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Calling All Independent Researchers, Teachers, and Students!

Here is your opportunity to have your work seen by online readers.

It seems that some teachers and students
are reluctant to have their
research music projects available online.

Why not have your work visible to a
larger audience?

While not every submission may be possible for
this informational site,
it is an opportunity to publish your work online.

If you wish to take part in this Free offer for your research,
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The goals of American Music are:


Would you like to submit an item for Free placement on this web site?

Then follow these basic guidelines:

--This site is intended for a general audience as well as for music professionals. Footnotes are not needed but a list of sources is required.

--The focus is on specific music in need of preservation.

--Any of these items may be submitted, subject to approval:

  • A short essay on an American composer or songwriter from the past.
  • A brief report on an American music research project.
  • A review of an American music event or concert of historical interest.
  • A brief article on a specific piece of music, like a song, symphony, film score,
    or other music.
  • A review of a music book or a CD of American music from the past.

    Items must apply to one or more of the five main topics of the AMP web site
    and must not be a press realease. No footnotes are required but sources are needed.

    It is suggested that you look at any of the five topics before submitting your item for approval.

    To find the topics, click on these links:
  • Classical Composers
  • Music of the Shakers
  • Music in New England
  • Film Music
  • Vintage Popular Songs

    If your item is accepted, you will be notified and receive the web link and full credit. If requested, your email or web site will also be listed.

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