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Read the honest memoir about a songwriter's early career...

"Free As The Breeze"
A Songwriter's Joys and Sorrows

(PineTree Press)


The author of this second volume of his memoirs, Roger Lee Hall, is a songwriter, music teacher, radio host, cable television producer, CD and DVD producer.

For his many distinguished accomplishments in music, he has been listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. For more about his music career, CLICK HERE.

In the first volume of his memoirs, "You Are My Sunshine," he wrote about his days growing up in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Now for his second volume, "Free As The Breeze," he has focused mainly on the songs he listened to on radio in the 1950s and then the writing his own songs in the 1960s. Along the way he experienced both happy days and sad ones about his life and his love of songs.

He went from the joys of a happy childhood, to the sudden trauma of a family separation and then years of painful separation from half of his family.

He survived during those years mainly through the songs he listened to and those he wrote, like his first song, "Dream World," with an upbeat message about "a place where money means less, a place made for happiness."

Among the stories he writes about in this second volume are:

* His ealy happy childhood years growing up in Bloomfield, New Jersey and listening to songs on the radio and songs that made him happy like "Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon."
(Chapter 1)

* His favorite cowboy movie stars: Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, and especially Hopalong Cassidy (played by William Boyd), who he met as a child model in 1950 and was featured on the cover of a national magazine with Hopalong Cassidy.
(Chapter 2)

* After a very painful family separation which affected his health, he spent several years at Eastern Military Academy (EMA) as a young cadet at OHEKA Castle on Long Island, the former home of Otto Kahn, the second largest residence built in the U.S. This castle is shown in the ealry scenes of the classic film, CITIZEN KANE. He began his singing in the lower school glee club at the military academy. (Chapter 3)

* He tells about his memories of Elvis Presley's rise to stardom on television in 1956 and the first Elvis movie with songs by Ken Darby and his favorite Elvis film, KING CREOLE. The author later worked for the Cleveland disc jockey who introduced Elvis Presley on national television in 1956. (Chapter 5)


* His singing in the Bloomfield High School chorus plus writing his first song lyrics. (Chapter 6)


* His first complete songs written while a member of The Potpourris trio in the Army stationed in Germany and the difficulties he had in finding a record company to release his songs, which included "Dream World" and "Frauleins From Frankfurt." (Chapter 7)


* One of his songs was inspired by The Beatles and was titled, "The Soho Sereande,"and is now available to download online from CD Baby -- click box below to order this song.
(Chapter 8)


Ethel Regan: The Soho Serenade



* How he wrote the title song of his memoir after walking around New York City in a state of musical exhilaration, feeling "Free As The Breeze" (Chapter 10).
This song is now available on one of his CDs:

Read more about it - click here





Free As The Breeze:
A Songwriter's Joys and Sorrows
Roger Lee Hall
(PineTree Press, 2016)

available on a CD-ROM readable on your computer with
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Illustrated Music Program Available

The author can present an entertaining one hour PowerPoint presentation
titled "Free As The Breeze" - Four Songwriters in Bloomfield"
these songwriters are:
William B. Bradbury, Charles E. Ives,
Charles T. Griffes, and Roger Lee Hall
with pictures and recorded song examples

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