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"Yankee Doodle"
An American Song Treasury


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Music album (click links for music streaming examples):


Arrival in the New World

1. Narration - Psalm 8 (Pilgrims)

2. Narration - Psalm 100 (Pilgrims)

Revolution and Constitution

3. Free America (tune: BRITISH GRENADIERS) -
words attributed to Dr. Joseph Warren -
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4. Father and I went down to camp (tune: YANKEE DOODLE,1776)-
arr. W.A. Fisher/ words attribute to Edward Bangs -
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5. Chester - William Billings, 1778

6. U.S. Constitution Song (tune: YANKEE DOODLE, 1788)

New England Singing-Masters

7. The Bird - William Billings, 1790

8. Anthem for Thanksgiving - William Billings, 1794

9. Coronation - Oliver Holden, 1792

10. Victory - Daniel Read, 1793

11. New Jerusalem - Jeremiah Ingalls, 1796

12. New Bethlehem - Edward French, 1799


Patriotism and Revivalism

13. My Country 'Tis of Thee - words: Samuel F. Smith, 1831

14. Simple Gifts - Elder Joseph brackett, 1848 -
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North vs. South


15. John Brown and Battle Hymn of the Republic -
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16. Dixie's Land (or Dixie) - Daniel D. Emmett

1870s to 1890s

17. Peace and Music - Dudley Buck, 1872 (World's Peace Jubilee)

18. Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims - Temperance hymn, 1870s

19. How Beautiful Upon The Mountains - Cantata aria -
Edwin A. Jones, 1881 - click here for streaming music

20. America the Beautiful - words: Katharine Lee Bates, 1895

1900 to 1920

21. How Lovely Shines The Morning Star - George W. Chadwick,1909

22. The Collection - Charles E. Ives, 1920


Anniversary Celebrations

23. O, Boston! - arr. Roger Hall, 1980
(For the 350th Anniversity of the City of Boston)

24. Peace - Roger Hall, 1981
(For the 100th Anniversary of Stoughton Town Hall)
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