"A Dedication Concert"

In honor of the 100th Anniversary
of Stoughton Town Hall (1881)



The Old Stoughton Musical Society (OSMS), organized in 1786, is the oldest surviving choral society in the United States of America.

They participated in the centennial of Stoughton Town Hall in 1981, with a full day of events, beginning with a Town Hall ceremony including speeches from invited state and local officials, a new Town Hall banner designed by Mildred Wilson, and a special afternoon concert at The First United Metholdist Church in Stoughton, under the direction of Roger Hall, who also was the Chairman of Stoughton Town Hall Centennial. The guest soloist in the concert was a Stoughton High School musician, Anthony DiLorenzo, who played the Haydn Trumpet Concerto in Eb.


A Dedication Concert
(AMRC 0027)

November 22, 1981


Karen Pritchard, soprano
Jan Guillemette, soprano
Meredith Lays, mezzo-soprano
Peter Bradstreet, tenor
David Benjamin, bass

Old Stoughton Musical Chorus

Kenneth Yates, organist

Roger Hall, conductor

CD highlights:

1. Concert announcement on "Music America" with Ron Della Chiesa on WGBH-FM in Boston.

2. National Anthem: The Star Spangled Banner (ca. 1860) – first and last verses - Old Stoughton Musical Society (OSMS) Chorus

18th Century Tunesmiths:

3. +Anthem of Praise (1794)- Supply Belcher from Stoughton -
OlSMS Chorus

4. Anthem For Thanksgiving (1794) - William Billings from Boston -
OSMS Soloists/Chorus

5. +Anthem: Behold, He Is My Salvation (1783) - William Selby from Boston
- OSMS Soloists and Chorus

19th century Stoughton composer, Edwin Arthur Jones

6. +Air: Savior, Like m Shepherd Lead Us - Meredith Lays, mezzo-soprano

7. +Recitative: And When All Things/ Air: Immortal Honor -
Peter Bradstreet, tenor

8. +Quartet: In Heavenly Love Abiding - Karen Pritchard,
Meredith Lays, Peter Bradstreet, David Benjamin

9. +Chorus: The Lord is King - OSMS Soloists and Chorus

Nos. 6-9 from the oratorio, EASTER CONCERT (Boston, 1890)

20th Century American Composers:

10. In Memorian: Let Down The Bars, O Death - Samuel Barber, 1942
(In memory of Samuel Barber, 1910-1981) - OSMS Chorus

11. +Peace (aka: Come, Gentle Peace) - words: Esther Talbot, 1814/
music: Roger Hall, 1981 - FIRST CONCERT PERFORMANCE
Karen Pritchard, soprano and OSMS Chorus

Audience Sing-Along with the OSMS Chorus:

12. My Country 'Tis Of Thee (1831)

13. Battle Hymn of the Republic (1862)

14. Prayer of Thanksgiving: We Gather Together (1894)

15. Auld Lang Syne (New England version, 1855)

+ = First recording

Some of the pieces on the CD are also included in the popular 19th century tunebook:

Father Kemp's Old Folks Concert Tunes


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Music in Stoughton: A Brief Survey
by Roger L. Hall






This pamphlet covers the years from the first recorded singing meetings in 1762 to the Bicentennial of the Old Stoughton Musical Society's Constitution in 1987. It also includes other major music events such as: oldest choral society in America organized (1786); first oratorio by a local composer (1887); only musical group representing early American music at World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893); George Washington Bicentennial Concert (1932), Old Stoughton Musical Society Bicentennial (1986).

At the back of the pamphlet are lists of Most Performed American Tunes (1879-1979) and Most Performed American Composers (1976-1986).

Also included is a new song, "Peace," composed by Roger Hall in 1981 for the Centennial of Stoughton Town Hall. This song is based on an anti-war poem written by a Stoughton teenage girl in 1814 during the War of 1812.

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"Musick in Old Boston"
(Music by Billings, Buck, Chadwick and others -
celebrating the 350th Anniversary of the City of Boston)



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