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This section features resource information about some of the earliest vocal music written or performed in the United States of America.

It includes information about the oldest choral society in the U.S. and the best known Shaker song from the oldest continuing relgious communal society in the U.S. Both were organized in the 1780s.

Music from early New England has been neglected for far too long and deserves to be heard once again.

All the items listed below were researched and written by Roger Lee Hall, Director of the New England Music Archive.





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New England Music Series


1. CD-ROM: “Angel of Peace” – The Boston Peace Jubilees


2. DVD-ROM: “How Beautiful Upon The Mountains” – Music by E.A. Jones



3. DVD-ROM: "Millennial Praise" - Singing New Englanders:
From The Pilgrims to The Shakers




4. CD: Music by Five New England Composers:
Oliver Shaw, Dudley Buck, Edwin A. Jones, Charles E. Ives, George W. Chadwick



5. CD: "The Young Convert" - The New England Harmony:
Supply Belcher, William Billings, Jacob French, Daniel Read,
Jeremiah Ingalls, Oliver Holden, Timothy Swan



6. DVD-ROM: A New England Music Miscellany



7. DVD-ROM: “Old Stoughton”– Singing Meetings and Concerts, 1762-1962



8. DVD-ROM: "Peace" - Music From Stoughton (1787-1990)



9. DVD-ROM: Preserving Our Musical Past



10. DVD: "Simple Gifts": Great American Folk Song






New England Song Series

No. 1: "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "John Brown"



No. 2: "GOIN' HOME" - From Bohemia to Boston


No. 3: "One Horse Open Sleigh" -
The Story of "Jingle Bells"


No. 4: "Simple Gifts":
Elder Joseph Brackett's Shaker Song


No. 5: "Father and I Went Down to Camp" -
The Boston Yankee Doodle Ballad


No. 6: "Song of the Old Folks"
Father Kemp and Auld Lang Syne



New England Music in Concerts

"Musick in Old Boston" Festival


"A Dedication Concert"



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