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"Peace and Music"

A New England Music Miscellany
(PTM 1022)






This computer DVD contains over 300 files including over 100 music examples with music categories covering from the 17th to 20th centuries.

The title of this DVD, "Peace and Music," is from a work composed by Dudley Buck for the World's Peace Jubilee and International Music Festival held in Boston in 1872.
For more about this Peace Jubilee -- CLICK HERE

These are the topics on the DVD:


01 Contents

02 Music collection: A New England Songster

03 Music of the Shakers

04 New England Composers

05 Concert Music in Massachusetts

06 Singing Stoughton - America’s Oldest Choral Society

07 Four music albums:
Music by Edwin Arthur Jones
New England Choral Sampler
Old Stoughton Music Sampler
The Humble Heart – Sampling of Shaker Spirituals


In addition there is a bonus video feature:

A one hour video program, A Stoughton Musicfest, in celebration of local composers and musicians in Stoughton, Massachusetts. This town has the oldest surviving choral society in the United States, founded on November 7, 1786.

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