Old Stoughton
The Grand Constitution





The bicentennial of the oldest constitution of any musical society in the United States was celebrated at the Stoughton Public Library in Stoughton, Massachusetts on October 8, 1987, exactly 200 years after the Stoughton Musical Society's constitution was approved.

The program was titled, "OLD STOUGHTON and THE GRAND CONSTITUTION."

This bicentennial program included an original play by Roger Hall about the writing of the Stoughton Musical Society's Constitution in 1787.

A video of the 1987 program with readings from the U.S. Constitution and the one-act play, "THE GRAND CONSTITUTION," with two local actors and singers from the Old Stoughton Musical Society, are included on the following DVDs:








"A Toast" - Music of George Washington's Time



"The Star-Spangled Banner" -
Early Songs of Protest and Patriotism





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