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Early New England Choral Treasury:
Pilgrims, Puritans and Tunesmiths
(AMRC 0031)

Album Producer: Roger Lee Hall


01. Arrival in the New World+
02. Psalm 136 (verses 2-4)
03. Psalm 15 and First Spring (narration)+
04. Psalm 24
05. Thanksgiving (narration) and Psalm 23
06. The Pilgrim Spirit (narration) and Psalm 100
07. Psalm 8
08. Psalm 7
09. Psalm 115
10. Psalm 85
11. Psalm 23 (with lining out)
12. Psalm 100 (Bay Psalm Book, 1698)
13. 100 Psalm Tune New (Rev. John Tufts, ca. 1726)#
14. Westerham Tune (Psalm 81)
15. The Bird (William Billings, 1790)
16. The Lord Is Godd To All (Oliver Holden, 1792)
17. Coronation (Oliver Holden, 1792)
18. Victory (Daniel Read, 1793)
19. Dormant (Jacob French, 1802)
20. Anthem of Thanksgiving (William Billings, 1794)

+ = Narration by James Pease from William Bradford's book, Of Plymouth Plantation, edited by Samuel Eliot Morrison

# = believed to be the earliest original New England tune

Performing groups include:
New England Conservatory Alumni Chorus
Plymouth Church Quartet and Choir
University of Maryland Chapel Choir
Old Stoughton Musical Society

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