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"The Young Convert"
New England Harmony


What is not generally known is that much of the first original choral music in the U.S. originated with New England composers who often titled their music books with titles such as "The Continental Harmony" (W. Billings) or "The Harmony of Harmony" (J. French).

Their tunes followed certain music types based on English and Scottish models, such as fuging tunes, occasional tunes, psalm tunes, hymn tunes and anthems.

This special CD collection contains choral music by six 18th century New England composers: William Billings, Jacob French, Daniel Read, Jeremiah Ingalls, Oliver Holden, and Timothy Swan.

Many of these tunes have been performed by the Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus, the oldest singing society in the U.S., founded in 1786.

The music on this CD was compiled by Roger Lee Hall, Director of the New England Music Archive (NEMA).

Many of these tunes are found in

Stoughton Musical Society's Centennial Collection of Sacred Music (Boston, 1878/ Reprint, 1980)

Here are the music titles on the CD:

William Billings, 1746-1800

1. +CHESTER (1770 and 1786)
2. BOSTON (1778)
3. +MAJESTY (1778)
7. KITTERY (1778)
8. +EASTER ANTHEM (1787) - instrumental accompaniment

Jacob French, 1754-1817

9. MONMOUTH (1793)
11. DORMANT (1802)


Daniel Read, 1757-1836

12. NORWALK (1785)
13. MORTALITY (1785)
14. +SHERBURNE (1785)
15. AMITY (1793)
16. RUSSIA (1793)
17. +VICTORY (1793)
18. WINDHAM (1793)
19. +GREENWICH (1793)


Commemorative monument in Newbury, Vermont

Jeremiah Ingalls, 1764-1838

20. +NORTHFIELD (1801)

Oliver Holden, 1765-1844

23. +CORONATION (1792)


Timothy Swan, 1757-1842

24. +CHINA (1801)

+ = Old Stoughton Music Society favorites




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