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"New Bethlehem" - Christmas Music in New England (AMRC 0010)

This CD contains carols, hymns and songs composed or arranged by New England composers between the 18th and 20th centuries, including popular carols like "Joy to the World" and "Away in a Manger," also the winter song, "Jingle Bells" (originally titled: "One Horse Open Sleigh").

Among the prominent New England composers on this CD are: William Billings (Boston composer known as "Father of American Choral Music"), Lowell Mason (famous hymnwriter and Boston educator), and Charles Ives (Connecticut composer known especially for his individualism in music).

One of the highlights on the CD is the premiere recording of the original New England translation of the beloved Austrian carol, "Silent Night."

The CD title, "New Bethlehem," was composed by Edward French, 1761-1845, and was one of his few compositions. He was President of the Stoughton Musical Society in Massachusetts from 1818 to 1824, and his brother, Jacob French, 1754-1817, was also a composer born in Stoughton who had three books of his music published.

The Christmas carols, hymns and songs are by various performers, including several Boston area church choirs and singers from the Old Stoughton Musical Society, America's oldest surviving choral society, founded in 1786.

The featured soloists on the CD are: Sally MacKerron, Dorothy Yanish, and Larre Nelson.

Included on the album are carols and hymns by composer, Roger Hall, who was a guest on a Christmas Eve radio program and highlights from that program are on this CD.

Album Titles (click links for streaming only - ©AMRC)

I. Christmas Music From Early New England

1. Judea -- William Billings, Boston, Massachusetts, 1778

2. Sherburne -- Daniel Read, New Haven, Connecticut, 1785

3. Carol -- Supply Belcher, Stoughton, Massachusetts & Farmington, Maine, 1794

4. Joy to the World-- Lowell Mason, Medfield and Boston, 1848

5. +Christmas Chorale -- George Whitefield Chadwick, Boston, 1909

II. Church Choir Rehearsal, North Easton, Massachusetts

6. +Leaping and Dancing (20th century folk carol) -- arr. by Roger Hall

7. +Rise Up, Shepherds (19th century Negro folk carol) -- arr. by Roger Hall

8. +Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (18th century) - Bartholomew Brown, arr. by Roger Hall

III. Christmas Concert in Stoughton, Massachusetts

9. Away in a Manger (2 versions):
a. William J. Kirkpatrick,1895/ b. James Murray,1887

10. +Silent Night (original Austrian version; English translation by Rev. John Freeman Young)

IV. Christmas Eve Service, Attleboro, Massachusetts

11. +O Come, O Come Emmanuel -- arranged by Roger Hall

12. +He Whom Shepherds Once Came Praising - arranged by Roger Hall

V. Christmas Eve Radio Program, Brockton, Massachusetts

13.Jingle Bells (or The One Horse Open Sleigh)-- James Pierpont, 1859/ Regina music box

14. CONVERSATIONS (WBET-AM, 1987) - guest: Roger Hall

15. Jingle Bells -- Bing Crosby on 1943 radio program

16. CONVERSATIONS (continued) - guest: Roger Hall

17. +Hail To The Joyous Day --words: Royall Tyler, 1793/ music: Roger Hall,1977

18. +A Christmas Song -- words: John Greenleaf Whittier/ music: Roger Hall, 1988
(excerpt from the play: "The Musical Telphone" To read more - click here)

19. A Christmas Carol -- words and music: Charles Ives, Danbury, Connecticut, 1894

VI. Early New England Christmas Carol

20. +New Bethlehem -- music: Edward French, 1799

+ = Premiere Recording





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Christmas Music in New England CD



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