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Something The Lord Made-Original Soundtrack Recording




Music Composed by Christopher Young.

14 Tracks (Playing Time = 40:57)

Produced by Flavio Motallo and Christopher Young. Orchestra conducted by Bruce Babcock. Orchestrations by Christopher Young, Bruce Babcock, Pete Anthony, Jim Honeyman, Gernot Wolfgang, Bill Liston, Frank Bennett.

Rating: ****

1. Something The Lord Made (1:55)
2. Dr. Vivien Thomas (4:04)
3. Class Three (2:46)
4. An Expression Of Faith (2:39)
5. Towards The Great End (3:20)
6. Me Oh My (1:37)
7. Only God Can Fix Hearts (3:00)
8. Vena Cava (3:26)
9. Turning Blue Into Pink (1:44)
10. An Innocent Heart (2:11)
11. Building A By pass (5:23)
12. The Angel (2:23)
13. What Exactly Is God's Plan? (4:59)
14. Thanks Be (2:56)


This HBO Film (produced in 2004) has a wonderful score by Christopher Young which has just been released by BSX Records.

From the opening title track with a solo piano stating the eloquent hymn-like main theme, this is a highly sensitive score of deeply emotional music. It also includes some tracks with smooth jazz touches on such tracks as: "Class Three" and "Me Oh My."

But much of this soundtrack is of a more reflective nature and provides much to enjoy. In the CD flyer is a personal and poignant message from Christopher Young about the loss of his mother to cancer and how much this score was a reflection of her. Having just lost my sister to cancer, this score was a great comfort to me as well.

The score consists of soothing themes and a serene orchestral serenity.

Another nice touch is the listing all the musicians on the CD flyer, which is a tribute to this fine orchestra and not often done on soundtrack CDs. There are three pianists listed so I can't tell which one performs the main theme. The orchestra under Bruce Babcock's skillful direction is top notch.

This soundtrack is recommended for those who want something worth savoring like a fine wine.

SOMETHING THE LORD MADE is also something that Christopher Young "made" as a loving tribute to his late mother. It also demonstrates his supreme talent and sensitivity.

An important release for 2008.

Highly recommended to those who care deeply about quality film music.


-- Roger Hall, October 2008


This CD has received a Sammy Award for Best Overlooked New Film Score of 2008.

BSX Records BSX CD 8837





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