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"Mount Zion" by Issachar Bates
in Shaker alphabet music notation


A Western Shaker Music Sampler
(PTM 1051)

compiled and edited by Roger L. Hall



Originally published in 1976 and out-of-print for many years, this is the first published edited collection
devoted exclusively to Shaker music in the West.

This collection includes a few sample tunes from the Shaker communities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.
Two of the titles, which have become popular in recent times and have been recorded, were first published in this music collection:

"Gentle Words" and "Love is Little"

This collection is reprinted on CD-ROM with recorded music (mp3) for most of the music.

Here are the titles:

1. Anthem: "Mount Zion" -- Issachar Bates, Ohio, ca. 1815

2. Hymn: "The Living Shepherd" -- Rebecca Banta, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky 1818

3. Song: "Marching Tune" -- West Union, Indiana, ca. 1826

4. Hymn: "How Happy Are They" -- Richard McNemar, Watervliet, Ohio, ca. 1833

5. Song: "Love is Little" -- South Union, Kentucky, ca. 1834

6. Song: "Round Shuffle" -- South Union, Kentucky, 1847

7. Song: "March" -- North Union, Ohio, 1847

8. Hymn: "Doxology" -- Oliver C. Hampton, Union Village, Ohio, 1856

9. Hymn: "On the Landing of Mother Ann in America" -- North Union, Ohio, 1860

10. Song: "A Dream" -- Hervey L. Eades, Union Village, Ohio, 1856

11. Song: "Gentle Words" -- Polly M. Rupe, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, ca. 1867

12. Song: "Slow March" -- Ephraim Frost, Whitewater (or White Water), Ohio,ca.1872

Also included are three additional Shaker hymns from the West:

"Invitation to Souls" -- Matilda A. Butler, Whitewater, Ohio, 1846

"Typical Dancing" -- text: Richard McNemar/ tune: Polly M. RUpe, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

"The Morning Sun" - for the Bicentennial of South Union, Kentucky in 2007 - arranged by Roger Hall


This reprint is available only here and is a non-commercial publication to help support
Shaker music preservation.

Read about Roger Hall's Shaker music research and his many publications -- CLICK HERE

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Kentucky Shaker song:
"Love is Little"

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