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For the Love of Zion:
30 Shaker Spiriturals
Solo Quartet or SATB Chorus
Arranged by Jack Bomer


This songbook has 30 Shaker songs and hymns not available anywhere else. The songs and hymns have been sensitively arranged for Solo Quartet or SATB Chorus by Jack Bomer, and edited by Roger Hall.

The accompanying music album features all the Shaker songs and hymns sung by the group "Simplicity," Leah R. Stein, director.


This songbook and music album is available on
the Deluxe DVD-ROM,

A Shaker Music Miscellany


How Happy Are They:
Twelve Shaker Spirituals
from Kentucky and Ohio
Edited and Arranged by Roger L. Hall
(PineTree Music, 2007)


2007 marked the bicentennial of the Shaker community at South Union, Kentucky. To commemorate that bicentennial anniversary, Roger Hall has compiled this songbook which includes arrangements of two South Union Shaker hymns: "The Morning Sun" and "The Millennium." They are included in this music collection:


1. A Welcome Song -- Polly M. Rupe, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1869

2. Hymn: Typical Dancing -- Richard McNemar/ Polly M. Rupe, Pleasant Hill, 1809

3. Hymn: Farewell Vain World -- Samuel Hooser, Pleasant Hill, 1833

4. I Want to be Living & Free -- South Union, KY

5. Hymn: The Morning Sun -- South Union, 1847 (arr. Roger Hall)

6. Hymn: The Millennium -- South Union, 1847 (arr. Roger Hall)

7. Hymn: How Happy Are They -- Richard McNemar, Watervliet, Ohio, 1833

8. Hymn: Invitation to Souls -- Matilda A. Butler, Whitewater
(also: White Water), Ohio, 1846

9. Hymn: On The Birthday of Mother Ann -- James S. Prescott,
North Union, Ohio, 1850

10. A Dream -- Harvey L. Eades, Union Village, Ohio

11. Hymn: Doxology -- Oliver C. Hampton, Union Village, 1856

12. My Dear Companions Let's Move On -- Union Village, 1850s

Some of these songs and hymns are available on these CDs:

Blended Together: Shaker Hymns and Songs

Gentle Words: A Shaker Music Sampler

Love is Little: A Sampling of Shaker Spirituals


To order this songbook (single copies only),
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Joy of Angels:
Shaker Spirituals for Christmas and the New Year



Love is Little:
A Sampling of Shaker Spirituals


Order Joy of Angels and Love is Little music collections
with over 30 Shaker spirituals in each book
and with accompanying CDs at

Shaker Music CDs


This music collection includes a representative sampling of 15 tunes from the Shaker community at North Union. Read more at:

Shaker Books



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