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Biographical Highlights


For over forty years, Roger Lee Hall has been one of the most productive American music preservationists working to uncover and preserve music from the past.

He has worked in many areas of music as an ethnomusicologist, musicologist, composer, songwriter, educator, film music critic, radio host, cable television producer, and singer.

He was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey in 1942, but spent his youth in the nearby town of Bloomfield and became interested in writing songs. The Bloomfield High School yearbook has him listed as "an amateur songwriter."

After three years of military service in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany, he worked at various jobs while he continued writing songs and studying piano. He received a certificate with honors from Trinity College of Music in London, England for his top score in a Music Theory exam.

In 1968, he attended Rutgers University in Newark, NJ and composed his first compositions: Piano Variations on an original theme (Op. 1, No. 1), Percussion Quartet (Op. 2) and six haiku songs (Op. 3). He studied conducting and music history with the distinguished musicologist, Alfred Mann, piano with Chester Fanning Smith, and composition with Robert Nagel and George Walker (who received a Pulitzer Prize for his music in 1996). Roger graduated in 1970 with a B.A. degree in Music Theory and Composition.

Two years later, in 1972, he was awarded his M.A. degree in Ethnomusicology from Binghamton University. His thesis was on Shaker music notation. He also had several instrumental compositions performed there: Piano Variations on a Shaker marching tune (Op. 1, No. 2) and Tricinium (Op. 6) for flute, oboe and bassoon.

His Ph.D. studies in Musicology took place at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, where his specialty was Shaker music and music from early America. He was also a teaching assistant for a well-known Cleveland disc jockey, Bill Randle, who had introduced Elvis Presley on national television in 1956. Randle invited him to teach his class on the History of American Popular Music in 1974.

Hall moved to Massachusetts in 1977 and during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, he was a frequent radio guest in the Boston area. In 1993, he was hired to host of his own program, "IN THE MOOD," a nightly radio program of popular music from the 1930s to 1950s.

Between 1986 and 1988, he worked as producer and host of two cable television series: "In Concert" and "Now and Then."

After twenty years of teaching, he is now retired and has continued his research and publications.

He has produced many music collections, including the Preserving American Music Series (PAMS). and Shaker Music Preservation Series (SMPS).

Currently, he has the following titles:

  • Director, American Music Recordings Archive (AMRA)
  • Album Producer, American Music Recordings Collection (AMRC)
  • Director, New England Music Archive (NEMA)
  • Director, Society for Earlier American Music (SEAM)
  • Managing Editor, Film Music Review (FMR)


He has written and compiled over 40 books and music collections and has produced numerous CDs and multi-media DVDs on various music subjects, with an emphasis on music from earlier America, such as these topics, each on an informational DVD:

Classical composers --
Fifteen Earlier American Composers: A Survey in Sound, 1770-1920

Film composers and soundtracks --
Music Masters: Fifteen Composers in Hollywood

Music in New England --
"Millennial Praise" - Singing New Englanders:
From The Pilgrims to The Shakers (book, music examples, video)

Shaker folk spirituals --
A Shaker Music Miscellany (10 music collections, music examples)

American popular songs and songwriters --
Songs America Sang (1759-1959)

For a sample list of his publications -- click here.

He taught several courses in music listening and film music at Stonehill Collage in North Easton, Massachusetts. During the 1980s and 1990s, because he felt that music should be appreciated by adults as well as young people, he taught many classes in classical and popular music for the Brookline Adult and Community Education Program (BA&CEP) in Massachusetts, and his classes were equivalent to college-level music courses and were well received by those who enrolled.

Because he has studied in both fields of Ethnomusicology and Musicology, Mr. Hall has a broad knowledge of many kinds of music.

One of his special areas of research has been music of the Shakers, America's oldest surviving communal sect with over 10,000 tunes composed. Mr. Hall has published numerous articles, books and CDs about this distinctive religious society. He has also presented many concerts and lectures on Shaker music.

For nearly twenty years, he has been a film music critic and has reviewed hundreds of CDs and film music books. In 1998, he began producing an e-zine, FILM MUSIC REVIEW, which is still available online and he has been its Managing Editor since the very beginning.

His most extensive project to date is a multi-media DVD with over 200 music examples titled, Preserving Our Musical Past.

In addition, he is an ASCAP composer with over 100 compositions and arrangements to his credit.

Mr. Hall has been a prolific lecturer and has presented over 100 programs on various music topics. For a sample list of his music lectures and workshops -- click here.

In 2015, Mr. Hall began a new campaign known as "Celebrate America's Musical Past (or CAMP). Read more about it -- click here.


These are a sample publications on CDs and DVDs,
were produced by Mr. Hall, and theyare available
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CDs and CD-ROMs:


The Bill Randle Chronicles: From Electric Elvis to The Shakers
(PTM 1044)
-- -- Click here


Celestial Praises - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals
Arrangements by Roger Lee Hall and Conrad Held
(AMRC CD) - Click here


Creator God: Sacred Music
(PineTree Music CD) - Click here


Gentle Peace: A Sampler of Songs and Instrumentals
(PineTree Music CD) -- Click here



A Guide to George Gershwin


It's Magic: A One Hundredth Birthday Celebration of Sammy Cahn
(American Classics CD) -- Click here




Multi-media DVDs (documents, music, video programs):

"DEDICATION" - Singing in Stoughton, 1762-1987 (PTM 1048)

-- Click here


Fifteen Earlier American Composers - A Survey in Sound (PTM 1043)

Volume 1: 1770-1799
Volume 2: 1800-1865
Volume 3: 1866-1920

-- Click here




Music Masters:
Fifteen Film Composers

-- Click here







"Glory, Hallleujah" - Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era
(PTM 1025)
---- Click here




"Lincoln and Liberty" - Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era
(PTM 1009)
---- Click here



"Millennial Praise" - Singing New Englanders:
From The Pilgrims to The Shakers (PTM 1027)

300 years of songs and choral music sung by New Englanders
-- Click here




"SIMPLE GIFTS": Great American Folk Song (PTM 1035)
the evolution of the best known Shaker song from 1848 to the present day, arrangements by Judy Collins, Aaron Copland, John Williams and others
-- Click here

"The Star-Spangled Banner" -
Early Songs of Protest and Patriotism
(PTM 1032)

For the bicentennial of the American National Anthem,
this collection contains songs from before the American Revolution to the War of 1812 and a video, "Old Stoughton and
The Grand Constitution" about the U.S. Constitution and Stoughton Musical Society Constitution, both written in 1787
-- Click here


Who's Who Biographical Listings


Because of his considerable accomplishments in so many areas of music, Roger Lee Hall has been listed in two highly esteemed reference volumes:

Who's Who in America

Who's Who in the World

Both of these volumes are produced by the best known publisher of these directories, Marquis Who's Who®

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PineTree Music

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Additional Biographical Information


Read about the second largest private residence in the USA,
and the songwriter who began his singing career there--

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Early Music Memories


Vol. 1: "You Are My Sunshine"
Memories of Bloomfield, NJ




Vol. 2: "Free As The Breeze"
A Songwriter's Songs and Sorrows





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