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Eastern Military Academy

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Otto Kahn and OHEKA Castle






Portrait of Otto H. Kahn (1867-1934)
(from NNDB




He named his dream castle: "OHEKA" after the initials of his full name (O=Otto/ HE=Hermann/ KA=Kahn).

OHEKA castle was completed in 1919. It originally had 127 rooms
and occupied 109,000 square feet of space, making it the second largest private residence in the United States (after the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina). It was also the largest residence built in New York State. A few quick shots of OHEKA were included in the opening newsreel shown in the classic film, CITIZEN KANE.


Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra

Otto Kahn's son, Roger (1907-1962), was a talented musician in the 1920s and 1930s. He played many instruments and was a young jazz band leader and a songwriter.

One of the songs he co-wrote with Irving Caesar and Joseph Meyer was "Crazy Rhythm," a big hit in 1928. Listen to Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra playing this hit song at YouTube

Read more about Roger Wolfe Kahn at Wikipedia


OHEKA Garden Party


Celebrating The 20th Anniversary of the Restoration of OHEKA Castle
(1984 - 2004) and a salute to Gary and Pam Melius

Sponsored by the Friends of OHEKA Castle
June 10, 2004


Theme: The Roaring Twenties


Hosts: Otto and Addie Kahn
(portrayed by Gary and Pam Melius)

The Kahn's Special Guests:

New York Governor Al Smith
(portrayed by William Naughton)

Grace Moore
(portrayed by Jo-Ann Raia)

Mary Astor
(portrayed by Susan Berland)

Fred Astaire
(portrayed by Roger Hall)

The Great Gatsby
(portrayed by Mark Cuthbertson)




Anne Kahn Baugh (a Kahn descendant)
with singer Roger Hall, who sang several Gershwin songs
at the 2004 OHEKA Garden Party.



Gary Melius with Roger Hall
at the 2004 Garden Party.






OHEKA Castle when it was the home of Eastern Military Academy in 1954


R.I.P. Frank L. Scalia, 1937-2015

Message from Frank L. Scalia in 2004,
President of the Eastern Military Academy Alumni Association...

"Thank You! Gary and Pam Melius and Friends of OHEKA for restoring our former home, Eastern Military Academy. We occupied the Castle the longest, from 1948 to 1979. Our proud members appreciate your efforts to maintain and promote the heritage of Eastern Military Academy!"

For more information see

Eastern Military Academy Alumni Association



Memories of OHEKA


A Message for former EMA cadet, Roger Hall:

I've never forgotten those wonderful years spent at Eastern Military Academy and offer my EMA military salute of gratitude and our school motto...

"What you are to be, you are now becoming."


Read Roger's story about his days at EMA and
his love for the magnificent OHEKA Castle
on a special multimedia disc playable
on your computer's CD/DVD drive

It includes Roger's fascinating story
with pictures from Otto Kahn's era and
Eastern Military Academy pictures.

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Read the story, "Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning"
about the authors' years attending Eastern Military Academy
at OHEKA Castle--

"Dream World"
Songs, Poems and Stories by Roger Hall





Resources and Credits


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These books are recommended:

Images of America: OHEKA CASTLE - an illustrated book by Joan Cergol and Ellen Schaffer. Arcadia Publishing, 2012. Foreward by Nelson DeMille.
Note: Roger Hall and Frank Scalia from EMA are mentioned prominently in this book.

Otto the Magnificent: The Life of Otto Kahn - by John Kobbler
The best biography about OHEKA's first owner (1988)


See also biographical information about

Otto Hermann Kahn


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Memories of OHEKA and EMA


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