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This year of 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of my first complete recorded song (words & music) and it was inspired by the early records by The Beatles that I first heard while in the Army stationed in Frankfurt, Germany in the early 1960s.

After I returned to the States, I eventually had a recording made of my song and in the picture I am lovingly holding a framed 45 RPM Record of that first song, "The Soho Serenade," in 1965--

A download of that song is now available from CD Baby -- click here

"The Soho Serenade" is also included on the album, Gentle Peace -- click here

Anyone who has written music knows the struggles involved in not only writing it but also getting it performed and recorded and getting it released --not an easy task.

None of my early songs had been released before commercially.

Now I have gathered together some of these songs and instrumentals from the past for an CD album.

This album includes a few of my early pop and jazz songs of the 1960s.

Following those songs are my first classical compositions while I was studying at Rutgers University and also other compositions for various performers from the 1970s onward.

One of the songs was written for a choral tour in 1988 with the Sharing A New Song (SANS) Chorus from Massachusetts, whose mission is to bring people together through music. It was composed especially for the SANS tour. I was a member of the chorus as well as my wife. The SANS chorus traveled to Russia for the Millennium of the Russian Orthodox Church. For the first time in the then Soviet Union, a combined Russian and American chorus sang together in a concert.

For that occasion, I wrote "A Gift Round," sung in Russian.
The English translation is: "We are giving you a gift of our songs."

When it was first performed in Yaroslavl, Russia, the title of my song was the headline in the local Russian newspaper and several Russians expressed their enjoyment and appreciation of my song. This song is included on the Gentle Peace CD.

Here are some pictures taken at the historic concert in Yaroslavl, Russia in June of 1988:



My hope is to share with others who may also seek a way to find through music--

"Gentle Peace."

--Roger Lee Hall, ASCAP composer, May 2015

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Ethel Regan: The Soho Serenade





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Various Artists: Gentle Peace







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