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"May We Ever Be United"

Music of the North Union, Ohio Shakers

by Roger Lee Hall


And birds forever sing
Where all is joy in life and love,
In one eternal Spring.

--"Spring Song" by Watson Andrews, 1860



"May We Ever Be United"
Music of the North Union, Ohio Shakers
(Revised edition, 2016)




This music collection was first published in 2012 as a book. It is now available in an expanded edition, compiled and edited by Shaker music scholar,
Roger Lee Hall.

It includes a representative sampling of 15 tunes from the Shaker community at North Union. The material was compiled after many years of research and includes source identifications and the most complete information about composers and music from this northern Ohio Shaker community (today known as Shaker Heights).

Also featured are an extensive timeline of North Union Shaker history, a checklist of all known Shaker tunes from North Union, illustrations of original Shaker tunes, a description of Alma McGill's manuscript music book, plus a bibliography and a list of recordings.

North Union Shaker Spirituals included in this collection:

1. Song: May We Ever Be United - Philander Curtis Cramer, 1835

May we ever be united
With this little happy band,

Who are trav’ling onto Zion
All united heart and hand.
Bearing one another's burdens
Mutual condexention reigns;
While we move in heavenly order
On Mount Zion's blissful plains.   

2. Song: Little Children Be Awake - Samuel Russell, 1845

3. Song: The Bending Work - James Mott, 1847

Christmas Hymn: Behold Our Saviour Has Come -
Elmina Phillips, ca. 1869

5. Anthem: Praise to the Lord - words: Jeremiah Ingalls Jr./
music: Sewel G. Thayer, 1847

6. Anthem: My Faithful Lovely Children - John Root, Rachel Russell,
Jeremiah Ingalls, Jr., Permelia Torrey, 1847

. Hymn: Home in Zion - Sophia Hoffmann, 1849

8. Song: Join Together Heart and Hand, 1853

9. Song: With My Arm of Love and Blessing - Rhoda Watson, 1855

10. Song: My Well Beloved Children - James Sullivan Prescott, 1856

11. Funeral Hymn: Dear Friends Gather Near - Melinda Torrey, 1858
(For Elder Jeremiah Ingalls Jr.)

12. Marching Song: O May the Gospel Trumpet, 1860

13. Spring Song: There's Life in Every Lovely Flower -
Watson Andrews,1860

14. Round Dance Song: More Fire - George Washington Ingalls, 1862

15. March Song: O Ye Children of Zion, 1862


Bonus Features:

Sheet music collection: A Western Shaker Music Sampler

Audio examples of music from North Union.




"May We Ever Be United" -
Music of the North Union, Ohio Shakers

Compiled and Edited by Roger Lee Hall

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