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DVD-R: "Search Thou My Heart" - A Musical Life

As a remembrance of his 75th birthday,
omposer and music preservationist, Roger Lee Hall,
has collected over 100 files from his past for this special DVD-R.

The disc includes 75 audio tracks from some of his many radio appearances,
plus his music compositions performed at various churches, live concerts and recording studios.

Also included is a cable TV program with him speaking about his work as a film music historian
researching and writing about classic movie songs and film scores
and his Sammy Film Music Awards.

These are the main folders:

  • Music album 1: Search Thou My Heart (1961-2011)
  • Music album 2: Appearances on WGBH-FM (1978-1993)
  • Music album 3: Film music on WGBH-FM (1982 -1992)
  • Music album 4: Appearances on WBET-AM (1985-1993)
  • Pictures and profiles
  • Video program: cable TV program - Hooray for Hollywood (2004)

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The cost for the DVD is 19.95 (USA orders)
or $24.95 (Overseas Air Mail)

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