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New multi-media edition of a popular reference book


"Invitation to Zion" -
A Shaker Music Guide




The music of the Shakers contains some of the most beautiful and meaningful messages from America's past. Their music was composed by both women (Sisters) and men (Brethren) from the 18th to 20th centuries.

Shaker music has become increasingly popular over the years and performed and recorded, especially their best known song, "Simple Gifts" (Tis the gift to be simple). To read more abou that song -- click here

To provide a resource for further study, a book was published in six editions between 1996 and 2006, and all of them have been SOLD OUT.

Now the 6th edition of A GUIDE TO SHAKER MUSIC, published by PineTree Press, has been reprinted in a folder on a multi-media computer disc. The guide was compiled and annotated by Roger Lee Hall, a respected Shaker music scholar and singer who has researched this music for over 40 years. To read about his extensive research and publications -- click here

The music guide has been expanded to include several new additions.

One new addition to the book is a section of "Discoveries," with songs and hymns by both Shaker brethren and sisters, including the first complete Shaker song with words and music,"Father Jame's Song," and the last Shaker song composed at Canterbury, New Hampshire,"My Shaker Home," composed in 1959 by Sister Lillian Phelps.

Here is one of those "discoveries":

Music manuscript (courtesy: American Antiquarian Society):

Performing edition by Roger Hall (courtesy: Sampler Records Ltd.):


Also new to the book is a series titled, "For The Record," written by Roger Hall, and published in past issues of the magazine, The Shaker Messenger. These are the titles:

No. 1: "Lord of the Dance" and "Simple Gifts"
Volume 10/No. 1 (Fall, 1987)

No. 2: "Run, Shaker Life" and "Come Life, Shaker Life"
Volume 10/ Number 3 (Spring 1988)

No. 3: "The President's March" and "Rights of Conscience"
Volume 11, Number 4 (Summer 1989)

No. 4: "Animation" and "While We're Marching"
Volume 14/ Number 3 (1992)


At the end of the book is a extended supplement about the life and music of one of the most important early Shaker tunesmiths, Issachar Bates (1758-1837), whose best known song is "Come Life, Shaker life."

Included on the disc is a folder with pictures from Shaker communities at Canterbury, New Hampshire and Sabbathday Lake, Maine, plus images of Shaker sheet music.

There are also bonus features of an audio album of Shaker music arrangements and several concert videos of Shaker music arranged by Roger Lee Hall.

The disc title, "Invitation to Zion," is a lively hymn by David Austin Buckingham (1803-1885) from the Shaker community at Watervliet, New York. The first verse reads:

Come and welcome all ye people,
High and low, the rich and poor,
Enter ye the Holy City.
While there is an open door;
Come ye lame, ye blind, and naked,
Ye who thirst and hunger too,
Come, O come and be filled,
Now the offer is to you.




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A Shaker Music Guide
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New music broadside with the
last song composed at Canterbury Shaker Village in 1959.
See the list of the Shaker music broadsides -- click here







Shaker Music CD Series


No. 4: " Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals

25 premiere recordings of original Shaker tunes
and arrangements by Roger Lee Hall and Conrad Held.
This CD features soloists,
instrumentalists (piano, recorder, violins)
and The Canterbury Singers,
all under the direction of Kathryn Southworth

You can order a download of the music arrangements by
Roger Lee Hall at CD Baby --
click here


No. 3: "The Humble Heart" (SOLD OUT)




No. 2: "Gentle Words" - A Shaker Music Sampler



No. 1: "Blended Together" - Interviews with The Shakers




Other DVDs with Shaker Music


"Simple Gifts": Great American Folk Song




"Give Good Gifts"
Shaker music in the 20th century





"The Humble Heart"
A Forty year Survey of Shaker Music








The Shakers and Their Music on Television

Several television programs,
including interviews with Sister R. Mildred Barker
and music and dance by the Shaker Village Work Camp singers
at Hancock Shaker Village in 1966, and a television story about
the Sabbathday Lake Shakers in 1986
with the singing of several Shaker songs
are included on this deluxe multi-media DVD.
Click on this link:

A Shaker Music Miscellany







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