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Gentle Words: A Shaker Music Sampler
(AMRC 0016)



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1. Song: Welcome, Welcome Precious Gospel Kindred --
Rosetta Cummings, Enfield, New Hampshire, 1869
(edited and arranged by Roger Lee Hall)

2. Dance Song: Come Life, Shaker Life-- Issachar Bates,
New Lebanon, NY, 1835

3. +Anthem: Mount Zion -- Issachar Bates, Ohio ca. 1815

4. +Hymn: Rights of Conscience -- Issachar Bates, Ohio, 1810

5. +Hymn: Ode to Contentment -- Issachar Bates, 1833

6. +Song: While We're Marching -- North Union, Ohio, 1847

7. Dance Song: Simple Gifts -- Joseph Brackett Jr., Alfred, Maine, 1848

8. +Hymn: Doxology -- Oliver C. Hampton, Union Village, Ohio, 1850s

9. +Song: A Dream -- Harvey L. Eades, Union Village, Ohio, 1860

10. +Pacifist Hymn: A Prayer for the Captive -- Cecilia DeVere,
New Lebanon, New York, 1862 (sung on the day of Abraham Lincoln's funeral in 1865)

11. +Anthem: Millennial Praise-- James G. Russell, Enfield, NH, 1883

12. +Humility Song: Gentle Words -- Polly M. Rupe, Pleasant Hill, KY, 1867
(arranged by Roger Lee Hall)

13. +Humility Song: Love is Little -- South Union, KY, ca. 1834
(arranged by Roger Lee Hall)

14. +Hymn: Celestial Praises -- Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1841
(arranged by Roger Lee Hall)

15. +Hymn: Celestial Choir -- Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1847
(arranged by Roger Lee Hall)

16. +Song: May I Softly Walk -- Mt. Lebanon, New York, 1869
(arranged by Roger Lee Hall)

17. +Variations on a Shaker Marching Tune -- for piano (published 1984)
composed by Roger Lee Hall

18. #Interview and Song: +Living Souls, Let's Be Marching --
Brother Ricardo Belden (recorded in 1957)

19. #Hymn: I Must Live Must Have My Being -- sung by Sister Mildred Barker and Sister Frances Carr (recorded in Shaker Heights, Ohio, 1974)

20. #Song: O My Sweet Shaker Home --sung by Eldress Bertha Lindsay, 1980

21. #Hymn: I Want To Be Like The Lily -- Bertha Lindsay (recorded in 1980)

22. #Commentary on Shaker songs by Bertha Lindsay (recorded in 1980)

23. #Skipping Song: O We're A Band of Sisters --Bertha Lindsay,
Canterbury, New Hampshire (recorded in 1980)

24. Song: Simple Gifts (arranged by Aaron Copland)

25. *Excerpt from an interview with composer Aaron Copland (July 1980)

26. +Song: Give Good Gifts -- Martha J. Anderson (ca. 1892)

27. +Hymn: The Humble Heart -- text: Eunice Wyeth/ tune: Thomas Hammond, Harvard, Massachusetts, 1822 (arranged by Roger Lee Hall)

28. +Song: We Will All Go Home With You --
Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1862
(arranged by Roger Lee Hall)

Nos. 3-12, 14-16, 18, 27-28 edited by Roger Lee Hall

+ = Premiere Recording = 21 titles

# = Shaker singers

* = for the complete interview with Aaron Copland -- click here

Performed by these musicians:

Carolyn Dickson, alto(No. 3)
Edward Anderson, tenor (No. 8)
Leonard Hart, bass (No. 10)
Plymouth Church Choir of Shaker Heights, Ohio (Nos. 1-2, 4-9, 12-13)
Bicentennial Chorus, Shaker Conference, Cleveland, Ohio (No. 14)
Shaker Heights High School Chanticleers (No. 16)
David Hagan, piano (No. 17)
Colleen Liggett, Roger Lee Hall, Mitzie Collins (No. 26)
Colleen Liggett and Roger Lee Hall (No. 27)
The Sampler Singers (No. 28)


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