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The Bill Randle Chronicles -
From Electric Elvis To The Shakers

by Roger Lee Hall

PineTree Press, 2015

Rare picture of Cleveland disc jockey, Bill Randle,
introducing Elvis Presley in Cleveland in 1955

© PineTree Productions, 2005



This new unique multi-media collection is unlike print books since it contains the original source material in 15 separate folders, and includes over 200 pages of information from newspaper stories, magazines, books and online sites, including "Elvis On Record" a site formerly run by the author.

2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the famous movie short featuring Elvis Presley, Bill Haley and The Comets, Pat Boone, The Four Lads, and Patricia Wright. This collection has information on that film and especially Elvis in Cleveland in 1955 and the promotion of him by Bill Randle.

This new publication is only available on a CD-ROM only by donation from this website and is readable on any computer and has articles, pictures, audio albums, and a video clip of the Elvis TV debut in 1956.

The author of the CD-ROM, Roger Lee Hall, is a music preservationist and a former disc jockey who had an evening radio program, "IN THE MOOD," playing music of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. In 1993, he did a short memorial tribute to Elvis Presley on his radio program which is included on the CD-ROM.

Twenty years earlier, he was a grad student and teaching assistant for Bill Randle at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and he has included his remembrances of speaking with Randle about his early promotion of Elvis Presley and the famous movie short which is still unreleased:

The Pied Piper of Cleveland:
A Day in the Life of a Famous Disc Jockey



Information about this movie short and other information are all available on the CD-ROM, including rare and fascinating material such as an early aircheck from Bill Randle's radio show in 1955, audio interviews with Bill Randle about Elvis, and several informative articles with information not available elsewhere.

Disc jockey Bill Randle was also a record producer.

Included on the CD-ROM are files about blues legend, Big Bill Broonzy, who Randle produced an LP album for, and also an NPR tribute to Broonzy.


The most ambitious production by Bill Randle was his 10 LP album box set, The Shaker Heritage (1961), with the cover art by Tom Wilson of Ziggy comic strip fame. The music portion of that box set has been reissued on a 2 CD set with 72 page illustrated booklet written by Roger Hall. The CD set is titled,
Let Zion Move: Music of the Shakers
(Rounder Records, 1999) --


Several Shaker songs from 1961 are included on the CD-ROM, also a song from 1961, "Dream World," written by songwriter, Roger Lee Hall, as an homage to Elvis Presley.

The Bill Randle Chronicles CD-ROM contains these folders:

  • Article: The Legacy of Bill Randle, Record Promoter & Producer
  • Article: The Promotion of Electric Elvis
  • Article: When Elvis Rocked Cleveland
  • Audio: Bill Randle and Electric Elvis
  • Audio: Bill Randle Remembered
  • Audio: Bill Randle TV Show (1956)
  • File 1: Cleveland's Top D.J.
  • File 2: The Pied Piper Of Cleveland (1955 movie short)
  • File 3: Electric Elvis (1955-56)
  • File 4: Big Bill Broonzy LP - Bill Randle, Record Producer
  • File 5: The Shaker Heritage - From LP to CD
  • File 6: Bill Randle Memorial Tributes (2004)
  • File 7: Picture Gallery
  • File 8: Contents and Credits
  • Video: Elvis Presley National TV Debut (1956)




The Bill Randle Chronicles (PTM 1044)
a CD-ROM for computer, with articles, music albums, pictures and video clip
This CD-ROM is available for $19.95.

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Also available separately is this CD-ROM title:

"Shake, Rattle and Roll" -
Electric Elvis and Bill Randle

(PTM 1010)
with articles - including "The Truth Behind Love Me Tender,"also a picture gallery and music examples

This CD-ROM is for educational,
non-commercial use
and to help support this educational website.

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Information about the producer of both the above CD-ROM titles:

Roger Lee Hall



Also available is this
CD-ROM collection ...

"Dream World"
Songs, Poems and Stories


Roger Lee Hall has written about his admiration of the early Elvis recordings and how they inspired his early songwriting career.

This collection provides the story of a hard-working songwriter and includes over 100 pictures and rare audio files, including some of Roger's early songs.

One of Roger's first songs was "Dream World." It was written to pay homage to an Elvis hit record from 1960.
That song and other lyrics plus a selection of Roger's poems and personal stories are included on this CD-ROM.


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