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Celebrate America's Musical Past (CAMP)

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Donation Disc

Just like fine art and film preservation, there is a need to preserve music from the past and bring it back from its original version of sheet music or recordings.

To help support this mission, there is a specially prepared CD available with examples from all five areas covered on this web site.

For a donation of $25 you will receive a CD covering the five areas on this site:

American composers
Music in New England
Shaker music
Film music
Popular songs.

This CD is titled:

American Music Preservation Sampler --
featuring vocal selections from the 17th century Bay Psalm Book to a 20th century rock n' roll song. Music by William Billings, Elder Joseph Brackett, Dudley Buck, George W. Chadwick, Aaron Copland, Sister Cecilia DeVere, Roger Lee Hall, Bernard Herrmann, Charles Ives, Edwin A. Jones, Johnny Mercer, and Max Steiner.



To receive the "American Music Preservation Sampler" CD
(for non-commercial use only) with over one hour of music,
make a donation of $25 or more,
payable by credit card to PineTree Productions,
through safe and secure PayPal.
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