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40th anniversary of this event!


"Chester" -
Music in Old New England
(PTME 1019)


A computer disc is available with a radio documentary narrated by Roger Hall
about the First Fall Music Festival held at the First Unitarian Church in Bridgewater, Massachusetts,
October 14-15 1978. The music on the disc covers over a century from 1778 to 1886, and features the chorus from the Old Stoughton Musical Society, America's oldest surviving choral society, organized in 1786.

On this computer disc there is historical information about "Father" Robert Kemp and his Old Folks Concerts during the 19th century.

Here are CD highlights from the Fall Music Festival, including music on the historic 1852 Hook pipe organ
Click the links for listening examples (for streaming only):

1. Commentary by Roger Hall, Old Stoughton Musical Society Historian
2. CHESTER - William Billings, 1778 - Old Stoughton Musical Society (OSMS) Chorus
3. Commentary about early New England tunesmiths
4. THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER (19th choral arrangement) - OSMS Chorus
5. TILDEN - Batholomew Brown, ca. 1800) - OSMS Chorus
6. CELESTIAL WATERING - Jeremiah Ingalls, ca. 1800 - OSMS Chorus
7. THE DOVE - Samuel Capen, 1805 - OSMS Chorus
8. Commentary about New England keyboard music
9. JERUSALEM, MY GLORIOUS HOME - Lowell Mason, 1849
10. HOW LOVELY IS ZION - George Root and William Bradbury
11. OLD STOUGHTON - Edwin A. Jones, 1886
12. Commentary about 19th centurty keyboard music
13. THE COHANNET RIFLE CORPS QUICK STEP - Richard Hill, organist
- Richard Hill, organist
15. THE NAHANT WALTZ - James Hewitt - Richard Hill, organist
16. Commentary about Stoughton composer, E.A. Jones (1853-1911)
17. TRIO FOR STRINGS - E.A. Jones, 1878 - The Easton Trio
18. THE FAREWELL WALTZES - E.A. Jones, 1874 - Richard Hill, organist


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