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"We Gather Together"
Treasures of Earlier American Song
(AMRC 0036)

Album Producer: Roger Lee Hall

    Music refines the taste, purifies the heart,
    and elevates our nature.

    It does more:
    it soothes in sorrow, tranquillizes in passion,
    and wears away the irritabilities of life.

    It intensifies love,
    it fires the patriotism,
    and makes the altar of our devotion burn
    with a purer, holier flame.

    --quote from W.W. Hall, M.D.,
    Hall's Journal of Health for 1862







    Performers include:
    New England Conservatory Alumni Chorus
    Plymouth Church Choir
    Phillip Hawk and The Band of Musick
    The Union Confederacy
    Margaret Ulmer, piano/ Eric Sosnan, bass-baritone
    Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus


    Click the links below to hear music streaming examples (© AMRC):

    I. Pilgrims and Purtians

    01. Arrival in the New World and Psalm 8 (Old 124th) - Ainsworth Psalter, 1612

    02. Thanksgiving and Psalm 100 (Old 100th) - Ainsworth Psalter

    03. Psalm 23 - Low Dutch Tune (Bay Psalm Book, 1698)

    04. 100 Psam Tune New - Rev. John Tufts, 1726 (earliest original American tune)

    II. Colonial Protest and The American Revolution

    05. My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free (1759) - Francis Hopkinson
    (first American art song)

    06. Free America (1770) - words: Joseph Warren/
    tune: British Grenadiers

    07. Father and I Went Down to Camp (1776) - words: Edward Bangs/
    tune: Yankee Doodle

    08. Chester (1778) - words and music: William Billings

    09. Coronation (1792) - music: Oliver Holden


    II. First Two U.S. Presidents

    10. Ode to President George Washington (1789) -
    words: Samuel Low/ tune: God Save The King
    (from the historical play, "The Grand Constitution")

    11. Adams and Liberty (1798) - words: Robert Treat Paine/
    tune: To Anacreon In Heaven





    III. The War of 1812, Expansion and Freedom

    12. The Star Spangled Banner (1814) - words: Francis Scott Key/
    tune: To Anacreon In Heaven

    13. The Erie Canal - folk ballad

    14. My Country 'Tis of Thee (1831) - words: Samuel F. Smith/
    tune: God Save The King

    15. Simple Gifts (1848) - words and music: Elder Joseph Brackett
    (Shaker dance song)


    IV. President Abraham Lincoln and The Civil War

    16. Lincoln and Liberty (1860) - campaign song

    17. Dixie's Land (or Dixie) - words and music: Daniel D. Emmett

    18. Go Down, Moses (ca. 1861) - Negro spiritual

    19. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (1862) - words: Julia Ward Howe/
    tune: Glory, Hallelujah

    20. We Are Coming Father Abraam, 300,000 More (1863) -
    music: Stephen Foster

    21. Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian (1865) - music: George F. Root
    (Funeral song for President Abraham Lincoln)

    V. Official U.S. Centennial Cantata

    22. Centennial Meditation Of Columbia (1876) - words: Sidney Lanier/
    music: Dudley Buck


    V. The 1890s

    23. Waltz (1894) - music: Charles Ives

    24. We Gather Together (also known as: Prayer of Thanksgiving) -
    Dutch melody, arranged by Eduard Kremser, 1877
    translated by Theodore Baker, 1894

  • We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing;
    He chastens and hastens His will to make known;
    The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing;
    Sing praises to His Name; He forgets not His own.

  • Beside us to guide us, our God with us joining,
    Ordaining, maintaining His kingdom divine;
    So from the beginning the fight we were winning;
    Thou, Lord, were at our side, all glory be Thine!

  • We all do extol Thee, Thou Leader triumphant,
    And pray that Thou still our Defender will be;
    Let Thy congregation escape tribulation;
    Thy Name be ever praised! O Lord, make us free!


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American Composers featured in the

American Music Recordings Collection (AMRC)

for teaching or research



18th century

"Majesty" - Best of William Billings
(AMRC 0001)

20 Tracks (Total Time = 70:45)

Music by America's first important American composer of choral music, including these tunes: CHESTER, CLAREMONT, DAVID'S LAMENTATION, STOUGHTON, MAJESTY. Also, larger works like these: MODERN MUSIC, THANKSGIVING ANTHEM, ANTHEM FROM SUNDRY SOURCES, EUROCLYDON (Anthem For Mariners), and CHARITY.



"Make A Joyful Noise" - The New England Harmony
(AMRC 0004)

Music by six composers from early new England termed "The First New England School": Supply Belcher, William Billings, Jacob French, Oliver Holden, Jeremiah Ingalls, Daniel Read.



19th century

"Praise Ye The Lord" - Music by Oliver Shaw, Lowell Mason, Dudley Buck
, Edwin A. Jones, George W. Chadwick, Charles E. Ives
(AMRC 0002)

Music by six New England composers from the 19th centuriy with rareely heard music, including the 1872 Peace Jubilee hymn and the official U.S. Centennial Cantata by Dudley Buck; a Dartmouth College glee club chorus by Edwin Arthur Jones; an Easter Carol by Charles Ives; and a rousing World War I era patriotic chorus finale by George Whitefield Chadwick. Most of these pieces are World Premiere Recordings.


20th century

Memorial Music for Charles T. Griffes, Samuel Barber,
Randall Thompson (AMRC 0003)

A Conversation with Aaron Copland
(AMRC 0005)

The conversation with composer Aaron Copland took place at his home in Cortlandt, New York on 21 July 1980.The interviewer was composer and musicologist, Roger Hall.


A Conversation with Virgil Thomson
(AMRC 0006)

This interview with composer Virgil Thomson took place at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland on 18 April 1979.The interviewer was composer and musicologist, Roger Hall.





























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