"Lincoln and Liberty"


"Lincoln and Liberty" - Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era

Lincoln and Liberty - Music Program

"Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian" - Funeral Song for President Lincoln

"Glory, Hallelujah" - Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era

Music From The Eras of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

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New revised edition in 2016!

It is not generally known that Abraham Lincoln was a devoted music lover throughout his life and someone who enjoyed all kinds of music, including rousing minstrel songs, sentimental ballads, patriotic tunes, and Grand Opera.

First published in 2009 for the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, and titled, "Lincoln and Liberty" - Music From Abraham Lincoln's Life, this was written and compiled by musicologist, Roger Lee Hall.

It has been expanded for this new edition with additional sheet music (55 titles), including a new recording of the poignant funeral song sung at Abraham Lincoln's funeral in 1865: "Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian."

The Listener's Guide is included on the CD-ROM playable on any computer with Micosoft Word.

Accompanying the Listener's Guide is a specially prepared music album with 25 songs and hymns from the American Music Recordings Archive.

Sample quote from the Listener's Guide:

Black men assembled in "rejoicing meetings" all over the land on the last night of December 1862, waiting for the stroke of midnight to bring freedom to those states in the secessionist states. At the contaband camp [for runaway slaves] in Washington., D.C., the assembled blacks sang over and over again: "Go down, Moses...Let my people go."




The "Lincoln and Liberty" music album listed below
is included on the CD-ROM and contains 8 Premiere Recordings!


Click links to listen to
a few samples:

No. 14: "Go Down, Moses"

No. 16:John Brown" &
"Battle Hymn of the Republic"

© 20016,
American Music Recordings Collection


I. The Early Years

1. +The Star Spangled Banner -- words by Francis Scott key, 1814
(19th century version)

2. Hail! Columbia -- words by Joseph Hopkinson/
music: The President's March by Philip Phile
(patriotic song first sung when John Adams was U.S. President in 1798)


II. Lincoln in New Salem

3. Home! Sweet Home -- words: John Howard Payne/
music: Henry R. Bishop, 1823

III. Lincoln: The Lawyer and Legislator

4. Emancipation Song: Get Off The Track --words: Jesse Hutchinson, 1844/
tune: Old Dan Tucker by Daniel D. Emmett

5. Gentle Annie -- words and music by Stephen C. Foster, 1856


IV. Lincoln: The 16th U.S. President and Stephen Foster Hymns


[Portrait of Stephen C. Foster]

6. Lincoln and Liberty --
words: attrib. to William H. Burleigh/ tune: Rosin the Bow
(Lincoln's Campaign Song, 1860)

Hymn: +The Pure, The Bright, The Beautiful --
music by Stephen C. Foster, 1863

8. Hymn: +Over The River -- words: H.C./
music: Stephen C. Foster,1863

9. Hymn: +What Shall The Harvest Be? -- words: Emily Sullivan Oakey/ music: Stephen C. Foster, 1863

10. Hymn: +Choral Harp -- words: William R. Wallace/ music: Stephen C. Foster

11. Hymn: +Give Us This Day -- words & music by Stephen C. Foster, 1863

V. The Civil War Decade

12. Dixie's Land (Dixie) --
Daniel Decatur Emmett, 1859

13. The Bonnie Blue Flag -- words: Harry McCarthy, 1861/
music: The Irish Jaunting Car

14. Go Down, Moses -- Afro-American spiritual
(sung when the Emancipation Proclamation was announced)

15. +A Prayer For The Captive -- Shaker pacifist hymn by Cecilia DeVere
(sung by the Shakers on the day of Lincoln's funeral)

+John Brown (aka: John Brown's Body, 1861) and
Battle Hymn of the Republic -- words by Julia Ward Howe, 1862
(from Father Kemp's Old Folks Concert Tunes)

17. Cumberland Gap, 1862

18. We Are Coming, Father Abraam -- Stephen C. Foster, 1862

19. Lorena -- words: Rev. H.D.L. Webster/ music: J.P. Webster, 1857

20. All Quiet Along the Potomac -- words: Mrs. Ethel L. Beers/
music: W.H. Goodwin, 1861

21. When Johnny Comes Marching Home -- Patrick S. Gilmore, 1863

22. Weeping, Sad and Lonely (When This Cruel Is Over) --
words: Charles Carroll Sawyer/ music: Henry Tucker, 1862

23. +Funeral March for Abraham Lincoln
music by Mrs. E.A. Parkhurst, 1865

24. Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian
words: L.M. Dawn/ music: George F. Root, 1865
(sung at Lincoln's funeral in Chicago and Springfield, Illinois)

+ = Premiere Recording

Performers on this album include --
The Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus; The Plymouth Church Choir; The Sky Pilot Gospel Choir; The Union Confederacy; Margaret Ulmer, piano, with Eric Sosman, bass-baritone.









"Lincoln and Liberty" - Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era
by Roger Lee Hall
(PineTree Press, revised edition, 2015)

To receive your copy of the informative multi-media CD-ROM,
with Listener's Guide, album with over an hour of music,
Civil War sheet music gallery, a Lincoln portrait gallery,
all playable on computer, the cost is just $19.95 (U.S.A. only),
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Music Program


As part of the Living History Series, on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at the Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation Museumin Granville, Massachusetts, Liz Smith introduced Roger Lee Hall, a singer and music preservationist and author of the book,
Lincoln and Liberty: Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era

Mr. Hall presented an illustrated music program with singing, focused on music from Abraham Lincoln’s years as the U.S. President and featured some well known songs from the Civil War era.

There was also a display of Mr. Hall's CDs, DVDs and books...   


Illustrated Music Program

Would you like to schedule a PowerPoint music program for your organization
about the music of Abraham Lincoln's time during the Civil War years?
The illustrated lecture includes song favorites of Lincoln
with recorded music examples and live singing with the audience of familiar songs.

Write Mr. Hall for more details and his fee to:

"Lincoln and Liberty"





"Glory, Hallelujah": Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era



Read about this funeral Song for Abraham Lincoln,

Click here







Also available...



A multi-media DVD-R
with sheet music, music examples and two video programs
Music From The Eras of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Read more at this link:

Music From Washington and Lincoln Eras


Combo Special!

To receive both the above titles on a multimedia DVD-R with
both"A Toast - Music from George Washington's Time" and "Lincoln and Liberty"
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