Civil War Songs and Hymns

150th anniversary remembrance


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Music refines the taste, purifies the heart, and elevates our nature. It does more: it soothes in sorrow, tranquillizes in passion, and wears away the irritabilities of life. It intensifies love, it fires the patriotism, and makes the altar of our devotion burn with a purer, holier flame...when wealth and fame and worldly honor are felt to be nothing; when the aims and ambitions and aspirations which were wont to rouse up all the energies of nature toward their accomplishment fail of their accustomed power, music renders the burden of sickness light, and makes us all oblivious of pain and suffering.

-- W.W. Hall, M.D., Hall's Journal of Health for 1862



"Glory, Hallelujah" - Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era (DVD)

"Glory, Hallelujah" (music album)

"Lincoln and Liberty" - Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era (DVD)

Civil War Music Lecture

Interview with Film Composer, John Frizzell

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A Civil War Music Treasury
ith 8 World Premiere Recordings
a video program with
rare Civil War era hymns
by Stephen Foster!


"Glory, Hallelujah"
Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era

The DVD was compiled and edited by Roger Lee Hall, a composer and musicologist and an authority on earlier American vocal music.

Included is what is believed to be the First Modern Day Recording of original published versions of both "John Brown" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic," from a concert in 1980 titled, "Music in Old Boston," celebrating the 350th anniversary of the City of Boston.

Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869)
One of the most popular American composers
in the 1850s and 1860s

The DVD includes a music album with examples from North and South from 1859 to 1869. In addition to songs and hymns of the Civil War Era, there is a commemorative hymn in memory of those lost during the Civil War titled, "They Who Seek The Throne Of Grace," based on a piano theme by Louis Moreau Gottschalk and arranged by Roger Lee Hall.

Stephen Foster (1826-1864)
America's best known 19th century songwriter

Included are 7 Premiere Recordings from live performances:

--Four rare Civil War era hymns by Stephen Foster (Nos. 11-14)
--Hymn written for the National Peace Jubilee in 1869 (No. 19)
--Commemorative hymn for those lost during the Civil War
(No. 20)
--Original versions of two popular Civil War songs:
"John Brown" and "Battle Hymn" (No. 21)

The recordings are from the American Music Recordings Archive.




Music Titles:

  • 1. I WISH I WAS IN DIXIE’S LAND (aka: DIXIE) (1859)
  • 3. THE BONNIE BLUE FLAG (1861)
  • 5. GO DOWN, MOSES (1862) – Afro-American spiritual
  • 6. A PRAYER FOR THE CAPTIVE (1862)– Shaker pacifist hymn
  • 7. CUMBERLAND GAP (ca. 1862)
  • 8. GOOBER PEAS (ca. 1862)
  • 9. LORENA (1857)
  • 11. +THE PURE, THE BRIGHT, THE BEAUTIFUL (1863) - Stephen Foster
  • 12. +OVER THE RIVER (1863) - Stephen Foster
  • 13. +GIVE US THIS DAY (1863) - Stephen Foster
  • 14. +WHAT SHALL THE HARVEST BE? (1863) - Stephen Foster
  • 15. WE ARE COMING, FATHER ABRAAM 300,000 MORE - Stephen Foster
  • 16. WILLIE HAS GONE TO THE WAR (1863) - Stephen Foster
  • 18. WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME (1863) - P.S. Gilmore
  • 19. +ANGEL OF PEACE (1869) - text: Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • 20. +THEY WHO SEEK THE THRONE OF GRACE - based on a piano theme by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, arranged by Roger Lee Hall
    original published versions

    + = Premiere Recording

Written for and first performed at the National Peace Jubilee in Boston
in 1869 (commemorating the end of the Civil War)

Angel of Peace, thou hast wandered too long!
Spread thy white wings to the sunshine of love!
Come while our voices are blended in song
Fly to our ark like the storm-beaten dove!
Fly to our ark on the wings of the dove,
Speed o’er the far-sounding billows of song,
Crowned with thine olive-leaf garland of love;
Angel of Peace, thou hast waited too long!

Joyous we meet, on this altar of thine
Mingling the gifts we have gathered for thee,
Sweet with the odors of myrtle and pine,
Breeze of the prairie and breath of the sea,--
Meadow and mountain and forest and sea!
Sweet is the fragrance of myrtle and pine,
Sweeter the incense we offer to thee,
Brothers once more round this altar of thine!

Angels of Bethlehem, answer the strain!
Hark! a new birth-song is filling the sky!--
Loud as the storm-wind that tumbles the main
Bid the full breath of the organ reply,--
Let the loud tempest of voices reply,--
Roll its long surge like the-earth-shaking main!
Swell the vast song till it mounts to the sky!
Angels of Bethlehem, echo the strain!

poem by Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes
music: "American Hymn" (1866) by Matthias Keller

Portrait of Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes (1808-1894)
poet, essayist, physician



"Drummer Jackson"
79th U.S. Colored Troops

Black men assembled in "rejoicing meetings" all over the land on the last night of December 1862, waiting for the stroke of midnight to bring freedom to those states in the secessionist states. At the contaband camp [for runaway slaves] in Washington., D.C., the assembled blacks sang over and over again: "Go down, Moses...Let my people go."
-- Eileen Southern, The Music of Black Americans: A History, page 236

"Glory, Hallelujah"
Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era

Compiled by Roger Lee Hall
(AMRC 0015)

  • a multimedia DVD playable on any computer, with complete music texts and background information, an image gallery of Civil War sheet music, and songs
    and hymns from the Civil War Era, including the original versions of "John Brown" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Also included is a half hour video program from a concert of rare Civil War era hymns by Stephen Foster. All of these items are included on the DVD for just $19.95.

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Glory, Hallelujah - Civil War Songs and Hymns




Also available!


"Lincoln and Liberty"
Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era

This title prepared by Roger Lee Hll for the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial in 2009, is available on a multi-media CD-ROM with background information about Lincoln's love of music, an illustrated Listener's Guide, Abraham Lincoln portrait gallery, and the music album with 24 titles, which contains over one hour of music written and heard during Abraham Lincoln's lifetime.


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"Glory, Hallelujah" and "Lincoln and Liberty"
are included in the

Multimedia Heritage Music Series



Music Lecture



Would you like to schedule an entertaining and enlightening music lecture or workshop for your organization by music historian Roger Lee Hall about Civil War songs and hymns? Included are the story behind the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" with music examples and several rarely heard Civil War hymns composed by Stephen Foster, plus more music of the Civil War era and a sing-along with the audience.

Write for more details and fees to:

Civil War music lecture




An interview with composer, John Frizzell
about his film score for GODS AND GENERALS




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