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Roger Hall (top row in right corner)
with The Sons of the Pioneers
(edited by Bill McCann)
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A Cowboy Greeting

Top 5 B-western singers

Hopalong Cassidy Song Series

New Song - The Angels handed me a rose (Hoppy's Song for Grace)

CD: Bing Crosby and Hopalong Cassidy On Radio

CD: "The Last Round-Up" - Songs by Billy Hill

Albert Glasser, B-western composer

CD Reviews

Ten Great Western Film Scores








Howdy Buckaroos!

Welcome to the CSC - celebrating vintage western film music.

The CSC is set up to give you information about western film stars and singers, composers and songwriters, but no claim is made to cover them all. That's too big a herd to round-up!

Here is a complimentary comment about this page from B-western authority and writer, Boyd Magers:

There are some interesting items on Roger Hall's "Cowboy Songs Corral" webpage including the Hopalong Cassidy Song Series, a DVD about singers and songwriters, an article about film composer Albert Glasser who wrote some B-Western scores and a couple of rare photos.
-- "Western Clippings" (June/July 2015)

Scroll down this page to have a look at these "interesting items"




Top 5 B-western singers

In a recent issue of Western Clippings issue (#130, March/April 2016), thirteen musicians and writers were asked to name their Top 5 B-western singers. Though he was not asked to name his picks, here are the singers CSC Foreman, Roger Hall, considers the best B-western singers from the past:

1. Eddie Dean

2. Gene Autry

3. Tex Ritter

4. Jimmy Wakely

5. Roy Rogers

Hall adds, "I think that Eddie Dean had the smoothest voice of all and the other four had more country music qualities in their singing and because of that were more popular and had more hit records. One singer who had more formal training and sang with several Big Bands was Ken Curtis of The Sons of the Pioneers and he would follow the five I have selected."

This disc is SOLD OUT

"Back in the Saddle Again"
Cowboy Songs Corral Round-Up

This collection of songs and memories was written by
CSC Foreman, Roger Hall ("The Tune Man"),
and it's playable on your computer,
with B-western music albums, picture galleries,
the Cowboy Song Corral Series, and video clips.







Hopalong Cassidy Song Series

This series was written by songwriter, Roger Hall,
and published in the fan club newsletter, HOPPY TALK,
compiled and edited by Laura Bates and Fred Romary:



title song from the Hopalong Cassidy film with the same title.
in HOPPY TALK (Summer 2012)


No. 2: "TWILIGHT ON THE TRAIL" - the title song
sung by Brad King with The Jimmy Wakely Trio
HOPPY TALK (Winter 2013)


sung in the Hoppy western, TWILIGHT ON THE TRAIL,
sung by Brad King with The Jimmy Wakely Trio
HOPPY TALK (Summer 2013)



sung by a studio soloist and chorus
in TRAIL DUST (1936)
HOPPY TALK (Autumn 2013)




(words by Foster Carling/ music by Phil Ohman)
sung by Eddie Dean with The King's Men
HOPPY TALK (Winter 2014)






(words by Frank Loesser/ music by Joseph J. Lilley)
sung by The Sportsmen Quartette
in LOST CANYON (1943)
HOPPY TALK (Spring 2014)



Jimmy Wakely, Grace Bradley Boyd, William Boyd

In celebration of the Jimmy Wakley Centennial

(words by Frank Loesser/ music by Joseph J. Lilley)
sung by The Jimmy Wakely Trio
HOPPY TALK (Autumn 2014)


In memory of Dick Jones (1927-2014)
(left to right: Dick Jones, Gail Hall, Jock Mahoney)
© PineTree Productions

(words by Dr. Brewster Higley/music by Daniel E. Kelley)
sung by St. Brendan's Boy Choir
HOPPY TALK (Winter 2015)





from BAR 20 RIDES AGAIN (1935)
words by Dave Franklin/music by Sam H. Stept)
sung by Chill Wills and His Avalon Boys
HOPPY TALK (Spring 2015)


Final song in the series

(Television Theme Song)
words by L. Wolfe Gilbert/music by Nacio Herb Brown)
sung by Studio Chorus
HOPPY TALK (Summer 2015)



Read more about this song series
with sheet music covers and rare pictures

Hopalong Cassidy Songs




New song

An instrumental version of the song,
"The Angels handed me a rose"
(Hoppy's Song For Grace)
in memory of
Grace Bradley Boyd
and included on this CD,

Read more about this CD - click here

Updated 2016 Edition

"Following the Stars" -
Music & Memories of Hopalong Cassidy

(PineTree Press)


"A nice supplement to the two current HC [Hopalong Cassidy] books
with material not contained in either."
-- Boyd Magers, "Western Clippings," (July/August 2009)

The CD-ROM is playable on any computer's CD/DVD drive with Microsoft Word and mp3 audio program.

It includes the illustrated book, music examples of Hoppy music, a picture gallery, and information about songs and film scores featured in Hopalong Cassidy westerns.

Also included are pictures from the Dedication Ceremony of the new Hopalong Cassidy Statue in Cambridge, Ohio.

CSC Ranch Foreman, Roger Hall, standing next to
an original Hopalong Cassidy shirt
and wearing Hoppy's original white hat (thanks to Susie C)

To order the book,
"Following the Stars" - Music & Memories of Hopalong Cassidy
on computer disc,

click here

Hopalong Cassidy on Radio


Shown in picture: Hopalong Cassidy, Peggy Lee and Bing Crosby


Get your copy of three enjoyable
Bing Crosby radio programs (1949-1951)
featuring guests Peggy Lee
and William Boyd (as Hopalong Cassidy)

Order your copy while supplies last
by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

CD: Bing and Hoppy On Radio


After you have placed your order
by credit card payable to PineTree Productions,
through safe and secure PayPal,
please mention this CD title and
send your mailing address to:

Bing and Hoppy on Radio








"The Last Round-Up" - Songs by Billy Hill

© PineTree Productions

Read more about this CD

Click here



Albert Glasser, B-western composer


Albert Glasser with Duncan Renaldo (left), star of THE CISCO KID,
at Renaldo's Ranch in 1974 (picture courtesy of David Fuller)

One of the unsung composers of B-westerns in the 1940s and 1950s is Albert Glasser (1916-1998). His first assignments in westerns were with THE CISCO KID and THE CISCO KID IN OLD NEW MEXICO (both in 1945), starring Duncan Renaldo. Other B-westerns he worked on include: ABILENE TOWN (1946) with Randolph Scott, LAW OF THE LASH (1947) with Lash La Rue, and THE GAY AMIGO (1949), another Cisco Kid adventure with Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carillo as Pancho. In the 1950s there was THE BANDIT QUEEN (1950) with Barbara Britton, and THE BUSHWACKERS starring John Ireland and Dorothy Malone, and THE HIRED GUN (1957) with Rory Calhoun. He also wrote the theme for the radio series of Hoplaong Cassidy in the early 1950s. Later, Glasser became known for his scoring of B-monster movies, like THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN (1957)

--thanks to David Fuller for his information about Albert Glasser.



B-western Music News

Greatest Western Songs

As reported in the Sep/Oct 2010 issue of Western Clippings, here are the Top Ten Greatest Western Songs of All Time, as selected by the Western Writers of America at their annual convention in Knoxville, Tennessee:

1. "Ghost Riders in the Sky"
2. "El Paso"
3. "Cool Water"
4. "Streets of Laredo"
5. "Back in the Saddle Again"
6. "High Noon"
7. "Shenandoah"
8. "Tumbling Tumbleweeds"
9. "Home on the Range"
10. "Red River Valley"

Recordings of "Streets of Laredo" and "Shenandoah" are on this CD:

Read about this AMRC CD -- click here



Are you looking for an informative publication about cowboy films and stars?

Then you should subscribe to Western Clippings, the newsletter edited and published by Boyd Magers, with Donna Magers as Associate Editor.

Boyd has also written several respected books, including this great one with many fine illustrations and listing all Gene' songs and titled...


Gene Autry Westerns

Gene Autry Westerns:
America's Favorite Cowboy

(Empire Publishing, 2007)


Western Clippings is chock full of interesting articles and news about vintage cowboy films and people. There are also regular columnists, including a music review section by O.J. Sikes.

To order the Gene Autry book or subscribe to the fascinating and fact-filled newsletter, click on this link for Western Clippings





CD Reviews

Music and Songs From Classic Westerns (2 CDs)


Western Movie Songs


The Silver Screen Cowboy Project - a great collection!




Are you a fan of early movie serials and B-westerns?

Here are two CD recommended collections with that music...


Cliffhangers: Music From The Classic Republic Serials


Shoot 'Em Ups! Music From The Classic Republic Westerns









Here is a very useful sheet music collection...

Cowboy Songs: 62 Classic Saddle Songs


Cowboy Songs: 62 Classic Saddle Songs




Book Reviews

Follow Your Stars by Susie Coffman

The Hollywood Book of Death by James Robert Parrish

Hopalong Cassidy: An American Legend by Grace Bradley Boyd
and Michael Cochran

Jingle of the Silver Spurs: The Hopalong Cassidy Radio Program (1950-1952)
by Bernard A. Drew


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