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An Early American Music - Top 20


This CD contains a survey of music
including ballads, patriotic songs and more
from the 1760s to 1860s.


The CD tracks were selected by AMRC Album Producer
and Music Preservationist,

Roger Lee Hall

An Early American Music Top 20 -
(AMRC 0039)

CD Track Titles:


1. "The Liberty Song" (words: John Dickinson) - 1768
2. "British Grenadiers/ Free America" - ca. 1770
3. "The Lexington March (Yankee Doodle)" - ca. 1775
4. "Father and I went down to camp (Yankee Doodle)"- 1776
5. "Revolutionary Tea" (ballad)
6. "Chester" (William Billings) - 1778
7. "Song of Thanksgiving" - ca. 1783
8. "Ode to President George Washington" (words: S. Low) - 1789
9. "Coronation" (Oliver Holden) - 1792
10. "Adams and Liberty" (words: Thomas R.T. Paine) - 1798
11. "Yankee Doodle (Rondo) (Benjamin Carr)
12. "My County 'Tis of Thee" (words: S.F. Smith) - 1832
13. "The Erie Canal" (ballad)

14. "Dixie's Land (Dixie - Daniel D. Emmett) - 1859
15. "Go Down Moses" (Spiritual)
16. "Lincoln and Liberty" (ballad) - 1860
17. "John Brown" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic"- 1861-62
18. "We Are Coming, Father Abraam 300,000 More (Stephen Foster)-1863
19. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" (Patrick Gilmore) - 1863
20. "Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian" (words: L.M. Dawn-
music: George F. Root,1865) -- more about this official funeral song for President Abraham Lincoln -click here









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