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THE A-TEAM (1984)

15 Tracks (Playing Time = 36:57)


Music composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter.

Album conceived and produced by Michael Jones. Music adapted and directed by Derek Wadsworth. Orchestra conducted by Daniel Caine. Recording engineered by Keith Grant. Mixed by Doug Bennett.

Silva Screen Records 1228

Rating: ***


If you can remember the opening few bars of the theme from this quintessential 80’s action series this disc is probably right for you. Mike Post has written for television now for nearly four decades with occasional forays into film. His main television themes are among the most memorable from throughout the past decades. For THE A TEAM he was teamed with another noted television composer from the 1960s and 1970s, Pete Carpenter.

The disc plays out as one long exciting series of action cues. The recurrence of the primary thematic material helps remind the listener of the show you are listening/watching. Otherwise you really could just add a few disco back beats and you would have a score from the 1970s. Some of that sound appears in “Showtime.” That track features some great guitar playing. The brass writing though for THE A TEAM is one of its primary highlights and it is on full display here. It is surprising how enjoyable the disc is as a whole. The disc opens and closes with the show’s theme, the second version is listed as a 14 seconds longer.

The biggest complaint that can be laid at the feet of Silva for this reissue has to do with the lack of any additional information about the music. There are no notes to identify individual episodes where the music was first used, or later tracked in. Well, there are no liner notes at all. Essentially, this release is a simple reissue of the disc (itself a reissue if I remember correctly) that appeared in 1999 on the label. This is a rerecording of score material although the packaging is fairly vague about this. It is unclear if Silva is putting this out at a reduced price. There was surely room to add in another set of music from the Daniel Caine Orchestra.

If you missed this the first time out, the disc can be recommended for fans of the series.

It is a little early for the release to coincide with the reported film version listed as a 2008 release. For now this can whet your appetite.


--Steven A. Kennedy, 22 February 2007

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