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Music of Star Trek: Original Soundtrack


The Music of Star Trek


Music composed by Alexander Courage, Cliff Eidelman, Michael Giacchino, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Dennis McCarthy, Leonard Rosenman, and Dianne Warren.

16 Tracks (Playing Time = 70:01)



Album produced by James Fitzpatrick and Rick Clark. The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Nic Raine, Mario Klemens, and James Fitzpatrick. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mike Townend. Also features the Daniel Caine Orchestra and Jill Washington, soprano. Recorded at Barrandov Studios – Smecky Music Studio, Prague; and Whitfield Street Studios, London. Engineered by Jan Holzner, Mike Ross Trevor, and John Timperley. Artwork and design by Damien Doherty.

Silva Screen Records 1289

Rating: ***


Continuing in its series of re-issues, Silva has released a slightly updated STAR TREK compilation. The previous one was a two-disc set featuring suites from the television series in addition to a host of end credit suites. You will likely want to hang on to that release still if you own it though, making picking this one up a bit frustrating.

The new release is well-organized into two sections. The first features music from all 11 STAR TREK films chronologically organized. Most of these performances with the City of Prague orchestra are conducted by Nic Raine, so at least they are near the top in terms of performance quality. A screeching climax in Eidelman’s music from THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY is the one “worst” things in the batch. Other places of intonation issues in brass rear their head slightly and have been commented on elsewhere by others who have heard these performances wherever they may have ended up. The new addition is of course from Giacchino’s wonderful score to the new STAR TREK and takes makes up a four minute track consisting of “Hella Talk” (which presents Giacchino’s new thematic idea) and “Enterprising Young Men.” This is a positive addition to the Silva catalogue.

The second section of the disc features the theme music for each of the STAR TREK television series from Courage’s theme, with soprano vocal, up through the more recent, and mostly lackluster STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE (an instrumental version of the music by Dianne Warren). The latter, as with the Giacchino, is conducted by James Fitzpatrick and is well-performed though it has the most pops-like feel. These selections too are all arranged chronologically as well making for a fine satisfying conclusion.

The last tracks from each section are the newest additions to Silva’s catalog. If you are a Giacchino fan, it is likely we may see a Silva compilation on the far horizon—they have music already in the can from THE INCREDIBLES, CLOVERFIELD, and LOST so they are about half way to an hour long disc. Easily recommended for fans of the STAR TREK films, and a great gift to introduce the music to younger fans. As good background, or travel disc, the perfect sound and abundance of strong music makes this a fun listen.

--Steven A. Kennedy, 5 August 2009

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