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CD Review:

The Silver Screen Cowboy Project

24 Tracks on 2 CDs
Producer: Marvin O'Dell
Musikode Records & Publishing, 2008


Disc One (41:08)

1. Rough Ridin' Cowboy Heroes (Tom Hiatt) (2:47) -- TOM HIATT
2. Downtown Matinee (Art Corey-Margie Corey-Alton Corey) (4:01) -- CURLY MUSGRAVE
3. If I Had A Horse (Dave Stamey) (4:37) -- DAVE STAMEY
4. I'll Be Rex Allen (Marvin O'Dell) (3:18) -- MARVIN O'DELL & TOM HIATT
5. When Roy Rogers Was Around (W.C. Jameson) (2:50) -- BILL BARWICK
6. Where Would We Be(Without The Sons Of The Pioneers)(Marvin O'Dell) (2:52) -- JOURNEY WEST
7. Jesus And Roy (Marvin O'Dell) (3:43) -- MARVIN O'DELL
8. Upon The Silver Screen (Les Gilliam) (2:53) -- LES GILLIAM
9. Goodbye, Tex Ritter (Brian Golbey) (2:33) -- BRIAN GOLBY
10. I Miss John Wayne (Brian Kennedy-Dan Roberts) (4:41) --
11. Little Girl's Heroes (Tom Hatton-Donna Hatton) (2:40) --
12. They All Went That-A-Way (Jerry Campbell) (4:03) -- EARL GLEASON

Disc Two (39:05)

1. Riders Of Yesteryear (Tom Poley) (3:50) -- WAY OUT WEST
2. Lash LaRue (Marvin O'Dell) (2:46) -- MARVIN O'DELL

3. To Hear Gene Autry Sing (Doc Stovall) (2:36) -- DOC STOVALL
4. Pioneertown Phantoms (Tom Hiatt) (3:47) -- TOM HIATT
5. In Those Alabama Hills (Marvin O'Dell-Tom Hiatt) (3:06) -- KIP CALAHAN
6. The Long Rander Way (Dennis Goodwin-Marvin O'Dell) (2:48) --
7. Hoppy (Ridin' The Range in Black & White) (Barry Barnes-Tom Hiatt-Marvin O'Dell) (2:59)-- TOM HIATT
8. Ol' Gabby Hayes (Monty Campbell) (3:21) -- MARVIN O'DELL
9. The TV Cowboys (Jim Jones-Marvin O'Dell) (3:02) -- JIM JONES
10. The Cowboys Are Ridin' On (Marvin O'Dell) (4:31) -- THERESA O'DELL
11. They Can't Take Away The Old Cowboy Songs (Marvin O'Dell) (4:06) -- JOE BAER
12. Nobody Kisses Their Horse Anymore (Les Buffham) (2:40) -- BUCKSHOT DOT

This CD collection is a wonderful sampling of songs written by today's songwriters about cowboy stars from the past.

Since there are so many songwriters and singers included in this collection it is difficult to single out any of the songs on the 2 CDs. But the one singer-songwriter who should be praised above all others is Marvin O'Dell. Not only was he the Producer of this excellent collection, he also wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 24 songs on this CD set. Also, He was singer on four of the song tracks.

When reviewing a CD, It is customary to mention a few songs, so I just list some of the ones I liked the most:

Disc One:
"Rough Ridin' Cowboy Heroes" - Tom Hiatt (a great opening song for the set)
"When Roy Rogers Was Around" - Bill Barwick
"Where Would We Be (Without the Sons of the Pioneers) - Journey West

"Goodbye Tex Ritter" - Brian Golbey
"I Miss John Wayne" - Dan Roberts

Disc Two:
"To Hear Gene Autry Sing" - Doc Stovall
"In Those Alabama Hills" - Kip Calahan
"Hoppy (Ridin' the Range in Black and White)" - Tom Hiatt
"Ol Gabby Hayes" - Marvin O'Dell
"They Can't Take Away the Old Cowboy Songs" - Joe Baer

But heck, all the songs on the 2 CDs are worth a listen.

So saddle up and ride on over to this CD set to hear some rip-snortin' songs about cowboy stars from yesteryear.

It's 24 tracks of nostalgic Silver Screen cowboy enjoyment.

-- Roger Lee Hall, Cowboy Songs Corral, 24 January 2009

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