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"Yankee Doodle" - A New England Song Treasury

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"Yankee Doodle" -
A New England Song Treasury
(AMRC 0009)

A sampling of music in New England
from the 18th to 20th centuries

This collection includes many first time recordings, including the World War I chorus, "Land of Our Hearts," with music by George Whitefield Chadwick.



CD: "New Behtlehem" - Christmas Music in New England (AMRC 10)

This CD contains 24 carols, hymns and songs, composed or arranged by New England composers from the 18th to 20th centuries, including popular carols like "Joy to the World" and "Away in a Manger."

The Christmas carols, hymns and songs are performed by various artists, including church choirs from Attleboro and North Easton, Massachusetts , and singers from the Old Stoughton Musical Society, America's oldest singing society.

Included on the album are carols and hymns composed and arranged by composer, Roger Lee Hall, who was also a guest on a local radio program on Christmas Eve and highlights from that program are on the CD.





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The Musical Telephone - A Romantic Narrative

Based on the famous utopian novel by
Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward, 2000-1887


Read more about this play at

The Musical Telephone



The Shakers On Television

Programs originally telecast between 1966 and 1991, including rare interviews with Shaker members. The Shakers are America's oldest religious communal society and first arrived here in 1774. They can trace their roots back to 18th century England in the Manchester area.


The first program on this DVD is a thirty minute black & white television program from 1966. It is believed to be the earliest telecast about the Shakers with highlights from the Shaker Village Work Group (or Work Camp), a summer program for teenagers in New Lebanon, New York. The program also includes a brief interview with
Sister Mildred Barker from Sabbathday Lake, Maine [shown in picture - © 1983. Gail Hall, photographer].

Other television segments include interviews with Eldress Bertha Lindsay at Canterbury, New Hampshire; and Sister Mildred Barker, Sister Frances Carr, Brother Arnold Hadd at Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

Most of these programs are rare and hard-to-find anywhere else. This DVD is for educational, non-commercial use only and available by donation.

Note: This DVD is no longer available,
but two of the television programs (1966, 1986)
are included on the deluxe multi-media DVD,

A Shaker Music Miscellany


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