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"High Hopes"

A Centennial Tribute To Sammy Cahn


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Celebrating Sammy Cahn!


This CD was recorded live in celebration of the Sammy Cahn Centennial at Pickman Concert Hall,
Longy School of Music, Cambridge, Massachsetts, April 7, 2013.

Valerie Anastasio, Leigh Barrett, Eric Bronner, Bradford Conner,
JoAnne Dickinson, Peter Miller, Davron Munroe, Cynthia Mork,
Joei Marshall Perry, Benjamin Sears, Michelle Vachon.

Band musicians:
Steve Susman and Marguerite Ulmer, piano;
Dave Matayabas, bass; Ian Carroll, saxophone; Dean Groves, percussion.

Concert Host:
Popular Boston area radio personality, Ron Della Chiesa,
with additional commentary by JoAnne Dickinson.

This recording was made possible through a generous grant from
the American Music Recordings Archive (AMRA)

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It's Magic



Watch these live concert performance from the American Classics ensemble
on YouTube:

"Bei Mir Bist Du Shein"

"Call Me Irresponsible"

"High Hopes"








Sammy Cahn and His Songmates

Sammy worked with many songwriters and arrangers, including George Barrie, Nicholas Brodszky (the "Irving Berlin of Hungary"), Saul Chaplin (Sammy's first collaborator), Vernon Duke, Sammy Fain, Gene DePaul, Axel Stordahl, but most of all with these two great songwriters, who were also Oscar award winners:







With his collaborator, songwriter Jule Styne (1905-1994), Sammy received an Emmy (the first and only one for a popular song) for "Love and Marriage" from the NBC television production, OUR TOWN (1955).








Sammy and James Van Heusen (1913-1990) received three Oscars for their movie songs.




Words by Sammy Cahn...

"Lyric writing has always been a thrilling adventure for me, and something I've done with the kind of ease that only comes with joy!"

"Two things are needed for a great song: melody and meaning"

"Popular songs are the subconscious of America. And this country has a subconscious which is the envy of the world. Our popular songs are a national treasure, making us the richest nation in
history. When we hear a popular song we relive the past, the words and music evoking the highlights of our lives."

All his most popular
songs and some lesser known ones too are included in
this excellent
collection, chosen by Sammy himself,

The New Sammy Cahn Songbook

Read Sammy's wonderful witty autobiography
with some of his best lyrics in the back of the book,

I Should Care: The Sammy Cahn Story

I Should Care: The Sammy Cahn Story

Sammy Cahn and His Oscar and Emmy Awards

From the memorial tribute to Sammy Cahn
in Sheet Music Magazine (1993)


Sammy Cahn (1913-1993) was Oscar nominated more than any other songwriter –
26 times in all between 1942 and 1975.

Academy Awards for Best Song:

  • "Three Coins in the Fountain" (1954) from
  • "All the Way" from THE JOKER IS WILD (1957)
  • "High Hopes" from A HOLE IN THE HEAD (1959)
  • "Call Me Irresponsible" from PAPA'S DELICATE CONDITION (1963) -

    Emmy Award:

  • "Love and Marriage" - music by James Van Heusen -
    from the television production, OUR TOWN (1955).

All five award-winning songs were recorded and made popular by Frank Sinatra, a longtime friend and admirer of Sammy's lyrics. Credit is also due to the sublime talents of Nelson Riddle who arranged and conducted the Sinatra sessions for Capitol Records. It was an ideal blending of a great lyricist and songwriter, a superb singer, and an excellent arranger.


Sammy Cahn's 26 Academy Award Nominated Songs
(Oscars in bold type):


Celebrate National Carry A Tune Week with a Sammy Cahn song

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"All the Way" - Frank Sinatra in Hollywood


All five award-winning songs with lyrics by Sammy Cahn
recorded by Frank Sinatra on YouTube:

"Three Coins in the Fountain"

"All the Way"

"High Hopes"

"Call Me Irresponsible"

"Love and Marriage"


The Sammy Film Music Awards (or The Sammys) began in 1988 with just Best Score and Best Song.  

Other categories were added later, such as: Best Song Compilation which began in 1997, and Platinum Award for Most Overlooked Score, first named in 2000. The Sammys are chosen based on the quality of the soundtrack, song or compilation on CDs.    

These awards are named in honor of Sammy Cahn, and the first Sammy Awards were chosen in 1988 – the year of Sammy Cahn’s 75th birthday. For his years of distinguished lyric writing, he was named for the first Lifetime Achievement Award.  When he was notified of these awards he said he was “flattered and honored" to have them named after him. He certainly deserved the honor since he received 4 Oscars and 26 nominations, more than any other songwriter.

The Sammy Film Music Awards (SFMA) are announced for film music CDs (songs, soundtracks, compilations, record producers, record labels) and have no connection to any other film awards such as BAFTA, Golden Globes, the Oscars, and others.

These awards are based on the overall quality of the CD release.  How the music is used in the film is also considered but is not the only factor in the final choice.  Special attention is paid to vintage film music, especially from the era of lyricist, Sammy Cahn. New film scores and songs are also included.

SFMA are the longest running awards devoted exclusively to film music on CDs. When they began they wewre announced in newspapers and on radio programs, like "Music America" with Ron Della Chiesa on WGBH in Boston. Now these awards are announced on this site.

It has been my pleasure to continue with these awards for the past 25 years and to celebrate the best in film music and also pay homage to that late great lyricist, Sammy Cahn.

-- Roger Hall


For more information go to

The Sammy Film Music Awards (Home)

25th Annual Sammy Film Music Awards For 2012

The Sammy Awards Complete List

To help support the Sammy Film Music Awards you can receive a copy of this special DVD titled,

"High Hopes" - A Memorial Tribute to Sammy Cahn

It features radio tributes to the Oscars and Sammy Film Music Awards over the years on "MUSIC AMERICA," a popular Boston public radio program hosted by Ron Della Chiesa, with special guest, Roger Hall, Founder of the Sammy Film Music Awards.

Included on the DVD are highlights from film scores by Max Steiner, Bernard Herrmann, John Barry, John Williams and more. There is also an interview with Sammy Cahn telling about writing one of his best known Oscar-winning songs. Plus several Sammy Cahn songs from another radio program, "IN THE MOOD," hosted by Roger Hall.

Also on the DVD are videos from the Sammy Cahn Centennial Concert in 2013 performed by the American Classics ensemble at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Recommended books


Sammy Film Music Awards are listed in this book included on
a multimedia DVD, also a recorded radio conversation with Sammy Cahn,
click this link:

By Roger L. Hall



Radio My Way: Featuring Celebrity Profiles from Jazz, Opera, the American Songbook and More (Hardcover)

Radio My Way by Ron Della Chiesa
(includes a profile of Sammy Cahn)


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Songwriters Hall of Fame




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