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[MAJESTY by William Billings, 1778]



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Stoughton-born composer, Supply Belcher (1751-1836)


This list does not claim to list of all the composers and music compilers
born or active in New England.

It is a representative listing arranged alphabetically by town and state.




Dudley Buck

Bolton:  Oliver Brownson, 1746-1815 (compiler)
Branford: Simon Jocelyn, 1746-1823 (compiler)
Cheshire: Eliakim Doolittle, 1772-1859 (composer)
Danbury: Charles Edward Ives, 1874-1954 (composer)
East Hartford: Timothy Oldstead, 1759-1848 (composer, compiler)
Enfield: Amos Ball, 1744-1825 (composer)
              Russell Haskell, 1801-1884 (compiler)
Dudley Buck, 1839-1909 (composer)
Middletown: Reginald DeKoven, 1859-1920 (composer)
Milford: Andrew Law, 1749-1821 (composer, compiler)
New Canaan: Stephen Jenks, 1772-1856 (composer)
New Hartford: Asahel Benham, 1754-1803 (composer, compiler)
New Haven: Richard Donovan, 1891-1970 (composer)
                      Quincy Porter, 1897-1966 (composer)
Norwich: Ishmael Spicer, 1760-1832 (compiler)
Simsbury: Elijah Griswold, 1762-1844 (compiler)
Suffield: Joel Harmon, Jr. 1772-1833 (composer)
Union: Ebenezer Child, 1770-1866 (composer)
Wallingford: Amos Doolittle, 1754-1832 (compiler)
Washington: Thomas Hastings, 1784-1872 (composer, compiler)
Windham: Jonathan Huntington, 1771-1838 (compiler)



Joseph Brackett Jr.

Gorham: Joseph Brackett Jr., 1797-1882 (composer)
North Yarmouth: Elisha West, 1756-1832 (composer, compiler)
Portland: John Knowles Paine, 1839-1906 (composer)
Rockland: Walter Piston, 1894-1976 (composer)
Yarmouth: Carl McKinley, 1895-1966 (composer)
York: William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (composer, compiler)



George W. Chadwick


Andover: Jeremiah Ingalls, 1764-1838 (composer)
Attleboro: Daniel Read, 1757-1836 (composer)

                   Joel Read, 1753-1837 (compiler)
Aurburndale: Horatio William Parker, 1863-1919 (composer)

Beverly: Henry Kemble Oliver, 1800-1885 (composer, compiler)
                Isaac B. Woodbury, 1819-1858 (composer, compiler)
Boston: William Billings, 1746-1800 (composer)
               William Mason, 1829-1908 (composer)
               Jimmy McHugh, 1894-1969 (composer)

               Richard Storrs Willis, 1819-1900 (composer)
               Charles Zeuner, 1795-1857 (composer)
Boxford:  Samuel Holyoke, 1762-1820 (composer, compiler)
Bridgewater: Lewis Edson Sr., 1748-1820 (composer)

                        Lewis Edson Jr., 1771-1845 (composer)
Bedford: Isaac Lane, 1766-1803 (composer)

Brockton: Henry Morton Dunham, 1853-1929 (composer)
Brookline: Daniel Gregory Mason, 1873-1953 (composer)
Cambridge: Edward Burlingame Hill, 1872-1960 (composer)
                     Arthur B. Whiting, 1861-1936 (composer)
Canton:  Samuel Capen, 1745-1809 (composer)
                Edward French, 1761-1845 (composer)

                Jacob French, 1754-1817 (composer)  
               Elias Mann, 1750-1825 (composer) [also Northampton]
Carver: Abraham Maxim, 1773-1829 (composer, compiler)[also Plympton]
Danvers: Bartholomew Brown, 1772-1854 (composer) [also Sterling]
East Bridgewater: Nahum Mitchell, 1769-1853 (composer, compiler)
Framingham: Daniel Belknap, 1771-1815 (composer)
Hingham: Issachar Bates, 1758-1837 (composer)
Lowell: George Whitefield Chadwick, 1854-1931 (composer)
Marion: Carl Ruggles, 1876-1971 (composer)
Medfield: Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (composer, compiler)
Medford: Rev. John Tufts, 1689 - 1750 (compiler)

Middleboro: Oliver Shaw, 1779-1848 (composer)
Newburyport: Daniel Bayley, 1725-1799 (compiler)
Newton: Frederick Shepherd Converse, 1871-1940 (composer)
Raynham: Amariah Hall, 1758-1827 (composer)
Roxbury: Rev. Thomas Walter, 1696-1725 (compiler)
Salem: Arthur William Foote, 1853-1937 (composer)

Sheffield: George Frederick Root, 1820-1895 (composer, compiler)
Shirley: Oliver Holden, 1765-1844 (composer, compiler)
                Hezekiah Moors, 1775-1814 (composer)
Somerville:  Henry Franklin Bishop Gilbert, 1868-1928 (composer)
                      Henry Kimball Hadley, 1871-1937 (composer)

Stoughton:  Alanson Belcher, 1810-1900 (composer)
                      Supply Belcher, 1751-1836 (composer)
                      Edwin Arthur Jones, 1853-1911 (composer)
Swampscott: Mabel Daniels, 1878-1971 (composer)
Taunton: Jezaniah Sumner, 1754-1836 (composer)
Topsfield: Jacob Kimball Jr. ,1761-1826 (composer)

Townsend: John Hubbard, 1759-1810 (compiler)
West Springfield: Justin Morgan, 1747-1798 (composer)
Woburn: Josiah Flagg, 1738-1794 (composer)
Worcester: Timothy Swan, 1758-1842 (composer)



New Hampshire

Mrs. H.H.A. Amy (Cheney) Beach


Henniker: Amy Cheney Beach, 1867-1944 (composer)
Merrimack: Walter Kittredge, 1832-1905 (composer)

Milford: Jesse Hutchinson Jr., 1813-1853 (composer)


Rhode Island

George M. Cohan

Gloucester: Stephen Jenks, 1772-1856 (composer, compiler)
Providence: George M. Cohan, 1878-1942 (composer)


Grand Total = 85 (composers = 70 + compilers = 15)






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