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"May I softly walk and wisely speak"

A Memorial Tribute to Eldress Bertha Lindsay


Eldress Bertha Lindsay (1897-1990)
Canterbury, New Hampshire

photograph by Gail Hall, 1972



In his collection of songs, poems and stories titled, "Dream World," composer and ethnomusicologist Roger Lee Hall, tells the story how he met several Shaker sisters during the 1970s that led to his extensive research and recordings of Shaker music.

In 1972, he interviewed two Shakers from Canterbury, New Hampshire who were both very musical. Eldress Bertha Lindsay and Sister Lillian Phelps.

Eldress Bertha sang a selection of Shaker spirituals, for example, "May I Softly Walk" and "Prayer Universal." Sister Lillian Phelps,
who was then 95 years old, was her piano accompanist.

"Prayer Universal" and "May I Softly Walk" are included on this CD, which also has Sister Lillian's song, "My Shaker Home":




Celestial Praises - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals

Read about Mr. Hall's interviews with Eldress Bertha Lindsay and other Shaker sisters in this collection:

"Dream World": Songs, Poems and Stories by Roger Hall


Excerpts of the interviews with Eldress Bertha Lindsay are included on these three CDs:


Blended Together: Interviews with The Shakers



Gentle Words - A Shaker Music Sampler





Let Zion Move - Music of the Shakers






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