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Aaron Copland Meets The Shakers

 by Roger Lee Hall


In 1974, the distinguished composer Aaron Copland (1900-1990) was in Cleveland, Ohio for a week-long celebration for his birthday and included concerts with the Cleveland Orchestra.

It so happened that at the same time there were three Shakers from Sabbathday Lake, Maine in nearby Shaker Heights. They were there in celebration of the Bicentennial of the Shakers arrival in America in 1774.

At a workshop for teachers, the Shakers sang a few of their favorite songs and I sang a hymn recently discovered about their first arrival in America after emigrating from England in 1774. The hymn is titled, "On the Landing of Mother Ann in America." This hymn is included on the CD, Love is Little: A Sampling of Shaker Spirituals.

Read the full description about this historic meeting of Copland and the Shakers in a new book titled,"Simple Gifts" - Great American Folk Song.

Listen to an interview with Aaron Copland about his arrangements
of "Simple Gifts" and his other music at

A Conversation with Aaron Copland (AMRC 0005)





Recordings of Copland's Arrangements


There are many worthwhile versions of Copland's Appalachian Spring, which includes the variations on "Simple Gifts." Also, Copland's arrangement of the Shaker song in his set of Old American Songs.

Here is the highly recommended CD of the original ballet score conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas:

Copland: Appalachian Spring; Billy the Kid; Rodeo

Appalachian Spring, Billy the Kid, Rodeo


Information about the television series hosted by Michael Tilson Thomas featuring "Copland and the American Sound" is at this link:

Keeping Score

This CD has only the Suite from Appalachian Spring but it is one of the most popular recordings, conducted by Copland's longtime friend, Leonard Bernstein:

Copland: Appalachian Spring/Fanfare For The Common Man/El Salón México/Danzón Cubano

Copland: Appalachian Spring Suite and other works


These are three recommended CDs with Copland conducting:

A Copland Celebration Vol. 1 - Appalachian Spring (original chamber version)
and other works
- original complete ballet version,
including the "Simple Gifts" variations.


A Copland Celebration Vol. 2 - Old American Songs & other works
includes an arrangement of "Simple Gifts" for voice and piano
Old American Songs with
William Warfied, baritone and Aaron Copland, piano

A Copland Celebration Vol. 3 - Old American Songs & other works
orchestral arrangement of "Simple Gifts"
sung by William Warfield
(the distinguished baritone known for his role in Gershwin's Porgy & Bess and also in the MGM movie musical, SHOWBOAT)


The Music of America: Aaron Copland
a recommended recent 3 CD set with the variations
on"Simple Gifts"
from Appalachian Spring (Michael Tilson Thomas and
San Francisco Symphony), also the

song arrangement sung by William Warfield
in Old American Songs

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