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For the 40th anniversary of his early Shaker music research in 1972, Roger Lee Hall, has prepared this Deluxe DVD-ROM playable on your computer with Microsoft Word and Mp3 music files.

This multi-media collection covers his research and publications over many years from his first research in 1972 up to the present day. His research covers over two centuries of Shaker music from the 1780s to the 1990s.

Included are many Shaker spirituals which he has discovered and edited for performance, such as these songs: "Blended Together" and "Gentle Words"; and these hymns: "Celestial Praises" and "The Humble Heart."

He also has written about important Shaker composers, such as Elder Issachar Bates ("Come Life, Shaker Life"), and Elder Joseph Brackett ("Simple Gifts").

This collection is essential for any music library or Shaker museum, and for researchers dealing with religious or folk music material, plus those writing a scholarly paper, article, book, planning a concert, or producing a recording.

It contains a massive amount of information with over 400 files and over 150 music examples. Included are: sheet music of Shaker songs and hymns, many pictures in image galleries, 3 video programs, plus two bonus features with an audio album of Shaker music arrangements and video of a rare black & white television program from 1966.

This is the cover of one book on this DVD:


The following books and usic collections are on this DVD, all of them with Shaker song or hymn titles:



A Shaker Music Miscellany
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