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Community Forum Cable TV program with guest, Roger Hall

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Stoughton Music Monographs:

MAJESTY: William Billings and The Stoughton Musical Society (2000)

TEN TOWN TUNES: Music From Stoughton, 1770-1990 (1998)


Multimedia DVDs:

"Dedication" - Singing in Stoughton, 1762-1987 (2017)

"Old Stoughton"- Singing Meetings and Concerts

"The Grand Constitution" - Old Stoughton and the U.S. Constitution

"How Beautiful Upon The Mounatins": Music by E.A. Jones

"Come, Gentle Peace" - A Stoughton Musicfest

Stoughton Music Series CDs:

The Stoughton Harmony

A Dedication Concert (1981)

Old Stoughton Music Sampler

"Chester" - Music in Old New England, 1778-1878


Musicologist Makes Music

Roger Hall


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For Your Information

For over two centuries the Town of Stoughton, Massachusetts has been filled with singing!

It is believed to be the oldest continuous singing tradition of its type in the United States of America.

The music performed in the distant past was mostly religious music.

More recently, other music has been performed, for example in "A Stoughton Musicfest" discussed below.

Attention American music specialists and Sacred Harp singers!

Many who study and sing early American choral music are unaware of this long and distinguished musical past in Stoughton, beginning as far back as the 1760s!

Among Stoughton's distinctions are two historic musical societies, one of them now the OLDEST CONTINUING CHORAL SOCIETY IN THE USA -- The Old Stoughton Musical Society. It was organized on November 7, 1786, but their singing goes back as far as the 1760s. This musical society was officially recognized by The Guinness Book of Records in 1994 as the oldest in the U.S., thanks to proof provided by musicologist, Roger Lee Hall.



Community Forum TV Show

Watch the Community Forum talk show from June 6, 2013 hosted by Roxanne Morse with guest - musicologist, Roger Lee Hall, speaking about his many Stoughton music accomplishments.

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Stoughton Music Monograph Series


Being A discussion of FACTS and FICTION
about William Billings
and The Stoughton Musical Society
By Roger L. Hall

Research findings and corrections of inaccurate information,
Billings family geneology compiled from research by William Capen,
sheet music examples.

The computer disc also includes a music album of
music by William Billings (1746-1800):

1. CHESTER (1778/1786)
2. BOSTON (1778)
3. STOUGHTON (1770)- ed. by Roger Hall
4. SHARON (1778)
7. KITTERY (1778)
8. MAJESTY (1778)
9. THANKSGIVING (1778) - ed. by Roger Hall
10. WHEN JESUS WEPT (1770)
11. CRUCIFIXION (1786)
12. JERUSALEM (1786)
13. HOPKINTON (1794)
14. EASTER ANTHEM (1787)
15. THE BIRD (1790)

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Music From Stoughton, 1770-1990
Compiled by Roger L. Hall

Sheet music collection and concert programs (pdf),
plus a music album
a commerorative concert in Stoughton in 1990

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E.A. JONES: His Life and Music
by Roger L. Hall

Biographical information about Stoughton's most accomplished
composer, Edwin Arthur Jones (1853-1911), with
a list of his complete known works. Also included on
the CD-ROM is a music album with some of his
sacred and chamber music.


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Multimedia DVDs for computer
(historical information, pictures, music, videos)


NEW Publication!

Singing in Stoughton, 1762-1987
by Roger L. Hall
(PineTree Press, 2017)

Read about this book -- CLICK HERE




"Old Stoughton":
Singing Meetings and Concerts

Compiled and Edited by Roger Hall

Stoughton, Massachusetts has the distinction of having the oldest singing society in the United States of America.

In celebration of the 250th anniversary of the first documented singing meetings in Stoughton, a multi-media computer disc has been prepared by musicologist, Roger Hall, with historical information about singing meetings and concerts in Stoughton, Avon, Braintree, Brockton, Canton, Randolph, Sharon and other area towns.

This survey covers the two hundred years from 1762 to 1962 with the two town musical societies and does not include the music activities of the Stoughton public schools since that is a separate town-sponsored function.

The disc also contains picture galleries with local composers and sheet music, and two music albums with 40 titles.

This DVD-ROM is useful for musicians, musicologists, historians, geneologists, researchers, teachers, students, and anyone interested in local or regional history.

Read more about this disc -- Click here




"The Grand Constitution" :
Old Stoughton and the U.S. Constitution
Produced and Written
by Roger Hall

celebrating the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution
and Stoughton Musical Society Constitution, both written in 1787.
Excerpts from the U.S. Constitution are read by public school students
and town citizens. A State Proclamation is presented by State Senator, William R. Keating. Then a one act play is performed. "The Grand Constitution"
is about the writing of the Stoughton Musical Society's document in 1787,
performed by Wayne Olem (portraying Elijah Dunbar) and
Bert Anderson (portraying Samuel Capen).
Several music pieces from that time period are performed
by singers from the Old Stoughton Musical Society

This title is also included on the DVD,
"Dedication" - Singing in Stoughton




"How Beautiful Upon The Mountains":
A Centennial Tribute to E.A. Jones

Produced by Roger Hall


A commemorative tribute to Stoughton's most accomplished 19th century composer, Edwin Arthur Jones (1853-1911), with documents about his music, two music albums, and a video program with 150th birthday party at the Stoughton Historical Society in 2003 and inclduing a special birthday cake!

Read how to get this multi-media DVD with documents, pictures, music examples
and video program --

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"Come, Gentle Peace":
A Stoughton Musicfest
Produced by Roger Hall

Video program on DVD:

"A STOUGHTON MUSICFEST - A Celebration of Local Composers and Musicians" - includes First Performance of the anti-war song based on a poem from 1814 by a Stoughton teenage girl, Esther Talbot, with music by Roger Hall.

This one hour documentary is about the history of singing in Stoughton and features a celebration of local composers and musicians. It includes performances of several patriotic songs by a combined Stoughton Elementary School Chorus singing: "Yankee Doodle" and "Ode to President George Washington."

It includes a short play written by Roger Hall titled, "William Billings Teaches A Singing School." The one hour documentary was videotaped on May 10, 1990.

Narrator: Marion Wroble, WBET Radio
Actor: Skip Mahoney (portraying William Billings)
Vocal Quartet: Elizabeth Trueblood, Carol Mezzanotte, Sally MacKerron, Roger Hall
Flute: Donna Hieken
Piano: Richard Hill
Elementary School Chorus, Carol Mezzanotte, Director
High School Instrumental Ensemble, Ronald Christianson, Director



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Stoughton Music Heritage Series


CD Series



4 albums of hard-to-find American music,
available separately
on one disc with over 80 total music tracks

for a special discount price.

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The Stoughton Harmony

A survey of choral music by composers from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, including William Billings, Oliver Holden, Jeremiah Ingalls, Daniel Read, Samuel Capen, E.A. Jones, Charles Ives and Roger Hall, all music performed in Stoughton, home of the America's oldest choral society, founded in 1786.




A Dedication Concert:
In Honor of the 100th Anniversary of Stoughton Town Hall (1981)

Read more about this historic concert presented to celebrate the Centennial of Stoughton Town Hall and featuring music by American composers performed by the Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus, conducted by Roger Hall in 1981
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Old Stoughton Music Sampler

A selection of choral music from the 18th to 20th centuries performed by the Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus with music by William Billings, Oliver Holden, Daniel Read, Jeremiah Ingalls, Supply Belcher, Edward and Jacob French, Samuel Capen, Stephen Foster, E.A. Jones, Charles Ives, and Roger Lee Hall.

The Stoughton area towns represented are:

Stoughton -
-Edwin Arthur Jones - The Lord is King, 1890
-Roger Lee Hall - Dedication, 1986 and Peace, 1981

Sharon -
-Edward French - New Bethlehem, 1799
-Jacob French - The Heavenly Vision, 1786

Canton -
-Supply Beclher - Make a Joyful Noise, 1794
-Samuel Capen - The Dove, 1805


"Chester" - Music in Old New England, 1778-1878

Radio documentary with highlights from the Old Stoughton Musical Society's First Fall Music Festival in Bridgewater, Massachusetts on October 14-15, 1978. Composers incluide: William Billings, Bartholomew Brown, Jeremiah Ingalls, Samuel Capen, Lowell Mason, George Root, James Hewitt, Edwin Arthur Jones.

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Musicologist Makes Music

Civil War Event at Faxon Park - April 21, 2012

Among the events at a Civil War re-enactment was a display of music books and CDs prepared by Stoughton musicologist and singer, Roger Lee Hall, who also sang what is believed to be the first modern day concert performance
of the original version of "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

This original version of the Battle Hymn is included on this CD titled,

Click on this link for more information:

Glory, Hallelujah - Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era


Thanks to the efforts of Roger Lee Hall, the Old Stoughton Musical Society (OSMS) was listed as America's oldest choral society in The Guinness Book of Records and in Chase's Calendar of Events.

For many years Mr. Hall has been involved with music preservation.

He served as the first Chairman of the Stoughton Arts Council from 1980 to 1984, and also was a member of the Massachusetts Arts Advisory Committee during the 1980s.

Between 1979 and 1987, he was the Historian and Vice-President of the Old Stoughton Musical Society and organized several music festivals:
"Music in Old New England" (1978) and "Musick in Old Boston" (1980).

Also, he was the Chairman of the Old Stoughton Musical Society Bicentennial Committee in 1986.

In 1980 he discovered all the manuscript music of E.A. Jones and especially his major work, the cantata titled, Song of Our Saviour, which received its World Premiere performance in Stoughton in 1992 and was written about in the Boston Globe newspaper.

Hall was the OSMS conductor for several seasons and composed two commemorative choruses for them:

"Peace" (premiered in 1981)

"Dedication" (premiered in 1986)

To read about his preservation efforts, click on this link:

Saving Local Music

He is now Director of the American Music Recordings Archive [AMRA].

A few of his many programs, all presented at
the Stoughton Public Library:

"E.A. Jones: His Life and Music" (1984)

"Old Stoughton and The Grand Constitution" (1987)

"A Stoughton Musicfest: A Celebration of Local Composers and Musicians" (1990)

"Lincoln and Liberty" (2009)

"Runnin' Wild: Molasses and Music Merriment" (2009)

Rpoger Hall is available to present his entertaining and educational programs for colleges, schools, libraries, historical societies or other organizations.

See his music programs listed at this link:

Lectures and Workshops




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