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Let's Celebrate American Music From The Past!

Are you a musician, composer, songwriter, musicologist, teacher, student, historian, music collector, or a listener interested in music from America's past?

Then consider joining this new support group known as the

Society for Earlier American Music (or SEAM)

The word "earlier" doesn't
mean exclusively from the distant past.  

The emphasis is on the early music from the 18th and 19th centuries, but also many worthwhile
music from the 20th century which needs to be preserved and promoted. The years covered are from 1759 to 1959.

Just like the pieces of material in a patchwork quilt sewn together (thus the abbreviation "SEAM"), this Society seeks to preserve music from America's past by stitching together musical threads of all kinds, waiting to be discovered and performed again.  

It's a sad fact that much of America's earlier classical, folk and popular music is not performed enough and needs more promotion.

It is hoped that SEAM can help resolve that neglect.

The ultimate goal is preservation of earlier American music through concerts, online events, publications and recordings.

Any SEAM member may send in their announcements, comments or questions, subject to approval, to:

SEAM Bulletin Board



Publication Announcements



June 2017


From the Bulletin of the Society for American Music (Vol. XLIII, No. 2):

"For over four decades, Roger Lee Hall, currently Director of the Center for American Music Preservation, has been researching, performing, and recording the music from two of the oldest choral traditions in the United States. The Stoughton Musical Society was organized in 1786, and is now the oldest choral society. This society has a long history of performing American choral music. The United Society of Shakers is the oldest religious communal society, organized in 1787. During their history, the Shakers composed over 10,000 tunes, mainly during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Both traditions are featured on a new multimedia DVD-ROM. “Give Us This Day”–Two Historic American Choral Traditions (PineTree Multimedia, 2017) contains over 500 files and 100 audio examples including interviews with Shaker sisters and many music examples. Information about this DVD-ROM is available here."



See the latest AMRC CD releases of historical music,
including "Five American Women Composers"
(AMRC 0040) -- click here





February 2017


An Early American Music Top 20





August 2016

A Western Shaker Music Sampler
(40th Anniversary Edition)







May 2016


"The Humble Heart" - A Forty Year Survey of Shaker Music




April 2016

Five new releases
co-produced with American Music Recordings Collection(AMRC):

AMRC 0027: A Dedication Concert (1981)


AMRC 0029: Song of Our Saviour, Op. 16 (1881)
Cantata by Edwin Arthur Jones for Soloists, Chorus, Organ and Orchestra



AMRC 0030: Easter Concert, Op. 28 (1890) -
An Oratorio by Edwin Arhtur Jones











AMRC 0031: "Old Hundred" - Pilgrims, Puritans and Pirates


AMRC 0032: "The Liberty Song" - From the American Revolution to World War I



January 2016

Read more about this CD-ROM with articles, picture gallery,
music album, video clip

Click here



November 2015

American Song History Survey 200

List of representative American songs
covering 200 years

Click here





May 2015



"Give Good Gifts"
Shaker Music in the 20th Century

by Roger Lee Hall





April 2015

Singing in Stoughton, 1762-1987
by Roger Lee Hall




March 2015



Earlier American Vocval Composers -
A Survey in Sound




February 2015


Music From the Eras of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln




August 2014

"Millennial Praise"
Singing New Englanders:
From The Pilgrims to The Shakers




June 2014


"The Star-Spangled Banner"
Early Songs of Protest and Patriotism





March 2014


A multi-media DVD with the complete 120 page book,
plus image gallery,
music examples, and video clips

"Simple Gifts": Great American Folk Song


November 2013

CD: "Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals



October 2013

For the centennial birthday of this celebrated lyricist (1913-1993)

CD: It's Magic - A One Hundredth Birthday Celebration of Sammy Cahn






December 2012

There are two CDs available with Christmas carols, songs and hymns from Colonial America to the present day and titled,

Christmas Music in America


Christmas Music From New England


A tuneful welcome to new SEAM member, Mark Newberry (Creative Consultant) from the UK.

Mark is a member of the Performing Right Society (GB) and the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, as well as the European Country Music Association. He is especially interested in vintage American popular songs and sent this list of a few song favorites:

"Where Or When" - Sinatra has a marvelous version that never made it on to his better known 1950s LPs but featured later in "The Rare Sinatra."

"The Way You Look Tonight"
- another great tune with Dorothy Fields on top form to match.

"Time After Time" - a personal "signature tune" that a piano player I knew used to play every time I visited my local pub bar.

"Here's That Rainy Day" - like "Time After Time", it used to get played

for me.

"Hurt" - the Johnny Cash version...the elder statesman of Americana still on top form in his final years.

"Give My Love To Rose" by the same great singer/songwriter/storyteller.

Mark has also written the lyrics to "Christmas Snow," which has been receiving airplay online at this link:




November 2012


"Angel of Peace"
The Boston Peace Jubilees





July 2012

Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era

(AMRC 0015)



June 2011

Now available is a Deluxe DVD-R with 8 books and musical collections and over 200 music tracks.

Read more at:

Preserving Our Musical Past (POMP)


January 2011

A new commemorative DVD with documents, two audio albums and a video about the life and music of a Stoughton composer is now available at this link:

New England Composer Series: Edwin Arthur Jones (1853-1911)

September 2010

Roger Lee Hall, SEAM Director:

I would like to welcome SEAM members to this new Bulletin Board and I hope that it will grow as the membership increases.

This first listing will highlight information about a few new SEAM members.

David Harris (Creative Consultant):

He is a choral conductor and composer with a special interest in American music from the past. He is Music Director of the Columbia University Glee Club and other ensembles and is looking for ideas about possible Victorian era choral music by American composers.

Steven Young (Educational Advisor):

Dr. Young is Director of Choral Activities at Bridgewater State University and an organist who has a new CD available of organ music recorded at the famous Methuen Memorial Music Hall. The CD is titled, Henry Morton Dunham: A Boston Classic.

Read more about it at: CD Universe

       My days have been so wondrous free      [manuscript]

Essential American Recordings

2009 marked the the 250th anniversary of the FIRST SONG WRITTEN BY AN AMERICAN. To honor this anniversary, a survey of recommended recordings has been compiled listing essential American music.

The recordings include a cross section of music, including 18th century psalm tunes, 19th century patriotic songs; 20th century classical, jazz, stage & screen, and popular songs.

To read this survey, go to:

Essential American Recordings Survey



American Music Preservation

Recordings and Surveys


A Guide to Film Music (6th edition)

100 Essential Film Scores of the 20th Century

100 Essential American Songs of the 20th Century

American Music Series on CDs and DVDs

American Music Recordings Collection

American Music Timeline, 1640-1890

National Carry A Tune Week

Shaker Music Archive (sheet music and CDs)

Singing Stoughton -- Oldest Choral Society in the USA

A Survey of American Song









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