The Old Stoughton Musical Society's
Second Fall Music Festival

"Musick in Old Boston"

Old West Church,
Boston, Massachusetts
November 22-23, 1980



The Old Stoughton Musical Society (OSMS), organized in 1786, is the oldest choral society in the United States of America.

Their Second Fall Music Festival, organized by OSMS Historian Roger Hall, featured a series of lectures and concerts held as one of the special events for Jubilee 350 -- celebrating the 350th anniversary of the City of Boston.
It also included several premiere concert performances.

These are the lectures and concerts --


Saturday, November 22


"Old Stoughton in Old Boston" - Roger L. Hall, Musicologist and
Old Stoughton Musical Society Historian

"Colonial Opera in Boston" - David P. McKay, Musicologist
with Guest Singers

"George W. Chadwick and the Choral Festivals" - Steven Ledbetter,
Director of Publications, Boston Symphony Orchestra

"Organs and Organists in Old Boston" - Barbara Owen, Organist and Musicologist

"Violin Making in the Boston Area" - Douglas W. Anderson,
Violinist and Conductor

Evening Concert:

"Music of the Baroque Era" -
Music by J.S. Bach, Corelli, Dall'Abaco, Handel, Telemann
Easton Chamber Orchestra, Richard W. Hill, organist; Douglas W. Anderson, conductor



Sunday, November 23


194th Annual Concert of The Old Stoughton Musical Society

"Musick in Old Boston"
(Celebrating the 350th Anniversary
of the City of Boston, Massachusetts)

Concert Program:

1. *The Star-Spangled Banner - 1860 version published in Boston

Music by Edwin Arthur Jones (1853-1911):
2.*Prelude and Fugue in G minor (1878)-Richard W. Hill, organist

Music by William Billings (1746-1800):
3. *Chester (1778/1786)
4. *Boston (1778)
5. *David's Lamentation (1778)
6. *Majesty (1778)
7. Thanksgiving Anthem: O Praise the Lord of Heaven (1794)

Music by William Selby (1738-1798):
8. *Voluntary in A Major
9. A Lesson (Allegro-Andante-Jig)
10. A Fuge or Voluntary - Barbara Owen, guest organist
11. *Verse Anthem: Behold He Is My Salvation (1783)-ed. Daniel Pinkham

Music by Haydn and Handel:
12. Franz Joseph Haydn: Recitative and Aria from THE CREATION
13. George Frideric Handel: "Let The Bright Seraphim" from SAMSON
Patricia Crooker, soloist
Richard W. Hill, organist

Organ Music by Three New England Composers:
14. Dudley Buck: Chorale - "Old Hundreth"
15. Dudley Buck: Grand Sonata in Eb (Scherzo)
16. George Whitefield Chadwick: Canon in Eb
17. Horatio Parker: Fugue, Op. 36, No. 3
Barbara Owen, guest organist

Music from 19th Boston:
18. *John Brown and Battle Hymn of the Republic (1861-62) -
original versions
19. +Temperance Hymn: Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (1870s)
20. *Angel of Peace (written for National Peace Jubilee in Boston, 1869)
21. *Organ Prelude: The Star by George W. Chadwick: The Star
22. *Chorale from NOEL by George W. Chadwick (1909)
23. *Patriotic Hymn: Land of Our Hearts (George W. Chadwick, 1918)
24. *Fuging Tune: Old Stoughton (Edwin A. Jones, 1886)
25. *Commemorative Chorus: Festival Hymn (written for the
World's Peace Jubilee in Boston in 1872 by Dudley Buck)

Music in 20th Century Boston:
26. *O Boston! - first performance of Jubilee 350 song performed as the concert finale, with words by Pilgrim Gov. William Bradford (1590-1657)
tune: "Old Hundredth" -
arranged by Roger Hall
27. +Song of the Old Folks (tune: Auld Lang Syne)


+ = First Boston Performance

* = Included on the AMRC CD 0031 - to order: click here

Concert held at historic Old West Church in Boston
Old Stoughton Musical Society Soloists and Chorus,
Richard W. Hill, organist
Roger L. Hall, conductor



Music From 19th century Boston

"Angel of Peace" - The Boston Peace Jubilees





Music Publications and CDs

Read about the Father of American Choral Music,
William Billings (1746-1800)

MAJESTY: A discussion of FACTS and FICTION about William Billings and The STOUGHTON MUSICAL SOCIETY


PART ONE: William Billings - His Life and Music
1. Family Tree
2. Parents
3. Wife and Children
4. Occupations
5. Revolutionary Patriot
6. Singing Master and Composer

PART TWO: William Billings and Old Stoughton
7. The Singing School
8. The Stoughton Musical Society
9. First Tunebook
10. Second Tunebook
11. Chicago World's Exposition Concerts
12. Billings Tunes in Stoughton Concerts (1876-1986)



THE PLEASURES OF VARIETY (Text: William Billings/
Music: Roger Hall)
COME LET US SING (Text: William Billings/ Music: Roger Hall)
MAJESTY (music by William Billings, 1778)
STOUGHTON (music by William Billings, 1770, Edited by Roger Hall)

Music Activities in Stoughton (1980-1999)




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Music in Stoughton: A Brief Survey

This pamphlet covers the years from the first recorded singing meetings in 1762 to the Bicentennial of the Old Stoughton Musical Society's Constitution in 1987. It also includes other major music events such as: Oldest choral society in America organized (1786); Second musical society organized (1802); First oratorio by a local composer (1887); Only musical group representing early American music at World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893); George Washington Bicentennial Concert (1932), and Old Stoughton Musical Society Bicentennial (1986).

At the back of the pamphlet are lists of Most Performed American Tunes (1879-1979) and Most Performed American Composers (1976-1986).

Also included is a new song, "Peace," composed by Roger Hall in 1981 for the Centennial of Stoughton Town Hall. This song is based on an anti-war poem written by a Stoughton teenage girl in 1814 during the War of 1812.

Some of the pieces on the CD are from the 19th century tunebook used
in concerts by the Old Stoughton Musical Society.


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