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The Shakers are America's oldest surviving religious communal sect and they have composed thousands of songs, hymns and anthems.

Contrary to what listeners might think, there are numerous recordings of Shaker music on CDs. There are also DVDs available.

The recordings listed below include those with Shaker singers as well as with non-Shaker musicians.

There are several CDs that contain in-person interviews with Shaker sisters and are not available anywhere else.

The Shaker spirituals are prime examples of white (or Anglo-American) spirituals, a religious folk music tradition lasting over two centuries.



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A Sampling of Shaker Music CDs


Many of the Shaker songs and hymns included on these CDs are available in performing editions and arrangements by Roger Hall, a composer and ethnomusicoloist who has researched and performaed Shaker music for over 40 years. His editions and arrangements are listed at these links:

Shaker Music Preservation Series

Shaker Music Arrangements

The following CDs have music edited or arranged by Roger Hall:


Shaker Music CD Series


A Best-Selling CD!


No. 4: " Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals

25 premiere recordings of original Shaker tunes
and arrangements by Roger Lee Hall and Conrad Held.
This CD features soloists,
instrumentalists (piano, recorder, violins)
and The Canterbury Singers,
all under the direction of Kathryn Southworth


No. 3: The Humble Heart -
Twenty-Four Shaker Spirituals






Another Best-Seller!

No. 2: "Gentle Words" - A Shaker Music Sampler



No. 1: "Blended Together" - Interviews with The Shakers







Singing by the Shakers

Early Shaker Spirituals
(Sabbathday Lake Shakers)


Let Zion Move: Music of the Shakers
(Shakers from Canterbury and
Sabbathday Lake)


Simple Gifts: Shaker Chants and Spirituals

Simple Gifts: Shaker Chants and Spirituals
(Boston Camerata with the Sabbathday Lake Shakers)


Original Shaker Tunes


Shaker Singers

These two CD releases on Rounder Records, with 40 Shaker spirituals each, are the most extensive ones featuring the Shakers singing and speaking about their music...


Blended Together: Interviews with The Shakers

In memory of Sister Frances Carr (1927-2017)

This is the first in the Shaker Music Series and was compiled and produced by Shaker music scholar, Roger Lee Hall.

It is a valuable collection of field recordings with interviews and singing by four Shaker sisters:

--Eldress Bertha Lindsay & Sister Lillian Phelps, Canterbury, New Hampshire --Sister R. Mildred Barker and Sister Frances Carr, Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

These interviews were recorded live during the 1970s and 1980s at two Shaker villages and at other locations.

Since these are field recordings, the recorded sound levels are sometimes of lesser quality. But these are rare in-person interviews with Shaker sisters talking about and singing their own music.



The CD title of "Blended Together" is named after a beloved song by Elder Joseph Holden (1851-1919)
from Mt. Lebanon, New York.

The late Sister Mildred Barker (1897-1990) said in an interview that this was a favorite song at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community and was sung there for many years. She sings the song with late Sister Frances Carr (1927-2017) on this CD.

The interviews took place at Canerbury, New Hampshire in 1972, 1980 and 1987, at Sabbathday Lake, Maine in 1980; and in Cleveland and
Shaker Heights, Ohio in 1974.

Track Titles:

1. Song: Blended together as one we stand - Sister Mildred Barker and Sister Frances Carr, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 1974
2. Song: Mother says O rise be glad -- Eldress Bertha Lindsay, 1972

[Nos. 3-21 at Canterbury in March of 1972]
3. Interview with Eldress Bertha Lindsay
4. The reed organ
5. The Shaker orchestra
6. Canterbury Shaker singers
7. Canterbury hymnal
8. Elder Henry Blinn
9. Shaker school
10. Song: I will go on my way -- Eldress Bertha Lindsay, 1972
11. Songs: May I softly walk and O tarry not 'mid worldly strife, 1972
12. Sister Lillian Phelps tells about her hymn, O tarry not, 1972
13. Shaker dances and marches
14. Shaker "letteral" music notation
15. Sister Lillian tells about her musical training
16. Shaker gift songs
17. Skipping song
18. Shaker dances
19. Song: In the days when I shall comfort thee
20. Song: I want to be clean and holy all over
21. Just enough cross by the way and 'Tis the gift to be simple

22. Interview with Eldress Bertha Lindsay on Cleveland TV, 1974
23. Song: O my sweet Shaker home - Eldress Bertha Lindsay, 1980
24. Song: O we're a band of sisters and happy are we - Eldress Bertha
25. Song: Simple Gifts - Eldress Bertha's 90th birthday party, 1987
26. Song: Who will bow and bend like the willow - Shaker Heights, 1974
27. Song: I must live must have my being - Sister Mildred Barker &
Sister Frances Carr, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 1974
28. Interview with Sister Mildred at Sabbathday Lake, Maine, 1980
29. Hymn: The Shakers - Sister Mildred and Sister Frances,1980
30. Song: We will all go home with you - Sabbathday Lake Shakers, 1974

To order this CD, go to the

American Music Recordings Collection (AMRC 0007)


Also available separately on a CD-ROM titled,

featuring an illustrated booklet with the interviews,
the above music album,
and a picture gallery.

Read more about it -- CLICK HERE



Early Shaker Spirituals (Rounder Records)



A CD collection, originally released on LP in 1976, with 40 Shaker spirituals sung by The United Society of Shakers, Sabbathday Lake, Maine. Many of the spirituals are sung by Sister R. Mildred Barker, the foremost Shaker singer of her time. The spirituals include laboring songs, gift songs, prayer songs, a hymn and anthem and several interviews with Sister Mildred Barker. Extensive notes and texts for all the music are provided by Daniel W. Patterson.

These are a few of Shaker spirituals included on the CD set:

"The rolling deep" (Eldress Polly Lawrence)
"Come life, Shaker life" (Elder Issachar Bates)
"Down in the lowly vale" (Sister Polly Rupe)
"'Tis the gift to be simple" (Elder Joseph Brackett)
"I looked and lo a lamb" (anthem)
"With a new tongue" (Brother David A. Buckingham)
"O brighter than the morning star" (Ezra T. Leggett/Susanna Brady)
"O give me a little love" (Sister Sarah Fletcher)




Let Zion Move: Music of the Shakers (Rounder Records)

"The spiritual music of the Shakers. as might be expected, is notable for its simplicity and straightforward nature...anyone with an interest in American religious music will find the material both interesting and moving.
Highly recommended."

--Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

This 2 CD set from 1999 includes 40 Shaker spirituals sung by the Shakers from Canterbury, New Hampshire and Sabbathday Lake, Maine. It includes a history of Shaker music narrated by Sister R. Mildred Barker and Sister Lillian Phelps. There are also interviews with Sister R. Mildred Barker, Eldress Bertha Lindsay, and Sister Lillian Phelps.

The first interviews were done in 1960 by William (Bill) Randle. Later interviews were conducted in 1972 and 1980 by Roger Hall, who has edited and written the detailed notes for this unique historical collection.

These are a few of Shaker spirituals included on the CD set:

"Let Zion Move"
"Redeeming Love"
"Let My Name Be Recorded"
"I See The Light Before Me"
"Precious Gospel Kindred"
"Consulation" (all six titles by Eldress Mary Ann Gillespie)
"Abiding Care" (Dorothy Durgin)
"O Tarry Not" (words: Dorothea Cochran/ music: Lillian Phelps)
"Star of Purity" (words: Susanna Brady/ music: Ezra T. Leggett)
"Lead Me On To Greater Victory" (Elder Otis Sawyer)
"Prayer Universal" (Eldress Dorothy Durgin) -- solo by Charles Thompson

The CD set includes an attractive 72 page illustrated booklet with examples of Shaker music and the words to all 40 Shaker spirituals plus a bibliography and discography, compiled by Roger Hall.


Read more about the process from LP album to CD set --

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To order this 2 CD set from Amazon -- click here







"Blended Together" -- Broadside Series No. 2

This attractive broadside is available at the




Gentle Words: A Shaker Music Sampler
(AMRC 0016)



Includes 24 premiere recordings including a newly discovered version of the best known Shaker song, "Simple Gifts," and music sung by Shaker sisters from taped field recordings. These are rare performances by Shaker sisters and were recorded live on site. The sound quality is good but not the same as today's digital studio recordings.

Read more and how to order at this link:

Gentle Words CD


The CD is also available as a music album
with the accompanying lyrics book,
on a multi-media DVD-R, "GIVE GOOD GIFTS,"
readable on your computer.
Read more about it at this link:

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Non-Shaker Musicians




I Am Filled With Heavenly Treasures
(New World Records)

I Am Filled With Heavenly Treasures

Featuring 39 tracks of Shaker spirituals performed by The Enfield Shaker Singers, directed by Mary Ann Haagen, who has also arranged a few tunes. It includes many spirituals recorded for the first time, such as the title song, Otis Sawyer's "The Closing Day," and David A. Buckingham's magnificent anthem, "Harmony of Angels." All the Shaker spirituals are performed in unaccompanied performances by the chorus and soloists. This CD is well worth adding to your collection.







Joy of Angels:
Shaker Spirituals for Christmas and The New Year
(Sampler Records Ltd.)


This CD from Sampler Records in 1995 features 38 Shaker spirituals and is the only one devoted to music for Christmas and the New Year, many of them recorded for the first time anywhere. The featured performers are: Randy Folger, Colleen Liggett, Kathy Leigh Johnson, Mitzie Collins, The Eastman Bach Children's Chorus, and The Sampler Chorus. The CD title is taken from the opening Shaker Christmas hymn: "Hail, hail the beautiful morn" by Elmina Phillips from North Union, Ohio.

Also featured is the first recording of the popular Shaker song, "Give Good Gifts."

There is an accompanying songbook with all the music and extensive notes about the music and Shaker Christmas rituals by Roger Hall, plus a list of recordings of Aaron Copland's arrangements of "Simple Gifts."

Track Titles:

1. Hail, hail the beautiful morn (Christmas Hymn) -- Elmina Phillips, 1869
2. O see the lovely angels -- Marcia Hastings, Canterbury, NH, 1840
3. Hear ye, hear ye -- Archibald Meacham, White Water, Ohio, 1843
4. Sweetest music softly stealing -- Martha Jane Anderson, 1871
5. Come letus hail this blissful day -- George R. Runyan, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky
6. This is a pleasant Christmas -- Susan Bundy, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1868
7. Brethren and sisters let us sing -- Pleasant Hill, Kentucky
8. Tis the gift to be simple -- Joseph Brackett Jr., Alfred, Maine, 1848
9. In love and sweet union -- Mount Lebanon, New York, 1845
10. When Christ was of a Virgin born -- Watervliet, New York, 1840
11. While once in Judah's lovely land -- John Dunlavy, Pleasant Hill, 1815
12. Blessed season of devotion -- Enfield, New Hampshire
13. Glory unto God we'll sing -- Enfield, New Hampshire, December 25, 1852
14. I hear a sweet sound of an angel -- Union Village, Ohio
15. We have found the promised Saviour -- Mount Lebanon, New York, 1875
16. I hear a voice -- Anna White, Mount Lebanon, New York, 1860
17. Hail the memorable morn -- text: Richard McNemar/ tune: Issachar Bates
18. The Prince of Peace is come -- Canterbury, New Hampshire
19. Since we are called to liberty -- Benjamin Dunlavy, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky
20. Lo, lo in this pretty path I will go -- Abraham Perkins, Enfield, NH, 1840
21. O the blessed revelation -- Richard McNemar, Union Village, Ohio
22. This is Jesus' birthday -- Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1854
23. Awake for the angels are gath'ring near -- Grace Bowers, Mount Lebanon,1893
24. Brightly beneath the star of hope -- Mount Lebanon, New York, 1875
25. To all the good children, a happy New Year -- Prudence Houston,1827
26. I love of play and skip around -- Mount Lebanon, New York, 1837
27. The Birthday of Jesus -- West Union, Indiana
28. O hearken listen to the sound -- Nelson Phillips, North Union, Ohio, 1853
29. Give me the treasure that cannot be sold -- Mount Lebanon, New York, 1875
30. O brighter than the morning star -- Union Village, Ohio, 1868
31. Step Tune -- New Lebanon, New York, 1858
32. O blessed Saviour's humble birth -- Benjamin Dunlavy, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky
33. A New Year -- New Lebanon, New York
34. Listen! while we join with angels -- Mount Lebanon, New York, 1875
35. Low within the vale -- Paulina Bryant, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1850
36. Give good gifts -- Martha Jane Anderson, ca. 1892
37. With precious gifts -- Enfield, Connecticut, 1839
38. Fear not, for behold -- Josephine E. Wilson, Canterbury, NH, 1900


"The editorial essays in the printed anthology are models of their kind, providing clear and wise guidance to students and performers alike.  The performances on the recording are lovingly skillful and delightfully varied and will repay repeated listenings."

-- Ralph P. Locke , Professor of Musicology, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

"Here is a rich lode of possibilities for all kinds of singing occasions - some for congregations at Christmas, like the wonderful regional carols - and others for specific events, such as a Shaker pageant or historical program...I love the melodic ideas - this is not what you hear every day.  Congratulations to all involved."

-- George Ward , recording artist and folklorist, Albany, New York.

The CD and songbook can be ordered from Sampler Records - click here



Read the description by Sister Elmina Phillips of

Christmas Music Among the Shakers in the Olden Time



Love is Little:
A Sampling of Shaker Spirituals
(Sampler Records Ltd.)



A collection of 36 Shaker spirituals, released by Sampler Records in 1992, representing all of the 18 major Shaker communities, performed by Roger Hall, Mitzie Collins and other soloists, and The Sampler Chorus. It is titled after the popular Shaker humility song from South Union, Kentucky.

There is also an accompanying songbook compiled by Roger Hall with all the music from the CD, plus music notes, a list of titles from the Shaker Song Series, and a bibliography. Included is the earliest known Shaker song with complete words and music, "In Yonder Valley" (1787).

These are the titles and Shaker communities with dates included:

1. Mother Ann's Song -- Harvard, Massachusetts, 1783
2. Father James's Song -- Harvard, Massachusetts, 1783
3. In Yonder Valley -- James Whittaker, Enfield, Connecticut, 1787
4. Square Order Shuffle -- Harvard, Massachusetts, 1791
5. Quick Step Manner -- Sung by John Robinson, Shirley, Mass, 1815
6. The Happy Journey -- Sung by Joshua Goodrich, Harvard, Mass, 1808
7. How Beautiful Do The Heavens Ring -- Hancock, Massachusetts, 1849
8. Living Souls Let's Be Marching -- singing of Brother Ricardo Belden, 1950s
9. Followers of the Lamb -- Clarissa Jacobs, New Lebanon, NY, 1847/1985
10. Put Thy Hands To Work -- Community unknown, 1869
11. A Prayer for the Captive -- Cecilia DeVere, New Lebanon, New York, 1862
12. Glory and Honor -- David A. Buckingham, Watervliet, New York, 1873
13. O Do Feel More Life -- Sodus, New York, 1837
14. Welcome, Welcome Gospel Kindred -- Lydia Dole, Groveland, NY, 1865
15. Chinese -- Groveland, New York
16. Praise to Mother -- Ann Marie Love, Groveland, NY, 1852
17. A Round Dance -- Eldress Lydia Dole, Groveland, NY, 1865
18. All is Summer -- Groveland, NY, 1875
19. If Our Home is So Beautiful -- Groveland, NY, 1893
20. All at Home -- Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1870/1912
21. More Love -- Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1870/1914
22. Prayer Universal -- Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1890
23. Millennial Praise -- James G. Russell, Enfield, New Hampshire, 1883
24. Peace to Zion -- Enfield, New Hampshire, 1851
25. The Shakers -- text: Richard McNemar/Sabbathday Lake Shakers, 1980
26. Simple Gifts -- Joseph Brackett, Jr., Alfred, Maine, 1848
27. Blended Together -- Joseph Holden, New Lebanon, NY, 1870
28. Let Zion Move -- Mary Ann Gillespie, Alfred, Maine, 1875
29. Redeeming Love -- Mary Ann Gillespie, Alfred, Maine, 1875
30. Mother -- text: Richard McNemar. Union Village, Ohio, ca. 1813
31. How Happy Are They -- Richard McNemar, Watervliet, Ohio, 1833
32. Ode to Contentment -- text: Richard Pelham/tune: Issachar Bates
33. On the Landing of Mother Ann in America -- North Union, Ohio, 1860
34. Slow March (The angels of heaven) -- Ephraim Frost, White Water, Ohio,1872
35. Gentle Words -- Polly M. Rupe, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, ca. 1867
36. Love is Little -- South Union, Kentucky, ca. 1834/ 1976

"The recording includes a nice contrast of styles, tempi, vocal timbres and ranges.  It resists the temptation to 'arrange' the music for modern performance, but lets the music speak for itself.  I'd recommend both the book and recording as useful for singers and scholars, and would suggest that traditional music groups will find the collection a means of incorporating these songs into their own repertories.  I'd also recommend the recording if for no other reason than that you'll enjoy it."

--- Susan Porter, Professor of Music, Ohio State University, Lima, Ohio in The Sonneck Society for American Music Bulletin, Summer, 1993.

"The excellent vocals of Mitzie, Roger and the Sampler Chorus carry this recording onto a high level of musical achievement.  Anyone interested in the Shakers and their music must have this recording."

---"Andy Recommends" in Andy's Front Hall Order Catalog,
Voorheesville, New York. 


The CD and songbook can be ordered from Sampler Records - click here


















Interviews with Sister Mildred Barker,
and composer, Aaron Copland, plus arrangements of "Simple Gifts"
and other Shaker music are available on the DVD,

"Give Us This Day"
Two Historic American Choral Traditions




CD-ROM: "Simple Gifts" - A Shaker Song Revisited (AMRC 0033)

It includes many arrangements of "Simple Gifts" and also interviews with two people who helped to make this song known everywhere: Sister R. Mildred Barker and composer, Aaron Copland.

To receive this non-commercial CD-ROM, which also includes the book, The Story of Simple Gifts, make a donation of $20 or more to help support this music preservation site. Make your donation by credit card payable to PineTree Productions, through safe and secure PayPal.


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Simple Gifts:
Shaker Chants and Spirituals (Erato)

This CD from 1995 features The Boston Camerata, directed by Joel Cohen, with the Schola Cantorum, joined by the Shakers and recorded in the Shaker meeting house at Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

There are a few errors in the CD notes. Contrary to what is written,
The Spiritual Sailor in four-part harmony was NOT a Shaker hymn though it is very similar to "Voyage to Canaan" (melody only). Also, it is unlikely that the Shakers actually sang bass drones with the melody, as employed on this CD.

Simple Gifts: Shaker Chants and Spirituals




Another recommended CD release by The Boston Camerata...

The Golden Harvest




Read the review of this Boston Camerata CD
with transcriptions by Anne Azema and Joel Cohen
and recorded at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker meeting house
at this link:

Shaker book and CD reviews


Arranged Shaker Tunes




" Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals



CD Review: Gentle Words - Shaker Songs
arranged by Kevin Siegfried
The Tudor Choir (Loft Records)





Beautiful Harp Music by Diane Schneider


From her series of soothing harp music, there are three CDs with Shaker song arrangements...

Harp of Christmas Piece

15 tracks of beautiful Christmas music arrangements by Diane Schneider, including "Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming" (2:36); "The First Noel" (3:03); "I Wonder As I Wander" (5:31); "Silent Night" (4:49). There is also one Shaker Christmas hymn ("When Christ was of a Virgin Born" (3:05) from the music collection: Joy of Angels: Shaker Spirituals for Christmas and the New Year.




Harp of Hope

2008 POW! Award-winning instrumental CD

There are 17 tracks on this CD including these tunes: "Greensleeves" (3:51), "The Ash Grove" (2:47), "Kum Ba Yah" (2:22). There are also hymns like "Abide With Me" (1:53), "Amazing Grace" (3:57), and "Nearer My God To Thee" (2:39). The Shaker song is the best known one: Elder Joseph Brackett's "Simple Gifts" (3:36) in a lovely arrangement by Diane Schneider. In addition to this music, there is a bonus track titled: "Angel's Wing" - described as "a 9 minute improvisation with floating, rhythm-less arpeggios to induce relaxation." There is also an Animal Therapy Edition of this same CD "for soothing relief, deep sleep, and anti-anxiety with dogs, cats, birds, horses -- and their owners."

Harp of Quiet Faith

This lovely CD of traditional songs of faith arranged by Diane Schneider includes three Shaker songs: "Love is Little" (2:45), "We Must Be Meek" (2:37), ""My Carnal Life I Will Lay Down." (3:35). Also the CD includes such well known hymns as" "How Great Thou Art" (4:42); "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"; and "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" (3:00).

All the selections are "therapeutically arranged to calm anxiety,
stabilize heart rate, and encourage restful sleep."


To order these CDs, click on this link:

Diane Schneider, Harpist




The River of Love:
Music of the Shakers and Music Based on Shaker Themes

(Albany Records)



Featuring original Shaker melodies and arrangements by William Cutter, Aaron Copland , and World Premiere recordings of "The Simple Gifts," a cantata by Jacob Druckman, and Eric Sawyer's The Humble Heart: A Cantata for Youth.



The performers on this CD include these soloists:

Emily Browder, soprano
Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano
Andrew Leonard, tenor
Robert Honeysucker, baritone
Bill Geha, piano
Malcolm Halliday, conductor

The CD features the New England Voices, a performing and educational ensemble founded in 1998 and including youth and adult singers and instrumentalists.

Assisting with Shaker music research was musicologist and singer,
Roger Lee Hall.

The founder and director, Nancy Annis, writes:

"The program is grouped thematically for the most part, songs about Mother Ann, songs about love, four-part spirituals, and hymns chosen by contemporary composers for their works based on Shaker themes. The River of Love perpetuates a new genre of American music begun by Jacob Druckman. Music based on Themes of the American Shakers. This recording by New England Voices, the first of its kind, is especially suited for youth as both performers and listeners."

Participants in this recording project (left to right):
Roger Lee Hall, Nancy Annis,
and Eric Sawyer.
(photo by Gail Hall)


Track Titles:

1. Hymn: Prayer Universal - Combined Choirs
2. Song: Simple Gifts (arr. by Aaron Copland) -- Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano
3. Song: A Mince Pie or a Puding (New Lebanon, NY) --
Emily Browder, Nancy McDowell, Pamela Dellal, Andrew Leonard
4. From a Shaker Hymnal -- There's a Light (arr. by William Cutter) --
Combined Choirs; Amy Carroll, flute
5. From a Shaker Hymnal -- Let Zion Move (arranged by William Cutter) - Combined Choirs; Amy Carroll, flute
6. From a Shaker Hymnal-- I Will Go On My Way (arranged by William Cutter)- Combined Choirs; Amy Carroll, flute
7. Song: Drink Ye - Andrew Leonard, tenor
8. Song: I Love Mother - Corinne Candilis, child soloist
9. Mother Ann's Song - Michael Pritchard, bass
10. Mother Ann's Closet - Emily Browder, soprano
11. Dissmission of the Devil - Robert Honeysucker, baritone
12. Hymn: The Humble Heart - Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano
13. The Humble Heart: A Cantata For Youth
composed by Eric Sawyer, 2006/World Premiere Recording)
-- Emily Browder, Pamela Dellal, Andrew Leonard, Robert Honeysucker,
Combined Choirs
14. More Love - Emily Browder, soprano
15. Invitation to the River of Love - Robert Honeysucker, baritone
16. Love is Little - Jennifer Shaw. soprano
17. Pretty Home - Grace Long, soprano
18. A Snag of it or a Handful of Gospel Love - Children's Chorus
19. Tuvan Throat Singing - Thomas Erick Summer, tenor
20. Adagio in Lydian Mode from String Quartet No. 2 (Eric Sawyer) - Karen Oosterbaan, violin; Frederick Bednarz, violin; Thomas Fajaro, viola;
Hazel Gietheim, cello
21. Sweet Summer Land - Combined Choirs
22. I'll Tell Thee of Heaven - Combined Choirs
23. I Hunger and Thirst - Laura Stanfield Pritchard, soprano
24. I Know How to Pay - Philip Candilis, bass
25. On Zion's Holy Ground - Diane Taraz Shriver, soprano
26. Work for the Harvest - Combined Choirs
27. In My Father's House - Combined Choirs
28. Come Life, Shaker Life - Combined Choirs
29. O Heaven of Heavens - Emily Browder, soprano
30. One, Two, Three Steps - Emily Browder, Nancy McDowell, sopranos
31. Little Trumpet - Thomas Erick Summer, tenor
32. I've Set My Face for Zion's Kingdom - Combined Choirs
33. Funeral Hymn - Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano
34. The Simple Gifts: A Cantata Based on Themes of the American Shakers
(Jacob Druckman, 1954/ World Premiere Recording)
- Emily Browder, soprano; Philip Candilis, bass;
Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano; Andrew Leonard, tenor
35. Farewell Song - Thomas Erik Summer, tenor
36. I Will Bow and Be Simple - Combined Choirs
37. Living Souls Let's Be Marching - Combined Choirs






Read the review of this CD

click here



Simple Gifts

Read the review of this Tudor Choir CD

click here




Three Instrumental CDs
(Gourd Music)

A series of three CDs with very appealing medleys of Shaker melodies, arranged by William Coulter (guitar) and Barry Phillips (cello) and joined by an ensemble of highly talented folk musicians.

These CDs for recommended for enjoyable listening. To see track titles, click on the links.

















DVDs with Shaker Music




"Give Good Gifts" -
Shaker music in the 20th century


"The Humble Heart" -
A Forty Year Survey of Shaker Music




"Simple Gifts"
Great American Folk Song






"Millennial Praise"
Singing New Englanders:
From The Pilgrims to The Shakers



Shaker Marches and Dances
The Enfield Shaker Singers


Ken Burns and Shaker Music


Ken Burns' America: The Shakers



In 1999, Ken Burns produced another documentary shown on PBS which included some Shaker music, but it was not identified correctly. It is available on CD and DVD...

Not for Ourselves Alone - The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony

CD: Not for Ourselves Alone:
The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony


 DVD: Not for Ourselves Alone:
The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
& Susan B. Anthony

The soundtrack CD for Not for Ourselves Alone lists only one Shaker song:

"Good Evening My Friends" (track 8 of the CD)

Actually there are TWO Shaker songs included on this track:

       "Good Evening, My Friends" (New Lebanon, New York, 1837)
       "Mount Lebanon March" (New Lebanon, New York, 1822)

Both songs were published in the collection titled, The Happy Journey: Thirty-Five Shaker Spirituals, edited by Roger L. Hall, and published by The Fruitlands Museums in Harvard, Massachusetts in 1982. Hall transcribed these tunes from the original Shaker "letteral" notation and prepared performing editions of them. Unfortunately, this music collection is now out-of-print. Copies of these two tunes in performing editions are available by request. Write to: Two Shaker Song Editions





The Shakers and their Music on Television

Several television programs,
including interviews with Sister R. Mildred Barker
and music and dance by the Shaker Village Work Camp singers
at Hancock Shaker Village in 1966, and a television story about
the Sabbathday Lake Shakers in 1986
with the singing of several Shaker songs
are included on this deluxe multi-media DVD.
Click on this link:

A Shaker Music Miscellany



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Joseph Brackett's Simple Gifts

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Shaker Music Scholar

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Shaker and Non-Shaker Tunes

Shaker Music Preservation Series

The Simplicity of Shaker Music





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