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Volume 8

Number 4 (July - August 2006)

Editor and Publisher: Roger L. Hall

Contributing Writer: Steven A. Kennedy

This e-zine has reviews of older film soundtracks and compilations.

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Here is the revised FMR rating system:

**** (Superlative - Highest Recommendation)

***1/2 (Outstanding - Recommended)

*** (Good - Okay)

**1/2 (Fair - Nothing Special)

** (Mediocre - Barely Passable)

* (Poor - Save Your Money)


The Special Merit CDs are chosen at any time during the month for outstanding soundtracks or compilations.

The Editor's Choice - Best of the Month designation is for those CDs that are singled out for their overall excellence. They are chosen anytime within a given month.

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Important Notice:

Effective 1 July 2006, in keeping with the American Music Preservation efforts to highlight older film scores, FMR will focus on film music from at least a decade ago, or from the early 1930s to 1990s.

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8th Anniversary of Film Music Review

"Film Music for the Ages" - Roger L. Hall

"The Cinema Century" - Steven A. Kennedy

CD Reviews for July - August

This CD has received Special Merit:

CINEMA RHAPSODIES - The Musical Genius of Victor Young (compilation) - ***1/2

Other reviews:

COMIC STRIP HEROES (compilation) - ***1/2

FILM MUSIC BY JOHN BARRY (compilation) - ***

FILM MUSIC BY ENNIO MORRICONE (compilation) - ***1/2

JOE 90 (Barry Gray - 1968 soundtrack) - ****


18th Annual Sammy Awards







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18th Annual Sammy Awards

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The Sammy Awards

Mozart at the Movies


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Vol. 8, No. 1

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