0002 - "Make A Joyful Noise" - The New England Harmony
AMRC 0011 - "A Toast" - Music of George Washington's Time
AMRC 0015 - "My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free" - Francis Hopkinson Songs

19th century
AMRC 0003 - "Praise Ye The Lord" - Music by Six New England Composers
AMRC 0014 - "Glory, Hallelujah" - Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era
AMRC 0026 - "Land of Our Hearts" - Earlier American Songs of War and Peace
AMRC 0029 - "Song of Our Saviour" - Cantata by Edwin Arthur Jones

20th century
AMRC 0004 - Memorial Music for Griffes, Barber and Thompson
AMRC 0005 - A Conversation with Aaron Copland
AMRC 0017 - "Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals
AMRC 0028 - American Places - Musical Travels

The Complete AMRC Catalogue:

American Composers

+AMRC 0001 - Best of William Billings #

+AMRC 0002 - "Make A Joyful Noise" - The New England Harmony #

+AMRC 0003 - "Praise Ye The Lord" - Music by Six New England Composers #

AMRC 0004 - Memorial Music for Charles T. Griffes, Samuel Barber, Randall Thompson

Composers and Singers Interviewed

AMRC 0005 - Conversation with Aaron Copland

AMRC 0006 - Conversation with Virgil Thomson

AMRC 0007 - "Blended Together" with Interviews with Shaker singers

Solo Vocal and Choral Music

+AMRC 0008 - "Great God of Nations" - E.A. Jones: His Life and Music #

+AMRC 0009 - "Yankee Doodle" - An American Song Treasury

+AMRC 0010 - "New Bethlehem" - Christmas Music in New England #

+AMRC 0011 -"A Toast" - Music of George Washington's Time

+AMRC 0012 - "Lincoln and Liberty" - Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era

+AMRC 0013 - "Swanee" - A Century of American Song, 1819-1919

+AMRC 0014 - "Glory, Hallelujah"- Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era

+AMRC 0015 - "My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free" - Songs by Francis Hopkinson

Music of the Shakers

+AMRC 0016 - "Gentle Words" - A Shaker Music Sampler

+AMRC 0017 - "Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals #

Film Music

AMRC 0018 - "Hooray for Hollywood" - Big Bands in the Movies and on TV

AMRC 0019 - Aaron Copland on Film Music

AMRC 0020 - Henry Mancini Radio Tributes

AMRC 0021 - John Williams Radio Tributes

AMRC 0022 - Bernard Herrmann Radio Tributes

PineTree Music - music by Roger Lee Hall

+AMRC 0023 - "Creator God" - Hymns and Spirituals

+AMRC 0024 - "Gentle Peace" - A Sampler of Songs and Instrumentals

Americana Collections

+AMRC 0025 - "Auld Lang Syne" - American Holiday Songs and Carols

+AMRC 0026 - "Land of Our Hearts" - American Songs of War and Peace" (Revised version - 2017)

+AMRC 0027 - A Dedication Concert #

+AMRC 0028 - American Places - Musical Travels

+AMRC 0029 - "Song of Our Saviour" - A Cantata by Edwin Arthur Jones (1881) #

+AMRC 0030 - "Easter Concert" - An Oratorio by Edwin Arthur Jones (1890) #

+AMRC 00031 - Early New England Choral Treasury - Pilgrims, Puritans and Tunesmiths #

+AMRC 0032 - "The Liberty Song" - From The Pilgrims to World War 1

+AMRC 0033 - "Simple Gifts" - A Shaker Song Revisited

+AMRC 0034 - "Hail To The Joyous Day!" Christmas Music in America

AMRC 0035 - Music from Alexander Hamilton's Era

+AMRC 0036 - "We Gather Together" - Treasures of Earlier American Song

New Releases for 2017

These new CDs are $20.00 (USA orders) or $27.00 (Overseas Air Mail) and include shipping

+AMRC 0037 - American Choral Sampler #

+AMRC 0038 - "How Lovely is Zion" - Music in Old New England, 1778-1878 (radio documentary) #

+AMRC 0039 - An Early American Music Top 20

+AMRC 0040 - Five American Women Composers: Katherine Davis, Amy Beach,
Ruth Crawford Seeger, Susan McPartland Parkhurst, Martha Jane Anderson

+ = CD with Premiere Recordings = 30

# = CD co-produced with The New England Music Institute = 12








American Composers



Best of William Billings

20 Tracks (Total Playing Time = 70:45)

In memory of musicologist and organist, David P. McKay

1. Canon: Thus Saith The High The Lofty One (1770)
2. MAJESTY (1778)
3. CHESTER (1778 & 1786)
6. Interview with Roger Hall on WGBH
public radio in Boston (1985) $
7. MODERN MUSIC (1781)
8. STOUGHTON (1770)
9. CLAREMONT (1794)
13. Interview on WGBH radio with Roger L. Hall and David P. McKay (1986)
14. CHARITY ANTHEM (1794) $
15. SHARON (1778)
16. CRUCIFIXION (1786)
17. THE PLEASURES OF VARIETY - music by Roger Hall, 1980, text by William Billings $
18. DEDICATION - music by Roger Hall, 1986, text by William Billings
20. WGBH radio interview, 1986 and CHESTER (1778)

See also the book and music album titled:

MAJESTY - William Billings and The Stoughton Musical Society by Roger L. Hall (PineTree Press, 2000) -- CLICK HERE


Another CD is also available:

The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord , Music by William Billings,
Compiled and edited with narration by Leonard Van Camp.

This choral work with spoken narration features 15 Billings tunes in the two sections:

PART TWO - THE RESURRECTION (beginning scenes only)

The beautiful canon, WHEN JESUS WEPT, is used as a cantus firmus in Part One. The climactic chorus in Part One is the extremely moving Billings tune: CRUCIFIXION. Likewise, in Part Two, another highlight is the Billings tune: HOPKINTON.

This work was recorded on March 30, 1980 by two combined church choirs at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, North Easton, Massachusetts, accompanied by Kathy Sargent on harpsichord and the Easton String Quartet, all under the musical direction of Roger Hall. It includes Scriptural passages read by Rev. Charles Moline.

The CD contains the complete Part One scenes and the first two scenes of Part Two from The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord (Music by William Billings), recorded in live performance.

To order this CD with performance notes,
for $20.00 donation, using a credit card through safe and secure PayPal.



After you have made your donation,
send an e-mail and include your mailing address.

Send to:

Billings Passion and Resurrection CD


Read more about William Billings:






AMRC No. 0002:

"Make A Joyful Noise" - The New England Harmony

Music by six New England composers from the 18th century:
Supply Belcher, William Billings, Jacob French, Oliver Holden, Jeremiah Ingalls, and Daniel Read.


Also available is this multi-media DVD with music and video program:

"Millennial Praise" - Singing New Englanders: From The Pilgrims to the Shakers


AMRC No. 0003

"Praise Ye The Lord" - Music by Six New England Composers

Music by six New England composers from the 19th and early 20th centuries with rarely heard music, including the 1872 Peace Jubilee hymn and the official U.S. Centennial Cantata by Dudley Buck; two Dartmouth College Glee Llub choruses by Edwin Arthur Jones, a Dartmouth alumnus; an Easter Carol by Charles Ives; and a rousing World War I era patriotic chorus finale by George Whitefield Chadwick.

Most of these pieces are World Premiere Recordings and were recorded live in concerts:

I. Oliver Shaw (1779-1848)

1. Hymn for the New Year (1819)
2. There's Nothing True But Heaven (1829)
3. Stoughton Waltz for piano (1839)


II. Lowell Mason (1792-1872)

4. Jerusalem, My Glorious Home (1849)


III. Dudley Buck (1839-1909)

5. Festival Hymn (1872) -- words and music by Dudley Buck, composed for the World's Peace Jubilee in Boston.

6. Centennial Meditation of Columbia (1876) -- a
cantata for the United States Centennial based on
a poem by Sidney Lanier - complete piano-vocal score.




IV. Edwin A. Jones (1853-1911)

7. Organ: Prelude and Fugue in G minor (1878)

8. Dartmouth Glee Club Chorus: "Praise Ye The Lord" (1874)

9. Cantata Aria: "How Beautiful Upon The Mountains" from cantata, Song of Our Saviour (1881)

10. Chorus: "The Lord is King" from the oratorio, Easter Concert (1890)


V. George W. Chadwick (1854-1931)

11. Chorale: "How Lovely Shines The Morning Star" from the cantata, Noel (1909)

12. Chorus: "Land of Our Hearts" (words: John Hall Ingham, 1918) - Finale (piano-vocal score)




VI. Charles E. Ives (1874-1954)

13. Chorus: "Turn ye, Turn ye" (1890)

14. Quartet: "Crossing The Bar (1891)

15. Chorus and Bass Soloist: "Easter Carol" (1892)






AMRC No. 0004:

Memorial Music for Charles T. Griffes, Samuel Barber, Randall Thompson

13 tracks (Total Time = 51:48)

These performances are from concerts during the 1980s, paying tribute to three distinguished American composers:

I. Charles T. Griffes (1884-1920) -- 100th Anniversary of His Birth
(1984 concert)

--Two Sketches on American Indian Themes (1918-19) --
for string quartet

II. Samuel Barber (1910-1981) -- A Memorial Tribute
(1981 concert)

--Let Down The Bars, O Death (1942) -- for SATB chorus

III. Randall Thompson (1899-1984) -- In Memoriam
(1984 concert)

--Ode to the Virginian Voyage (1957) -- A cantata for SATB chorus and piano in seven movements -- composed for the 350th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607

--Farewell (1973) -- for SATB chorus

















Composer Conversations


AMRC No. 0005:

A Conversation with Aaron Copland

30 tracks (Total Time = 63:55)

The conversation with composer Aaron Copland took place at his home in Cortlandt, New York on 21 July 1980.

The interviewer was composer and musicologist, Roger Hall.

In this conversation Aaron Copland speaks about many topics, including his ballet score for APPALACHIAN SPRING and his arrangements of the Shaker song, "Simple Gifts." Also discussed are his admiration for Leonard Bernstein, Natalie Boulanger, and Serge Koussevitsy.

See also:

Aaron Copland Meets The Shakers






AMRC No. 0006:

A Conversation with Virgil Thomson

16 tracks (Total Time = 44:16)

This interview with composer Virgil Thomson took place at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland on 18 April 1979.

The interviewer was composer and musicologist, Roger Hall.

Virgil Thomson speaks about film music in general and in particular his scores for two Depression Era documentary films for Pare Lorenz:


Thomson mentions his folk hymn arrangements, especially RESIGNATION ("My Shepherd will supply my need").

He also discusses his music for the Robert Flaherty's documentary film LOUISIANA STORY (1948), for which he received the first Pulitzer Prize for a film score.

In addition, Thomson also talks about his score for his only feature film, THE GODDESS (1957).

A portion of this audio interview is included as a Special Feature on the Naxos DVD with two 1930s documentary films:


A transcript from Roger Hall's conversation with Thomson is included in the book, A GUIDE TO FILM MUSIC.



AMRC No. 0007:


"Blended Together" - Interviews with The Shakers

Compiled and produced by Roger Lee Hall, this is a valuable collection of field recordings with interviews and singing by four Shaker sisters during the 1970s and 1980s.














Solo Vocal and Choral Music





AMRC No. 0008:

"Great God of Nations!" - E.A. Jones: His Life and Music

Interview with two women who met Edwin Arthur Jones (1853-1911), a composer that respected 19th century Boston writer, Edward Everett Hale, called: "one modest man who knows the power of music." Along with the interview are 12 pieces of music by E.A. Jones, including excerpts from his majestic oratorio titled, EASTER CONCERT (1890). The music performed by soloists and chorus of the Old Stoughton Musical Society, with organ and piano accompaniment, Roger Hall and Earl Eyrich, conductors.

See also:

Musick in Old Boston Concert





"Yankee Doodle" - An American Song Treasury.

A collection of songs covering over three centuries of music from the time of The Pilgrims in the 17th century to anniversary music in the 20th century.






AMRC No. 0010:

"New Bethlehem" - Christmas Music in New England

Twenty-four Christmas carols and hymns from New England composed between 1778 and 1988, and including highlights from a Christmas Eve radio program in 1992.

For see the CD description and track titles -- CLICK HERE




AMRC No. 0

. In Honor of the George Washington 250th Birthday Anniversary

"A Toast" -- Music of George Washington's Time

For the list of music titles, click this link for the DVD:

Music from the Eras of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln




AMRC No. 0012:

In Honor of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial

"Lincoln and Liberty" -- Music from Abraham Lincoln's Era

A collection of 19th century music heard during Abraham Lincoln's lifetime and just beyond, including ten Premiere Recordings, performed by various choruses and ensembles.

To read more about the new multi-media DVD-R with accompanying Listener's Guide and video program featuring performances of the rarely heard Civil War Era hymns by Stephen Foster, go to

Lincoln and Liberty









AMRC No. 0013:



"Swanee" - A Century of American Song (Popular, Folk and Classical), 1819-1919

Track titles:

1. "Hymn to the New Year" - Oliver Shaw, 1819
2. "The E-R-I-E" - folk ballad
3. "My Couintry 'Tis Of Thee (AMERICA) - Samuel F. Smith, 1831
4. "Simple Gifts" - Elder Joseph Brackett Jr., 1848
5. "Get Off The Track" - Jesse Hutchinson, 1844
6. " Dixie's Land (DIXIE) - Daniel D. Emmett, 1859
7. "John Brown" (1861) and "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (1862)
8. "Go Down, Moses" - Negro spiritual, ca. 1862
9. "A Prayer for the Captive" - Sister Cecilia DeVere, 1862
10. "Willie Has Gone to the War" - Stepehen Foster, 1863
11. "Weeping Sad And Lonely (When This Cruel War Is Over)" - 1863
12. "Angel of Peace" - words: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., 1869
13. "Home on the Range: - ca. 1873
14. "Grandfather's Clock" - Henry C. Work, 1876
15. "How Beautiful Upon The Mountains" - Edwin A. Jones, 1881
16. "After The Ball" - Charles K. Harris,. 1892
17. "Waltz" - Charles E. Ives, 1894
18. George M. Cohan sings a medley of his songs:
"Give My Regards To Broadway"; "Yankee Doodle Dandy";
"You're A Grand Old Flag"; "Over There" (1906-1917)
19. "Song of the Marching Men" - Henry Hadley, 1919
20. "Swanee" - George Gershwin, 1919 (Gershwin piano roll)








AMRC No. 0014:

In commemoration of 150th Anniversary
of the Civil War


"Glory, Hallelujah" - Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era

A commemorative DVD-ROM which includes a music album with the First Modern Day Recording of an early published version of "John Borwn (aka: John Brown's Body)" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic," plus First Recordings of hymns by Stepehen Foster from the Civil War Era.





"My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free" - Songs by Francis Hopkinson


Songs composed by America's first songwriter, Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791), including the first known American classical song in 1759 and songs Hopkinson dedicated to George Washington.









AMRC No. 0016:

Gentle Words: A Shaker Music Sampler

A selection of Shaker spirituals, sung by various artists and from field recordings by the Shakers. Also, an exclusive interview with composer Aaron Copland about his arrangements of the best known Shaker song, "Simple Gifts," which is included on the CD.


See also this multi-media DVD:

"Give Good Gifts" - Shaker Music in the 20th Century


AMRC No. 0017:

Celestial Praises - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals

A generous selection of original Shaker spirituals and arrangements by two 20th century composers: Roger Lee Hall and Conrad Held. The performances by The Canterbury Singers also include instrumental accompaniments by two violins, recorder, piano and reed organ.


Film Music

AMRC No. 0018:


"Hooray for Hollywood" - Big Bands in the Movies and on TV

A survey of big band jazz songs in popular entertainment from the 1930s to 1950s in movies and on televsion, including Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Woody Herman and others from radio shows prepared by Roger Hall on "Music America" on WGBH-FM in Boston, Massachusetts. Sample songs: "Ring Dem Bells"; "Minnie the Moocher"; "Your Father's Mustache"; themes from THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM; and the televsion theme for ROUTE 66.





AMRC No. 0019:



Aaron Copland on Film Music

16 tracks (Total playing time = 63:51)

Featuring a rare 1960s television program titled "Music for the Movies" with host Aaron Copland speaking about his film scores and including excerpts from THE CITY (1939), OUR TOWN (1940), SOMETHING WILD (1961). Note: This rare program was taped directly from a live telecast and not up to today's digital standards but is still very listenable.

See also the transcript from the 1980 Copland interview included in this book:


See also this link:

Lifetime Achievement Sammy Award 2010



AMRC No. 0020:


Henry Mancini Radio Tributes

15 tracks (Total playing time = 67:11)

This CD includes a special radio tribute from 1989 by Roger Hall with some of his early music from television and movies, such as PETER GUNN and THE PINK PANTHER. Also included is a 1991 call-in radio program with Henry Mancini as the guest with some of his best known film music included.

See also:

"Moon River" - Memories of Henry Mancini




AMRC No. 0021:

John Williams Radio Tributes

10 tracks (Total playing time = 65:51)

In honor of his 80th birthday in 2012, this special CD contains film music by John Williams featured on radio, including a birthday tribute and several Sammy Awards for John Williams film music, announced by Roger Hall as a guest on WGBH radio in Boston.

Also included are the first two concerts John Williams conducted with the Boston Pops in 1979-1980 with music from SUPERMAN, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

See the birthday tribute at this link:

John Williams: 85th Birthday Tribute



AMRC No. 0022:


Bernard Herrmann Radio Tributes

22 tracks (Total playing time = 74:28)


Several radio tributes by film music historian and critic, Roger Hall, including a birthday tributes to Bernard Herrmann, and selections from Herrmann's early film scores.

See also the re-issued DVD-R prepared for the Herrmann Centennial in 2011:

Film Music Master: A Tribute to Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975)








PineTree Music



These two CDs feature music by Roger Lee Hall, who is composer-in-residence as well as Album Producer for the American Music Recordings Collection. To see the list of his compositions from PineTree Music --CLICK HERE


AMRC No. 0023:


+Creator God - Hymns and Spirituals




AMRC No. 0024:


+Gentle Peace - A Sampler of Songs and Insturmentals


See the song "Peace" (Op. 21, No. 2) performed in a concert by a flute quartet on YouTube -- CLICK HERE







Americana Collections

# = co-produced with the
Society for Earlier American Music (SEAM)

+ = with Premiere Recordings


AMRC No. 0025:

"Auld Lang Syne" - American Holiday Songs and Carols

Two centuries of rare and familiar music for American holidays by William Billings, George Chadwick, Stephen Foster, E.A. Jones, Henry Hadley, Charles Ives, and other composers.





AMRC No. 0026:

"Land of Our Hearts" - American Songs of War and Peace
(New expanded edition -2017)

Patriotic songs by William Billings, Stephen Foster, George Chadwick and other composers
from the American Revolution, The War of 1812, The Civil War and World War I.




AMRC No. 0027:


#+A Dedication Concert (1981)
A concert celebrating the centennial of Stoughton Town Hall
with the Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus, conducted by Roger Hall

Read more about this special concert CD including First Recordings -- CLICK HERE








AMRC No. 0028:

+AMERICAN PLACES - Musical Travels
Margaret Ulmer, piano, with Eric Sosman, bass-baritone and narrator

A musical journey across regions of the United States of America
featuring folk song arrangements and original works
by American composers from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Read more about this enjoyable CD


AMRC No. 0029:


#+"Song of Our Saviour," Op. 16 (1881)
Cantata by Edwin Arthur Jones for Soloists, Chorus, Organ and Orchestra

Read about the World Premiere performance of this majestic cantata - CLICK HERE


AMRC No. 0030:

#+"Easter Concert," Op. 28 (1890) -
An Oratorio by Edwin Arhtur Jones

To read about two Premiere Performances of this oratorio
and hear music samples - CLICK HERE


AMRC No. 0031:

#+Early New England Choral Treasury: Pilgrims, Puritans and Tunesmiths

To see the track titles for this CD featuring music
from 17th and 18th century New England with psalms sung by Pilgrims and Puritans,
and choral music by William Billings and Oliver Holden - CLICK HERE


AMRC No. 0032:

#+"The Liberty Song" -
From American Revolution to World War I

Read more about this CD -- CLICK HERE

AMRC No. 0033:

+Simple Gifts - A Shaker Song Revisited

Read about this computer disc with music, interviews, concert video clips and book about the Shaker song -- CLICK HERE

Book about the Shaker song plus audio and video clips on this DVD:

"Simple Gifts": Great American Folk Song

AMRC No. 0034:

+"Hail To The Joyous Day!" Christmas Music in America

Over one hour of American Christmas carols and songs covering over two centuries from the years 1778 to 1988. From the Colonial Era there are carols and hymns by William Billings, Daniel Read, Supply Belcher and Edward French. And from the Modern Era there are six Christmas carols by Roger Lee Hall composed between 1977 to 1988, including the title carol, "Hail To The Joyous Day!" Also there are excerpts from a 1987 Christmas Eve radio program with Mr. Hall as guest, featuring Christmas carols sung by popular singers, like "Joy to the World" (Mahalia Jackson) and "O Little Town of Bethlehem" (Nat King Cole).
To order this festive CD -- CLICK HERE

See also the DVD with book, music album and video clips: Celebrate, Rejoice and Sing! -- CLICK HERE

AMRC No. 0035:

+Music from Alexander Hamilton's Era

A collection of patriotic music, ballads, theater music, singing master tunes from the era of the important American patriot and politician, Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804). The album covers the Colonial and Federal periods, from 1775 to 1804 (Hamilton's death from a duel). It begins and ends with versions of the best known early American tune, "Yankee Doodle." It also includes the First Recording of the "Ode for President George Washington" from 1789.

AMRC No. 0036:

+"We Gather Together" - Treasures of Earlier American Song

See this survey of vocal music from the 17th to 19th centuries
with sample music for streaming -- CLICK HERE

New Releases for 2017

+AMRC 0037 - American Choral Sampler

+AMRC 0038 -"How Lovely is Zion" - Music in Old New England, 1778-1878 (radio documentary)

+AMRC 0039 - An Early American Music Top 20

+AMRC 0040 - Five American Women Composers:
Amy Beach, Katherine K. Davis, Susan Parkhurst, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Martha Jane Anderson

+ = with Premiere Recordings



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