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News from PineTree Multimedia Productions

News from American Music

AMP Mission Statement

Latest CD Releases

American Music Preservation Links


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American Music

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PineTree Multimedia Productions


PineTree Multimedia Productions is the owner of the American Music Preservation website.

There are two divisions:

PineTree Music is focused on music CDs, multimedia DVDs, and music by Roger Lee Hall.

PineTree Press publishes music books, music collections, and other related publications.


These are sample titles
from PineTree Music and Press:


"Blended Together" -
Discoveries Along The Shaker Music Trail





"Gentle Words" -
Shaker Music in the 20th Century





Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary
of the Civil War

"Glory, Hallelujah" -
Songs and Hymns of the Civil War



"May We Ever BNe United":
Music of the North Union, Ohio Shakers



Memories of OHEKA and EMA DVD



"Millennial Praise" -
Singing in Earlier America:
From The Pilgrims To The Shakers






"Shake, Rattle and Roll"
Electric Elvis and Bill Randle


Deluxe DVD: A Shaker Music Miscellany



"Simple Gifts": Great American Folk Song







American Music


There are hundreds of pages on this website in the five main areas:

Classical composers
Film music
New England music
Popular songs
Shaker music

These are some of them...

American Song 200
Two centuries of American music




"High Hopes" - Sammy Cahn Centennial Tribute


Composers in America (18th, 19th, 20th Centuries)


First American Song by Francis Hopkinson




European Composers - First U.S. Performances

Franz Joseph Haydn in Massachusetts


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Massachusetts


Felix Mendelssohn in Massachusetts


American Music Survey

This site contains 1,200 music titles covering over two centuries
of American music. To read the titles, click on these links:

American Vocal Music Series (12 CD collections)


50 Song Hits 1963

50 Song Hits 1962

50 Song Hits 1961

50 Song Hits 1960

50 Song Hits 1959

50 Song Hits 1958

50 Song Hits 1957

50 Song Hits 1956

Essential American Recordings Survey (200 recordings)

Essential Film Scores of the 20th Century (1933-1993)

National Carry A Tune Week (over 300 titles)






If you are a scholar, student, or musician and would you like to submit
a brief item for possible placement on American Music Preservation,
click on this link for the



For questions or for those who wish to assist in any way
the cause of American music preservation,
write to:

American Music Preservation



Mission Statement

The goals of American Music are these...




Latest CD Releases
American Music Recordings Archive (AMRA)


" Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals

"GLORY, HALLELUJAH" - Civil War Songs and Hymns



"It's Magic" - A One Hundredth Birthday Celebration
of Sammy Cahn


"The Star-Spangled Banner" -
Early Songs of Protest and Patrioism





American Music Preservation Store



American Music Preservation Links


Essential American Recordings Survey (EARS)

Preserving American Music (PAM)

Classical Music

American Composers

American Composers Web Poll

Composer Anniversaries

Multimedia Americana Music Series

Film Music

Film Composers and Soundtracks

Film Music Review (online e-zine)


The Sammy Film Music Awards

New England Music

Music in Massachusetts

New England Composer Series No. 1: Edwin A. Jones

New England Composer Series No. 2: George W. Chadwick

New England Music Archive [NEMA]

New England Music Sampler

New England Song Series No. 1:

New England Song Series No. 2: "GOIN' HOME"

New England Song Series No. 3: "JINGLE BELLS"

New England Song Series No. 4: "SIMPLE GIFTS"

New England Song Series No. 5: "SONG OF THE OLD FOLKS"

New England Song Series No. 6:

Singing Stoughton and the Oldest Choral Society in the U.S.A.


Popular Songs

American Popular Music Survey

America in Song 200

Cowboy Songs Corral

Multimedia Popular Song Series

Popular Songwriters

Shaker Religious Folk Music

Shaker Music Books and Articles

Shaker Music CDs and DVDs

Shaker Music History

Other Links:

Lectures and Workshops

The Tune Lovers Society




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