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"Shake, Rattle and Roll"

Electric Elvis and Bill Randle

Rare picture of Cleveland disc jockey, Bill Randle,
introducing Elvis Presley in Cleveland in 1955

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In 2010 for commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley, author Roger Lee Hall's article about the early years of Elvis Presley was made available online.

That same year, the article was re-issued on a multimedia CD-ROM with 75 files in 10 folders including 30 audio files of music and commentary.

The files include the detailed article,"The Truth Behind Love Me Tender", also an interview with Alanna Nash, the author of the books on Col. Tom Parker and Elvis Presley.

Roger Lee Hall is a songwriter and former disc jockey with a radio show focusing on music of the 1930s, '40s and '50s. He is also Director of the American Music Recordings Archive, and formerly assisted popular Cleveland disc jockey and promoter, Bill Randle. Hall also taught Randle's class on American Popular Music in Cleveland.

In his story Hall writes about both the performer (Electric Elvis) and the promoter (Bill Randle).

From the first time Hall watched him on national television in 1956, he became a fan of the music of Elvis Presley.

Hall formerly wrote for an online site,"EOR - Elvis On Record," as well as several other online sites, including Elvis Gold in Holland.


Using the term "Electric Elvis" is appropriate for several reasons.

First, Elvis had an early job in Memphis driving a truck for the Crown Electric Company.

But what is far more important to his music career, Elvis was an "electric" performer, especially when he first appeared on stage in 1954 and later on national television in 1956 and later.

Even before his national television debut on "Stage Show" in January of 1956, Elvis had appeared in Cleveland in 1955 (the first time outside of the South) where he was filmed for the still unreleased movie short about Bill Randle titled,

The Pied Piper of Cleveland:
A Day in the Life of a Famous Disc Jockey

Information about this movie short and other information are all available on the CD-ROM, including rare and fascinating material such as an early mention of Elvis on Bill Randle's radio show in 1955, interviews with Bill Randle about Elvis, an article titled "Elvis Conquers Cleveland," and other material not available elsewhere.

The CD-ROM contains these folders:

Article: "Shake, Rattle and Roll"
Audio: Bill Randle and Electric Elvis
Audio: Bill Randle TV Show
Audio: Bill Randle Tribute
Bill Randle Information
Bill Randle Picture Gallery
Elvis On Television (1956-1960)
Elvis Presley Information
Elvis Presley Picture Gallery
The Pied Piper of Cleveland (1955)


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"Dream World"
Songs, Poems and Stories



Songwriter Roger Lee Hall was a big fan of Elvis from the time when he first became a national sensation in 1956.


Roger also was a fan of the early Elvis movies, especially KING CREOLE, and here he is as a teenager holding the soundtrack LP album from that movie...

He has written about his admiration of the early Elvis songs and how it inspired his early songwriting career in his autobiography. This multimedia disc tells the story of a hard-working songwriter and includes over 100 pictures and rare audio files, including some of Roger's early songs.

One of Roger Lee Hall's first songs was "Dream World." It was written to pay homage to an Elvis hit record from 1960, "It's Now or Never."

That song and other lyrics plus Roger's poems and stories are told on this CD-ROM:


"Dream World" - Songs, Poems and Stories




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Memoirs and Music Memories-
A Songwriter Remembers




Disc jockey Bill Randle was also a record producer. Read about his 10 LP album set, The Shaker Heritage (1960-1961) and the music portion which has been reissued on a 2 CD set with 72 page illustrated booklet written by Roger Hall, and titled...

Let Zion Move: Music of the Shakers






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