Did you know that many of the familiar Christmas carols and songs were written in the U.S.A.?

Now you can read about favorite Christmas carols and songs in this Listener's Guide including lyrics and for those who wish to perform some Christmas music there is a Supplement in the back of the book with sheet music.

This multimedia collection is titled:

Celebrate, Rejoice and Sing! (PineTree Multimedia, PTM 1037)

The book (PineTree Press) is filled with fascinating information compiled by music historian and composer,
Roger Hall
, who is also Managing Editor of Film Music Review

These are the chapters in the book:

I. Christmas Music in America: A Chronology (1770-1995)

II. Joy to the World: Fifteen Earlier American Lyrics
1. Methinks I see a heav'nly host (William Billings)
2. Judea (William Billings)
Four tunes (nos. 3-6) set to the Nahum Tate text: "While shepherds watched their flocks"
3. BETHLEHEM - tune: William Billings, 1778
4. SHERBURNE - tune: Daniel Read, 1785
5. CAROL - tune: Supply Belcher, 1794
6. NEW BETHLEHEM - tune: Edward French, 1799
7. "While once in Judah's lovely land" - words & music: Elder John Dunlavy, 1815
8. "Joy to the world the Lord is come" - music: Lowell Mason,1848
9. "It Came Upon The Midnight Clear" - music: Richard S. Willis, 1850
10. "We Three Kings Of Orient Are" - music: John Henry Hopkins, 1857
11. "Up On The Housetop" - words & music: Benjamin R. Hanby, 1860
12. "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" - music: J. Baptiste Calkin & Johnny Marks
13. "O Little Town Of Bethlehem" - music: Lewis Redner, 1868
14. "Away In A Manger" - - music: James R. Murray,1887 & William Kirkpatrick,1895
15. "A Christmas Carol" - words & music: Charles E. Ives, 1894

III. White Christmas: Top 25 ASCAP Christmas Songs

IV. It's A Wonderful Life: Christmas Music in Movies and Television

V. O Little Town of Bethlehem: Christmas Music in Concert

VI. The Dark Night is Ending: Christmas Music on Radio

VII. Bibliography: Where to Look for More information

VIII. Discography: Recommended Christmas Music

IX. Supplement: Christmas Music Sheet Music

1. Santa Claus (Air with Variations) for piano - Edwin Arthur Jones
2. The Prince Of Peace for mixed chorus - Roger Hall
3.He Whom Shepherds Once Came Praising for soloist and mixed chorus - Roger Hall
4. Hail To The Joyous Day for mixed chorus - Roger Hall
5. The Dark Night Is Ending for soprano soloist - Roger Hall
6. Celebrate, Rejoice And Sing! for mixed chorus - Roger Hall

X. About the Compiler


Bonus Audio and Video

An acconpanying audio album is included and titled, "An Old-Fashioned American Christmas."

It was recorded from a 1987 Christmas Eve radio broadcast with guest, Roger Hall, and featurng many old American Chistmas carols and songs plus the unused finale music from the beloved film, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

There are two versions of this album on the DVD: mp3 and higher quality - .wav.

These are the selections on the album (click links for streaming examples ©AMRC):

1. Boston -- music by William Billings (1778)
2. Judea -- words & music by William Billings (1778)
3. Bethlehem -- music by William Billings (1778)
4. Sherburne -- music by Daniel Read (1785)
5. Carol -- music by Supply Belcher (1794)
6. +New Bethlehem -- music by Edward French (1799)
7. +While Once in Judah's Lovely Land -- Elder John Dunlavy (1815)
8. Joy to the World -- Lowell Mason (1848)/arr. Johnny (John) Williams
9. It Came Upon The Midnight Clear -- music: Richard Willis (1850)
10. We Three Kings Of Orient Are -- John Henry Hopkins (1857)
11. Up On The Housetop -- music by Benjamin R. Hanby (1860)
12. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day - words: Henry W. Longfellow/music: Johnny Marks (1956)
13. O Little Town Of Bethlehem - words: Phillips Brooks/music: Lewis Redner (1863)

14. Away In A Manger -- words & music by James R. Murray (1887)
15. +Heavenly Music -- music by Nelson Phillips (1853)
16. A Christmas Carol -- words & music by Charles Ives (1894)
17. Radio broadcast (December 24, 1987) radio guest: Roger Hall
18. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (finale only) -- film score by Dimitri Tiomkin (1946)
19. Christmas wish (1987 Christmas Eve radio signoff)
20. +The Prince of Peace -- Shaker tune arranged by Roger Hall (1982)
21. +He Whom Shepherds Once Came Praising -- music: Roger Hall,1988
22. +Hail to the Joyous day -- words: Royall Tyler/music: Roger Hall (1977)
23. +The Dark Night Is Ending -- music: Roger Hall, 1988 (from "The Musical Telephone" play)
24. Silent Night -- translated by Rev. John F. Young (1863)

+ = First recording =8


There are also several video clips, including "Celestial Praises,"
a Shaker hymn arranged by Roger Hall from a concert
featuring The Canterbury Singers, Kathryn Southworth, Director.


This DVD-R with bonus audio and video features is for non-commercial use only,
and available by donation to help support the educational mission of this web site.


The book, Celebrate, Rejoice and Sing!
with bonus music album, "An Old Fashioned American Christmas,"
and video clips of Shaker spirituals
are available exclusively from this website.

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