Music refines the taste, purifies the heart,
    and elevates our nature.
    It does more:
    it soothes in sorrow, tranquillizes in passion,
    and wears away the irritabilities of life.
    It intensifies love,
    it fires the patriotism,
    and makes the altar of our devotion burn
    with a purer, holier flame.

    --W.W. Hall, M.D., Hall's Journal of Health for 1862.


    "Give Us This Day"
    Treasures of Earlier American Music, 1759-1909
    (AMRC 0040)

    A collection of vocal and keyboard music by various performing artists

Track Titles:

1. My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free - Francis Hopkinson, 1759
2. Father and I Went Down to Camp - tune: Yankee Doodle, arr. W.A. Fisher
3. Chester - William Billings, 1778 and 1786
4. Jubilant - Supply Belcher, 1794
5. Ode to President George Washington - words: Samuel Low, 1789
6. The President's March-Hail Columbia-Rights of Conscience, 1794-1810
7. Dormant - Jacob French, 1802
8. Yankee Doodle (Rondo) - Benjamin Carr, 1804
9. Simple Gifts (Tis the gift to be simple) - Elder Joseph Brackett,1848
10. Dixie's Land (Dixie) - Daniel D. Emmett, 1859
11. Go Down, Moses - spiritual
12. John Brown and Battle Hymn of the Republic - 1861-1862
13. Give Us This Day - Stephen C. Foster, 1863
14. Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian - music: George Root, 1865
(Abraham Lincoln Funeral Song)
15. Centennial Meditation of Columbia - Dudley Buck, 1876
16. Prelude and Fugue in G minor - Edwin A. Jones, 1878
17. Turn Ye, Turn Ye - Charles E. Ives, 1890
18. Swipesy (Cake Walk) - Scott Joplin and Arthur Marshall, 1900
19. Inidian Idyl - Edward MacDowell, 1902
20. How Lovely Shines The Morning Star - George W. Chadwick, 1909














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