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2 CDs

CD 1 (Playing Time = 58:48)

1. A BRIDGE TOO FAR (Overture) -- John Addison [3:16]
2. BATTLE OF BRITAIN (Theme) -- Ron Goodwin [1:24]
3. KELLY'S HEROES (Theme) -- Lalo Shifrin [2:39]
4. 633 SQUADRON (Main Title) -- Ron Goodwin [1:45]
5. ALEXANDER THE GREAT (Main Title) -- Mario Nascimbene [1:32]
6. ZULU (Theme) -- John Barry [1:52]
7. THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY (Theme) -- Jerry Goldsmith [1:46]
8. ICE STATION ZEBRA (Overture) -- Michel Legrand [2:24]
9. TARAS BULBA (Ride to Dubno) -- Franz Waxman [4:58]
10. HAWAII (I AM Hawaii) -- Elmer Bernstein and Harry Von Tilzer [2:32]
11. BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ (Suite) -- Elmer Bernstein [2:54]
12. THE VIKINGS (Regnar Returns) -- Mario Nascimbene [2:40]
13. NORTH BY NORTHWEST (Finale Suite) -- Bernard Herrmann [ 4:34]
14. ELMER GANTRY (Main Title) -- Andre Previn [1:47]
15. MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (Theme) -- Bronislau Kaper [2:20]
16. THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3 (Main Title) -- David Shire [2:08]
17. THEY CALL ME MR. TIBBS (Main Title) -- Quincy Jones [4:27]
18. IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT -- Quincy Jones, Alan and Marilyn Bergman [2:24]
19. F.I.S.T (Main Title) -- Bill Conti [2:31]
20. PARIS BLUES -- Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Harold Flender [2:19]
21. SOME LIKE IT HOT (Instrumental) -- Adolph Deutsch [2:02]
22. ACROSS 110 ST (Harlem Love Theme) -- J.J. Johnson [3:03]
23. Bonus Track: "Some Like It Hot" (Marilyn Monroe, vocal) --
Matt Malneck & Isidore Diamond [1:20]

CD2 (Playing Time = 69:25)

1. THE BAREFOTT CONTESSA (Main Title) -- Mario Nascimbene
2. RYAN'S Daughter (Main Title) -- Maurice Jarre
3. GAIL GAILY (The Tango I Saved For You) -- Henry Mancini
4. BLACK STALLION (Theme Reprise) -- Carmine Coppola
5. CARRIE (Main Title) -- Pino Donaggio
6. WOMEN IN LOVE -- Georges Delerue and Keith Beckingham
7. FELLINI'S ROMA (Roma Suite) -- Nino Rota
8. TOM JONES (Main Title) -- John Addison
9. AFTER THE FOX (Uketalia)-- Burt Bacharach
10. BEN-HUR (Love Theme) -- Miklos Rozsa
11. THE GREATESY STORY EVER TOLD (Theme) -- Alfred Newman and Ken Darby
12. KING OF KINGS (Theme) -- Miklos Rozsa
13. PATCH OF BLUE (Main Title) -- Jerry Goldsmith
14. INHERIT THE WIND (Main Title) -- Ernest Gold
15. JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG (Suite) -- Ernest Gold
16. RED RIVER (Suite) -- Dimitri Tiomkin
17. THE LONG RIDERS -- Ry Cooder
18. WILD ROVERS (Theme) -- Jerry Goldsmith
19. A FEW DOLLARS MORE (Goodbye Colonel) -- Ennio Morricone
20. VIVA MARIA (Generique) -- Georges Delerue
21. HOUR OF THE GUN (Main Title) -- Jerry Goldsmith
22. THE MISSOURI BREAKS (Crossing the Missouri) -- John Williams
23. THE MISSOURI BREAKS (Love Theme) -- John Williams
24. Bonus Track: "Paris, Paris, Paris" from VIVA MARIA (Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau,vocals) --
Georges Henri Delerue

Executive Producers: Larry Mestel and Gregg Hamershlag. Produced by Dan Lieberstein. The Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Richard Fiocca. Engineered and Mixed by Gary Chester. Assistant Engineer: Cenda Kotzman. Recorded at CNSO Studios, Prague, Czech Republic.

Primary Wave Records 509995 00609 24

Rating: ***1/2

I first listened to this compilation with some dread since there was no orchestra listed on the outside CD booklet. It appeared to be another of those quick knockoffs by some little known orchestra from Eastern Europe or the U.S. But I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

Not only does this 2 CD set contain some less often heard film music gems but all the music is well performed as well.

First off let's talk about that misleading CD title. Can't we get away from a title like "Hollywood's Greatest Hits"? Are all these titles really the greatest? Should the Main Title from F.I.S.T. be among them? Or how about Uketalia from AFTER THE FOX from CD Two? I don't think such titles would be on most people's film music classics lists. They surely wouldn't be on mine. Both of them are worth a listen and then will proably be forgotten soon after.

But fortunately there are many themes which can be classiified among the greatest. These include such themes as: Ron Goodwin's 633 SQUADRON, Jerry Goldsmith's THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY and Elmer Bernstein's HAWAII on CD One. Also, on CD Two there are three Biblical era classics: Miklos Rozsa's Oscar-winning BEN-HUR (one of the greatest of them all), and also his monumental KING OF KINGS. The third one is Alfred Newman's moving theme from THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD. Then there's John Addison's delightfully playful TOM JONES, Bernard Herrmann's Hitchcock classic, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, and Dimitri Tiomkin's defining music for RED RIVER.

In addition to those classics there are other lesser known themes or suites that are also enjoyable.

Among the more memorable ones are: John Addison's "Overture" from A BRIDGE TOO FAR; Franz Waxman's "Ride to Dubno" from s TARAS BULBA (CD One, track 9); and Mario Nascimbene's "Regnar Returns" from THE VIKINGS. One of the most pleasant surprises is J.J. Johnson's slow and bluesy "Harlem Love Theme" from ACROSS 110TH ST.

On the second disc there is Henry Mancini suave "The Tango I Saved For You" from GAILY GAILY; Ernest Gold's delicate theme for INHERIT THE WIND; Jerry Goldsmith's flavorful theme (quoting the western song, "Goodbye Old Paint") from WILD ROVERS; and Georges Delerue's lovely "Generique" from VIVA MARIA. Plus the last two tracks contain two welcome samples from the underrated John Williams score for THE MISSOURI BREAKS.

The performances are by another Czech orchestra, not the Prague Philharmonic used so often on the Silva Screen compilations. This time it is the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and they are top notch musicians under Richard Fiocca's highly astute direction. So the question must be raised...why aren't they listed on the CD cover or jewel case? All these musicians, but especially the soloists, deserve to be recognized for their skillful performances of this music.

The sound quality is excellent, bright and crisp but never shrill.

There are two bonus tracks included: Marilyn Monroe singing "Some Like It Hot" at the end of CD One, and Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau singing "Paris, Paris, Paris" at the end of CD Two. Both are nice additions from the reigning sex symbols of their time who could also sing pretty well too.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of information in the CD booklet which only has the track titles. None of the excellent musicians are listed these CDs, nor is there any information about the composers or films.

They may not all be "the greatest hits" but they are likely to provide several hours of enjoyable listening. Some themes might even become favorites of yours.

This is an outstanding CD collection and well worth adding to your collection.

Highly Recommended.


--Roger L. Hall , 4 December 2007


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