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Hopalong Cassidy Festival Photo Gallery

The Festival was held Thursday - Saturday, May 4 - 6, 2006 in Cambridge, Ohio.

Below are photos from the 16th Annual Hopalong Cassidy Festival (left to right each row)l:

1. Roger Hall in front of the Festival sign in downtown Cambridge.
2. 1966 Producers Milk Truck at the Hopalong Cassidy Museum.
3. Serge Darrigrand (Tom Mix Look-A-Like) and Francis Reeves (Hoppy Look-A-Like)
4. Cowboy Look-A-Likes at the Festival.
5. Roger Hall talking about Hoppy music and reading from his book,
"Following the Stars"
6. John Buttram, Denny Miller, Dick Jones.
7. Roger Hall and John Buttram.
8. Dale Berry.
9. Judy Keel holding her late husband Howard Keel's book, Only Make Believe.
10. Gail Hall and Dick Jones.
11. Gail Hall, Susie Coffman, Roger Hall from the Yahoo Hopalong Cassidy Fans Group.
12. Roger Hall and Rita Maenner from the Yahoo Hopalong Cassidy Fans Group.
13. Denny Miller.
14. Roger Hall and Festival Director Laura Bates.
15. William Boyd's boyhood home in Cambridge.
16. William Boyd Memorial in Cambridge, dedicated in 1992.

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