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Roger L. Hall, Managing Editor

Roger is a member of the International Film Music Critics Association, and author of the popular book, now in its 6th edition,"As Time Goes By" - A Guide to Film Music.

He has been Managing Editor of Film Music Review since it began as an online e-zine in 1998.

He is also Album Producer for the American Music Recordings Collection.

In 1988, he began choosing the best film scores and film songs of the year for his annual Sammy Film Music Awards (SFMA). They are now the longest-running awards for film music recordings.

He has written hundreds of reviews and many of them are now included as separate files on the DVD-R, A Guide to Film Music.

His film music articles and reviews have appeared in print in Film Score Monthly, Soundtrack and other publications.

One of his fondest memories was attending the Twilight Zone 50th Anniversary in Binghamton, New York and writing a tribute about it, including riding the same carousel that Rod Serling had been on when he was a youngster living there, and Roger wrote about Bernard Herrmann's memorable score for the classic TZ episode, "Walking Distance,"

Roger has written the extensive entry on Bernard Herrmann in the AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY (1999), and organized a centennial tribute to Herrmann on Film Music Review. He has also written a special tribute to
two classic film scores by Bernard Herrmann from 1941, CITIZEN KANE and ALL THAT MONEY CAN BUY (aka: THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER).

Also, Roger has produced a commemorative CD for the centennial of Oscar-winning movie lyricist, Sammy Cahn.

Roger has taught film music courses at several colleges and a college level adult education program, and has lectured widely on the subject, as well as appearing on public radio and cable telvision.

He is also a composer and his music is available on several CDs -- click here

To read more about his extensive music career, see his biography.

For comments or questions, write Roger at:


Steven A. Kennedy, Contributing Writer


Steve has been writing for Film Music Review since 2001. He studied music at Minnesota State-Mankato and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

A longtime respected reviewer, his analysis of film and video game music have appeared here on Film Music Review, in Film Score Monthly, and on his personal blog,

Steve is also a composer. His composition catalogue currently includes two symphonies, a violin sonata (premiered in Texas), a trumpet sonata, several band pieces, numerous choral works and songs.

A CD of his original piano music, Reflections, was released and is exclusively available through

His music is available from

Steve is a member of The Dramatist's Guilde, BMI, American Composer's Forum, and International Film Music Critics Association.

For comments or questions, write Steven at:


Steve Vertlieb, Contributing Writer

For over fifty years, Steve has been a journalist and writer on vintage films and film music. Also, he is a member of the International Film Music Critics Association.

He has been writing for Film Music Review since 2007. 

He has known several composers personally, including Miklos Rozsa and James Bernard (tribute nominated for a Rondo Award) .

He has also written about David Amram, Hugo Friedhofer, Jerry Golsmith, and composers on the popular TV series, THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Steve has also written articles for other online sites like The Thunder Child, one of his articles is titled: A Brief History of Film Music. Another one is a tribute to his longtime friend, Ray Harryhausen.

He also wrote a loving tribute to another friend, writer Ray Bradbury, which was nominated for a Rondo Award.

There is a documentary about Steve, titled, "The Man Who "Saved" The Movies," directed by Craig Ellis Jamison. It is currently in production and due for release at a date to be announced.

Steve also contributes articles to The Gull Cottage/Sandlot website.

For comments or questions, write Steve at:


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