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29 Tracks (Playing Time = 60:37)

Music supervision by Joel C. High. Layout by Joe Chavez. Art direction by Stephanie Mente.

Lakeshore Records LKS 338622

Rating: *


PEACEFUL WARRIOR is a film adaptation of Dan Millman’s “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” It is one of several athlete-related films being released this year. This one focuses on the Olympic dreams of a young gymnast. This is essentially a song collection intermixed with fifteen readings by the author from his novel.

The disc opens with a previously unreleased track by David Gray, “Long Gone Now.” Not being familiar with the artist, it is hard to tell if the kind of hollow recording acoustic with a warped sound is normal to the style. The other performers featured here are Bird York, Joe Purdy, Kelly Sweet, Centro-Matic, Michelle Featherstone, Dropping Daylight, John Ralston, Great Lake Swimmers, Shearwater, Jose Gonzalez, Joseph Arthur, Raul Midon, and Jon Anderson. Essentially this is a cut-and-paste soundtrack featuring a blend of artists off the beaten path in some cases. The songs tend to be mostly of a reflective nature some with a kind of Norah Jones vocal quality.

The disc alternates between brief readings that appear to have little to do with the sense of the songs that follow them. Perhaps the film makes those connections better when these are attached to imagery. It is not clear which of these songs (if any) actually appeared in the film. Lakeshore reprints the Lionsgate poster information on the back cover which lists Bennett Salvay as the score composer. None of that material appears here, and may have even less appeal. It would not have hurt to have that play under the book excerpts.

The crowd for this disc will find much to enjoy, though I imagine they will be as equally frustrated by the readings breaking the musical flow of the album.

[An aside regarding this release. Reviewers obviously have their own personal musical tastes. So I laughed when my wife, who puts up with my unusual Morriconne scores, walked by and said, “That’s really nice. I like that.”]

--Steven A. Kennedy , 26 June 2006

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